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Healthy For Men delves into the myths of the wellness world and reveals the truth behind controversial topics through expert opinion and fascinating personal stories. Is veganism bad for you? What defines a mental health condition? Can AI improve the landscape of fitness? Every episode employs comprehensive journalism to enlighten and inspire.


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Healthy For Men delves into the myths of the wellness world and reveals the truth behind controversial topics through expert opinion and fascinating personal stories. Is veganism bad for you? What defines a mental health condition? Can AI improve the landscape of fitness? Every episode employs comprehensive journalism to enlighten and inspire.




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HFM meets Simon Waterson, former marine commando who turns actors into athletes

In this episode, we speak to personal trainer Simon Waterson. Simon is a former marine commando who turns actors into athletes. He has effectively been James Bond’s PT for more than 25 years. Simon has worked with Daniel Craig on all of his Bond films, and he’s also worked with many of Hollywood’s biggest names, like Chris Evans for Captain America, Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy, and preparing Benedict Cumberbatch to play Doctor Strange. Simon has just written a new book...


The Proper Blokes Club – Breaking the stigma surrounding men’s mental health

In this episode, we speak to Scott Oughton-Johnson, the founder of the Proper Blokes Club, a walking group that he set up to help break the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, encouraging men to be more open. The club currently has four different London branches where men are free to come along for a walk and talk. Our producer Andy Greening also went on a walk with the Proper Blokes Club, and we’ll hear from some of the walkers too. To find out more about The Proper Blokes Club,...


An interview with Team GB Paralympian Richard Whitehead

In this episode, we interview inspirational Team GB Paralympian Richard Whitehead. Richard, who has a double through-knee congenital amputation, is currently in Tokyo, where he’s aiming to win his third consecutive 200m gold. Not only has Richard competed in the last two Paralympics, he’s also achieved all manner of extraordinary feats, including breaking the marathon world record and running 40 marathons in 40 days. He was also awarded an MBE for his services to athletics back in...


How Men Can Help Women

In this episode, we host an honest discussion about the responsibility on men when it comes to the unacceptable abuse suffered by women. Earlier this year, the horrific murder of Sarah Everard led to a huge outcry from women who have understandably had enough of the abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of men. This has also given rise to an unprecedented number of women bravely coming forward to talk about their experiences of abuse from men, from the everyday catcalling that goes on in the...


The Science of the Sporting Comeback (with Matt Fitzgerald)

In this episode, we speak to Matt Fitzgerald, author of the new book The Comeback Quotient, which looks at the science and the stories behind some of sport’s greatest comebacks. Everyone loves an inspirational sporting fairytale story, and Matt’s fascinating book uncovers how some athletes are able to put some serious adversity behind them to overcome obstacles and hit their goals. In the book, Matt identifies these mega-achievers of astounding comebacks as ‘ultrarealists’. These...


How To Have An Awesome 2021

In the latest episode of the Healthy For Men podcast, we speak to four experts at the top of their fields, all of whom can help us to have the best possible year ahead. We have stress expert Neil Shah on how to stay balanced in these most testing of times. Nutrition consultant Laura Clark gives us the lowdown on snacking healthily – the good news is that biscuits are allowed! Ultrarunner Kristian Morgan tells us how to set - and hit - realistic fitness goals. And sports nutritionist...


Introducing The Wellness Edit Podcast

We think you'll love this new podcast. Introducing the brand new Holland & Barrett Podcast series, The Wellness Edit. Most of us probably feel we’d like to be a bit healthier, but it isn’t always easy to know how. Advice can be confusing, contradictory – and, let’s face it, difficult to stick to. Dr Gemma Newman, also known as the Plant Power Doctor, is a medical GP and also has a huge belief that health is holistic. Through Gemma's work, she knows that body, mind and soul are connected....


How to survive at sea for 74 days with Alex Thomson

In this episode, we speak to British Vendée Globe round-the-world sailor Alex Thomson, about the challenges he faces while spending two-and-a-half months alone at sea, travelling 26,000 miles around the world. Alex tells us about every aspect of his preparation for the marathon effort that he describes as "the world’s most difficult sporting challenge, and the ultimate test of a person’s physical and mental strength." From surviving on 30 minutes of sleep at a time, to eating freeze-dried...


Brain-training to win with British endurance motor racing driver Phil Hanson

We speak to British endurance motor racing trailblazer Phillip Hanson. In this conversation we talk to Phillip about he prepares mentally for a racing season, getting himself in the right zone to push through the toughest and demanding moments of endurance racing. We speak in detail too about how Phillip gets race fit, and the hear about his unique fitness regime. Phil is the youngest Asian Le Mans Series champion (2016-17) and is the youngest European Le Mans Series outright race winner...


Staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic with Gaz Oakley

How do we stay healthy during a pandemic? In this episode we speak with author and chef Gaz Oakley about cooking great food with limited resources, staying physically fit in small spaces, and keeping your mental health in a good place while social distancing from friends and loved ones. This episode was recorded with host Tom Rowley and Gaz Oakley in their respective kitchens during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaz’s new book Plants Only Kitchen is out 30th of April 2020 with Quadrille...


Master your confidence with Dominic Colenso

Whether social media or a changing social landscape are to blame, our belief in ourselves is suffering. HFM speak to communication expert Dominic Colenso to examine why, and what you can do about it. You’ll learn practical techniques and reassuring advice about having an impact on your environment, whether through simple social interaction or public speaking. Dominic James Colenso is a speaker, communications expert and former professional actor. He’s the founder of In Flow Training and...


Plant-based nutrition and vegan ethics with Edric Kennedy-Macfoy

We speak with Edric Kennedy Macfoy. A firefighter for London Fire Brigade for over 13 years, Edric is now a personal trainer and life coach concentrating on changing lives through physical training and plant-based nutrition. Edric discusses his journey on becoming a vegan, his advocacy for plant-based nutrition and his transition from a whey drinking 'meathead' to yogi. Edric also speaks about facing his morals and turning vegan overnight. Host Tom Rowley Audio engineered and edited...


Building muscle and burning fat - Stuart Miles' body transformation

TV presenter and HFM grooming expert Stuart Miles fought the odds of aging and built muscle while burning fat at 50 years old. Stuart and personal trainer Henry Ives of H+ Performance spoke with HFM about the results and challenges of building muscle. We also discuss some common fitness myths and share invaluable advice for those wanting to meet their goals. Check out Stuart's feature about his transformation in our November/December issue of Healthy For Men on sale in any Holland &...


Alix Fox: Master your sexual relationships

In this episode we talk to sex educator Alix Fox about male attitudes towards sex. Alix explains why men and women should learn about sex together, and she presents some exciting methods of starting the conversation with your partner about your sexual desires. Alix Fox is multi-award winning broadcaster, sex educator, and journalist. She has worked as the news editor for Bizarre magazine, writes regularly for publications like The Guardian, Stylist, Cosmopolitan, Time Out, Fabulous and Red....


Dr Alex George: Expert sexual health and the mental challenges for reality TV stars

We spoke with Love Island's Dr Alex George about how to maintain optimum sexual health and make the most of your romantic relationships. He also share his views on mental health and reality TV, explaining his role in developing counselling for participants of ITV2's hit reality TV show Love Island. Alex, 27, is an NHS doctor and resident doctor for ITV's Good Morning Britain. Alex has been an advocate for positive mental health, regularly discussing the future of reality TV and those who...


Ep 003 - Toxic Masculinity and Our Mental Health

Toxic masculinity has been a contentious topic of recent years, so what is masculinity and can it be toxic? In this episode, we speak with a psychotherapist about how masculinity affects men's mental health, a dating expert discusses the role masculinity has within relationships, an advocate for equal parenting shares his view on men's wellbeing and raising children, a sports coach reveals his journey with toxic masculinity, and a transgender comedian highlights some issues about gender...


Gordon Benson - Olympic triathlete

HFM speak to Olympic triathlete Gordon Benson and learn how to fuel, train and sleep like a pro. Gordon discusses his experience as a supporting athlete for the Brownlee brothers, and training for the Rio Olympics. Benson went into the Rio 2016 Games as a Pilot athlete, supporting the Brownlee brothers in the race. Unfortunately, Benson was involved in a crash during the cycle segment in Rio and was forced to quit the race. Benson still had a major part of the team’s preparations for the...


Craig McGinlay - From Rugby Player to Actor

Actor and fitness expert Craig McGinlay from Paisley, Scotland, speaks to HFM about priming for his role as Sir Percival in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword alongside Jude Law, his love for rugby, and moving from a career in training athletes to Hollywood stardom. You can now watch Craig in the latest season of Outlander on STARZ and Amazon Prime. Craig was named a British GQ Rising Star in June 2017 and Breakthrough Star of the Year at the 2015 Scottish Style...


Sleep and Mental Health

Why do we sleep, and what happens to our brain when we don’t? Sleep therapist Risa Gabrielle says that a good night’s sleep starts from the moment you wake up, so HFM speak with Risa about the importance of getting your 40 winks and how to master your mind for positive mental health. Special thanks to Risa Gabrielle Written and directed by Tom Rowley and Andy Greening Audio engineered and edited by Andy Greening Podcast artwork by Andy Greening Healthy For Men theme song by Premium Beats...


The Power of Ketogenic Diets

The ketogenic diet has increasingly become a popular choice for athletes and weight loss, Keto is a very low carbohydrate and high-fat diet which changes the metabolism in the body from burning glucose for energy to burning fat for energy. It’s currently a recognised treatment for intractable (drug-resistant) epilepsy, Glut 1 Deficiency and Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Deficiency. Increasingly the diet is being looked at in other neuro-metabolic conditions as well as Brain Cancer. We speak to...