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Healthy by Association is a space for association professionals to set goals, share their workout accomplishments, exchange healthy recipes and, above all, stay motivated. Learn more about Healthy by Association of Facebook See us on Vimeo Blog about HBA #goalgetters #hbapodcast Powered By Intention

Healthy by Association is a space for association professionals to set goals, share their workout accomplishments, exchange healthy recipes and, above all, stay motivated. Learn more about Healthy by Association of Facebook See us on Vimeo Blog about HBA #goalgetters #hbapodcast Powered By Intention
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Healthy by Association is a space for association professionals to set goals, share their workout accomplishments, exchange healthy recipes and, above all, stay motivated. Learn more about Healthy by Association of Facebook See us on Vimeo Blog about HBA #goalgetters #hbapodcast Powered By Intention






Ep 20 5.20.19 Employee Wellness Trends

Trendsetter Alert! We explore some trends in employee wellness programs and some of the things to consider if and when and employer might be setting up a wellness program. Give this one a listen for the wellness of your staff! Resource:


Ep. 19 5.13.19 Employee Health and Fitness with Diane Hart

Imagine a workplace that supports your health and wellness goals! Today we invited Diane Hart, President and Executive Director National Association for Health and Fitness ( on the podcast to speak about this global health in the workplace initiative and to offer some suggestions on how to get set up at your workplace. Health is truly wealth!


Ep. 18 5.6.19 How One Goalgetter Changed Her Lifestyle for Lasting Weightloss Success with Tiffany M

Listen to Tiffany Merced's inspiring story about how she changed her family's future by taking control of her own health and lifestyle...and maintains a full-time job as a supplier to the association industry. Today's episode includes some tricks and tips and ways to incorporate some small changes for big results. Podcast available on PODCOIN


Ep. 17 4.29.19 How To Thrive In A Top Ten Stressful Job with Debbie Denyer

Event planning ends up on the top ten stressful job list *yet again*, largely due to the perennial Planner vs. Supplier relationship struggle and sometime source of stress! Stress Awareness month wraps up with a chat about our very industry and how to improve how we handle the related job challenges. Aaron and Angela invite industry veteran Debbie Denyer to the podcast to discuss the stressors and ways to get ahead of them. Resource:...


Ep. 16 4.22.19 HBA Podcast High Tech Stress Relief

There's an app for that! Get the scoop on some free apps for meditation, organization and journaling, which if used, can relieve a bit of your stress! Aaron and Angela also share feedback from our #goalgetters and how they have found these apps useful! Resource: Audible link:


Ep. 15 4.15.19 HBA Podcast Wild Wisdom to Relieve Stress with Alyssa Pfennig

Sharing some Wild Wisdom about stress on the podcast today! We've sourced Alyssa Pfennig, an expert who has come from the Association world who has found ways to use yoga and nature to balance out stress. Learn the difference between rest and sleep and why boundary setting is important to keeping stress at bay. Featuring guest co-host and yoga enthusiast Sara Krueger, one of our HBA Moderators, for a great chat today. Follow Alyssa on Instagram @alyssapfennig or check out here websites...


Ep. 14 4.8.19 HBA Podcast Stress and its Toll on the Body with Sara Korzeniewski, RD

Physical effects of stress often show up in the body as illness or pain. We've called in Sara Korzeniewski, RD The Organic Dietitian to break it down and tell us how we can build up our body's response to stress. Find Sara at IG: @organicdietitian Sponsored by Audible


Ep. 13 4.1.19 HBA Podcast Finding Your Stress Sweet Spot

Wait, WHAT??!! This is no April Fool's joke! While "Stress Sweet Spot" may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, we learn that there is a spot where stress in your life can have you thriving. Today we take a look at stress and whether or not we can control our response to it. We also find some tips and tricks to bring us down from that high stress place and conversely energize us when we lack the stressors. Aaron and Angela tackle the good and bad kicking off Stress Awareness month this...


Ep. 12 3.25.19 HBA Podcast Nine Chef-Approved Shortcuts for Quicker Meals

A big part of health and wellness is nutrition, so we went to our HBA Nutrition Moderator Katie Gadulka and her husband Chef Chris for some kitchen shortcuts to serve our busy #goalgetters. Find out about their favorite gadget which saves them time and money and some warehouse shopping tips. Resource: Sponsored by Audible


Ep. 11 3.18.19 HBA Podcast: The Impact of Restriction Mentality with Lindsay Gross

HBA Podcast continues exploring nutrition this month. Dieting doesn't work. In fact, the impact of restricting foods may move us *further away* from our goals! Listen to Lindsay Gross share her experience and expertise around the concept of intuitive eating and how awareness can help our #goalgetters improve their relationship to food. Resource: Link here for Audible Trial:


Ep. 10 3.11.19 HBA Podcast: The Truth About Fueling Your Workout

Wondering if you should eat before your cardio or maybe chug some protein drinks after lifting? Aaron and Angela bust some common exercise nutrition myths on this episode. Resource: Sponsored by Audible: Click for your free trial!


Ep. 9 3.4.19 HBA Podcast: Nutrition On Target with Denise McGinn

Don't miss Denise McGinn's incredible story about how she changed what she was eating and remarkably healed her body from some serious medical conditions. Aaron and Angela get into the step by step process that Denise followed which ultimately reversed her physical limitations and saved her business. Denise owns Association Guidance, an Event Management company in East Lansing, Michigan. Resource:


Ep 8 2.25.19 HBA Podcast: Heart-Healthy Foods

Aaron and Angela serve up 15 heart-healthy foods on the HBA Podcast. Do we serve them at our conferences and meetings or do they make an appearance in our kitchens? Find out by listening to this delicious episode. Resource: Sponsored by Audible


Ep. 7 2.18.19 HBA Podcast: Heart-Centric Yoga Practice with Sara Krueger

When your HBA self-care moderator is also a certified yoga instructor, you have her on the podcast to talk about heart openers. Sarah Krueger joins Aaron and Angela and discusses meditation the heart and gives us some moves we can do at our desk (with or without the "Care Bear" Stare)! Resource:


Ep. 6 2.11.19 HBA Podcast: Walking for Heart Health with Trice Turner

Meet Trice Turner, HBA's newest moderator, she's coming right in with a heart health step challenge for our #goalgetters. She brings up some tips and tricks for fitting in walking morning, noon and evening. Resource:


Ep. 5 2.4.19 HBA Podcast: Heart Healthy Exercise Guidelines

When Harvard Medical School and the US Department of Health and Human Services issue new heart healthy exercise guidelines HBA takes notice! Aaron and Angela break it down. Find out how just 5 minutes can get you started toward a healthier heart. 🧡 Resource:


Ep. 4 1.28.19 HBA Podcast: Making Good Habits Stick with Kristina Kauffman

Hear about HBA's brand new accountability program (which is still open for you #goalgetters to get in on), check in with Aaron and Angela on their January goal progress and hear from HBA moderator Kristina Kauffman about habit building. Resource:


Ep. 3 1.21.19 HBA Podcast: Self Care @ Work

Dig into 5 Ways to Practice Self Care at work with Aaron and Angela. Learn how to set some boundaries and how a new Spotify playlist might help you get through a challenging day. Resource:


Ep. 2 1.14.19 HBA Podcast: Everyday Mindfulness with Holly Duckworth

Aaron and Angela welcome Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP author of Everyday Mindfulness: From Chaos To Calm In A Crazy World and host of the podcast "Everyday Mindfulness Show" to discuss how we can apply mindfulness in the workplace and our home life. She offers some great tips and tricks to help change our mindset and sometimes habitual response to the "stress" and mind-less-ness of our "busy" lives. Connect with Holly at and join our HBA Facebook Community to...


Ep. 1 1.7.19 HBA Podcast: Welcome to HBA!

Hosts Aaron Wolowiec and Angela Pelc welcome you to our new podcast, talk about the two year journey that brought us here and where we're going in 2019.