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John Fulwider - Traction Under Pressure

John Fulwider, PhD is a professional EOS® Implementer and Founder at gear80. He helps entrepreneurs and their leadership teams clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. During this conversation, I spoke with John about his business and why bootstrapping your health might not be enough when it comes to managing your mental and physical health. You can connect with John on Linkedin. Please subscribe to the podcast, follow Healthy Under Pressure on Instagram and like us on Facebook.


Taylor Siebert - Content Generation Under Pressure

Taylor Siebert is a husband, father and entrepreneur. During this episode, I spoke with Taylor about his career journey and his love for EdTech. We also discussed his passion for social media, digital citizenship and how he stays healthy under pressure as a content creator and busy entrepreneur. You can connect with Taylor on Twitter or Instagram. Curious about The Content Generation podcast? Check it out on iTunes. Please subscribe to the podcast, follow Healthy Under Pressure on...


Christina Oldfather - Jazzed To Build Community Under Pressure

Christina Oldfather is Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED) based in Lincoln, Nebraska. She plays an active role in the local startup community by recruiting and mentoring teams for the NMotion accelerator program. In this episode, I spoke with Christina about the local startup community and how she stays healthy under pressure as a busy professional, active mother and part-time Jazzercise instructor. You can connect with...


Neva Cochran - Eating Beyond the Headlines Under Pressure

Registered Dietitian and nutrition communications consultant, Neva Cochran, partners with food, nutrition and agricultural organizations to promote positive, accurate, scientific-based nutrition messages. By encouraging people to “eat beyond the headlines,“ she champions enjoyment of eating, not fear of food. During this episode, Neva and I discuss her career journey and how she stays healthy under pressure by giving back to the next generation of Dietitians. You can follow Neva on...


Laurie Baedke - Ambition Under Pressure

Laurie Baedke is a speaker, author, and consultant with broad experience building companies, and leading organizational change. Laurie has specific expertise in entrepreneurship, organizational culture, emotional intelligence, and strengths based leadership. Laurie also holds a faculty appointment at Creighton University’s Heider College of Business, where she serves as director of the Executive MBA in Healthcare Management program. During this episode, Laurie and I talk about how she...


Corey Spitzer - Finding Vision Under Pressure

Corey Spitzer is the Co-founder and Chief Architect of ScoreVision, a software company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Having worked in tech for nearly two decades, he knows all too well the stresses and unhealthy habits of fast-paced, high pressure environments. In this episode, I spoke with Corey about how he stays healthy under pressure as a busy parent, software developer and business owner. To get in touch with Corey, you can follow him on Twitter or connect with him on Linkedin. Please...


Aaron Davis - Attitude of a Champion Under Pressure

Aaron Davis is a thought leader and expert in the area of attitude and how it impacts every area of your professional and personal life. As a motivational speaker, he equips audiences with tips, tools and techniques on how to utilize the power of a champion attitude. But what happens when a motivational speaker feels a lack of motivation? During this episode, Aaron and I discuss how he got started with his career and how learning to grieve impacted his health, career and attitude. You can...


Melissa Joy Dobbins - Sound Bites Under Pressure

Melissa Joy Dobbins is an award winning, nationally recognized food and nutrition expert, media spokesperson, speaker, blogger and podcaster with more than 20 years’ experience and a proven track record of providing real solutions for real people so they can enjoy their food with health in mind. During this episode, Melissa and I discuss her career journey and how she stays healthy under pressure as a busy wife and mother, Registered Dietitian and entrepreneur. You can check out Melissa's...


Levi Nelson - Find Your Grind Under Pressure

Levi Nelson is the Chief Experience Officer at Find Your Grind, where he builds products to enlighten students and teachers to the unconventional careers of the 21st century. Before that he was a Product Designer at Hudl and Travefy. As a dedicated husband and father of three, he's passionate about solving meaningful problems at a sustainable pace while fighting against workaholic culture. You can follow Levi on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn. Please be sure to subscribe to...


Micah Yost - Healing Under Pressure

Micah Yost is the Founder and President of Method Mark, a marketing agency based in Omaha, NE. He is also the Founder and Lead Faculty of the Midland University Code Academy. During this episode, Micah and I discussed what led him to starting Method Mark and how focusing on his mental health brought healing. You can connect with Micah on Twitter or check out his website. During the show, we also talked about a blog that Micah's wife wrote. Check it out here. Please be sure to subscribe...


Elizabeth Ward - Life's a Mother Under Pressure

"You are what your mother and grandmother ate." No pressure. This week's episode features Elizabeth Ward. Liz is an award-winning nutrition communicator and is the author of seven books. In this episode, I chat with Liz about how she stays healthy under pressure as a mother of three, Registered Dietitian and entrepreneur. You can check out her latest book is Expect the Best, Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy, second edition or read her blog, Better is the...


Matthew Wegener - Crawfish, Coworking and Community under pressure

Matthew Wegener is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for getting things off the ground. Not only is he the founder and CEO of ISoft Data Systems, Inc., he also founded Turbine Flats, a local office and co-working space in Lincoln, NE. In this interview, Matthew and I chat about the early days of the local startup community and why sharing a meal with hundreds of your best friends is important when building community. You can connect with Matthew on LinkedIn, donate to Makeshift or...


Dennis Doerfl - Kultur unter Druck (Culture Under Pressure)

Starting a business is challenging, but moving a business overseas when starting only multiplies the pressure. Dennis Doerfl met his co-founder while working at Groupon and moved from Germany to launch their company, Fourstarzz Media in Lincoln, Nebraska. In this episode, I talk with Dennis about influencer marketing and why he decided to grow his business from Lincoln, Nebraska. His fascinating story of overcoming the obstacles of language, business and most importantly, culture, is...


Denise Purtzer - Paying Under Pressure

Denise Purtzer is the VP of Business Development of FuturePay, an e-commerce payment solution for the omnichannel shopper. Having worked in e-commerce for over a decade, Denise effectively delivers projects and growth initiatives for companies from startup to revenues in excess of a $1B. She has worked internationally and given presentations at a variety of conferences in Asia, Europe and the USA. You can connect with Denise on Linkedin or Twitter. Please be sure to follow Healthy Under...


Meghan Ehrke - Style Under Pressure

Meghan Ehrke is the owner and founder of Select Style in Lincoln, Nebraska. Established in 2014, Select Style is a fashion boutique for the modern woman. In this episode, Meghan and I talk about her entrepreneurial journey and why she decided to launch a retail business. "If the dream is there, it's there for a reason." You can connect with Meghan on Instagram or connect with her on Linkedin. Please be sure to follow Healthy Under Pressure on Instagram and like us on Facebook.


Ben Pankonin - Moving On Under Pressure

What do you do when somebody lets you down? Can you be friends with your employees? How do you dig out and move on when you feel like you've hit rock bottom? In this episode, Ben and I discuss these questions and how thankfulness can impact the health of your business. You can follow Ben on Twitter or connect with him on Linkedin. Please be sure to follow Healthy Under Pressure on Instagram and like us on Facebook.


Milton Stokes - Humor Under Pressure

Milton Stokes grew up working with his mom in the restaurant industry. Today he is a best selling author, Registered Dietitian and is the director of global health and nutrition outreach at the Monsanto Company. Previously, he was an assistant professor and director of the dietetic internship at the University of St. Joseph and a clinical nutrition manager at health care facilities in New York City. I spoke with Milton about his entrepreneurial journey, what it's like working at Monsanto...


Erin Hamel - Potty Party Under Pressure

This episode contains some serious potty talk. Erin Hamel started her business, Transition Tales about nine months ago. Transition Tales are personalized books that teach young children about potty training by letting children see themselves as the main character in their own transition tale. Erin is also a wife, mom of two children and a full time student. She holds a masters degree in Special Education and is currently a doctoral student in Human Development at the University of Nebraska...


Caryn Kusleika - Training Under Pressure

As a Registered Dietitian who has completed several triathlons including an Ironman, Caryn Kusleika understands the role nutrition can play in performance during training and on race day. Not only does Caryn work full time for the Midwest Dairy Council of Nebraska, she is also a single mother mother of three children who runs a side business coaching athletes. I sat down with Caryn to discuss what it takes to train for a triathlon and how she stays healthy under pressure as a busy...


Lana Zumbrunn - Building Community Under Pressure

Lana Zumbrunn is the Director of Innovation and Culture at the H2 Organization in Fort Myers, Florida. Not only does she support female and minority founders, but she also connects startups with capital and builds emerging markets. Lana and I spoke about her recent move to Florida and how she stays healthy under pressure while supporting the local startup community.