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Nicole Vencil - Finals Week Under Pressure

During this episode, Ben and I talk about the increased demand for mental health services on college campuses. I also share my tips for how students can stay healthy under pressure during finals week which include getting: This episode also features an interview with UNL Dietetic Intern and Graduate Student, Nicole Vencil. I spoke with Nicole about how she stays healthy under pressure as a grad student and future Registered Dietitian. Resources mentioned during this episode: Calorie...


Amee Yost - Married to an Entrepreneur Under Pressure

Amee Yost is proud to be a Nebraska native, born and raised in Omaha. She currently works as the founder of a soon-to-be-named coaching company that helps clients downsize and declutter. Amee blogs about simplicity, decluttering, and community development on Medium. Outside of this, Amee spends much of her time as a mom to two busy grade school aged kids. She is the wife of an entrepreneur who currently operates two startups, Method Mark & Populus. Amee has a passion to serve her...


Jill Moline - Canopy Street Market Under Pressure

Jill Moline started working in her parent's grocery store in 1979. While following her husband, Brad's career changes, she worked for the Lenexa, KS Chamber of Commerce, sold office supplies in Kansas City, and was a member of an artist cooperative in KC until returning to her favorite job as a grocery checker. In 2002, Jill and her husband returned to Imperial, Nebraska and Jill purchased her parent’s business. Today Jill is the owner and operator of Canopy Street Market in Lincoln,...


Roseanne Rust - DASH Diet Under Pressure

Rosanne is an internationally recognized nutrition expert and author with a passion for facts. She helps consumers turn confusion into clarity, and mistrust into confidence. A researcher and writer at heart, Rosanne created her blog, Chew the Facts© (, to help consumers decipher nutrition fact from myth, so they can relax and enjoy eating for better health. Rosanne founded Rust Nutrition Services (, providing nutrition communications consulting to...


Devon Seacrest: Comparisons Under Pressure

Devon Seacrest started his first business at the ripe age of 13 which was focused on creating clothing for Beanie Babies in the 90's. Today he is the co-founder and President of Scoutsheet, a software tool that uses relationship mapping for sales prospecting. During this episode, Devon and I spoke about his career journey and how he stays healthy under pressure by establishing good routines which include physical activity, meditation, healthy eating and spending time with his son. We also...


Mental Health Awareness Week Under Pressure

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and Wednesday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. This episode takes a look back at how some of our favorite guests stay healthy under pressure and what we've learned because of hosting this podcast. Please subscribe to the podcast, follow Healthy Under Pressure on Instagram and like us on Facebook. Connect with Amber on Twitter and Instagram. Connect with Ben on Twitter and Instagram.


Robyn Flipse - Everyday RD Under Pressure

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Robyn Flipse is the founder of Nutrition Communication Services, a business she established in 2001 to provide a fresh perspective to the rapidly expanding coverage of food, nutrition and diet news in the world today. Robyn’s expert opinions and commentary have been featured in national broadcasts on ABC-News, Dateline NBC and FOX News Channel and in publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today. She brings to the position over...


Connie Reimers-Hild, Ph.D. - Futurist Under Pressure

Researcher, entrepreneur and high‐touch futurist, Dr. Connie Reimers‐Hild helps leaders and organizations reach their desired futures through strengths‐based innovation and strategic foresight. She currently serves as Interim Executive Director and Chief Futurist of the Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska, and she is the founder of Wild Innovation, a consulting and coaching firm serving more than 70 clients that include rural hospital leaders in Nebraska to businesses with...


Matt Secoske - Software Developer Under Pressure

Matt Secoske was 12 years old when he got his first computer. After breaking and reinstalling the operating system, he was addicted to solving technical problems. Today Matt is the co-founder of Social Assurance and the architect of the Social Assurance platform. He has extensive experience in payment processing transaction systems with ACI and has served as the lead architect for healthcare software systems. During this episode, I spoke with Matt about how launching a startup impacted his...


Brian Ardinger - Inside Outside Innovation Under Pressure

Brian Ardinger is the founder of Inside Outside Innovation, which is a community for movers, shakers, founders, builders and doers. For over 25 years Brian has been helping entrepreneurs and innovators navigate and compete in a world of change and disruption. Whether serving as a technology consultant, international innovation specialist, economic developer or researcher, Brian's passion has always been working on exciting projects with amazing people to create remarkable results. During...


Bill Udell - Don't Panic Under Pressure

Growing up in a small Nebraska town, Bill Udell has spent the last couple of decades finding ways to build cool things with his buddies. In that time his circle of “buddies” has grown and the “cool things” have morphed from building software platforms to building communities and ecosystems of software engineering, corporate innovation, and entrepreneurship. Today, Bill is the "Integrator" at Don't Panic Labs in Lincoln, Nebraska. During this episode, I spoke with Bill about his career...


Brett Byman - Growing Up Under Pressure

When most high schoolers were out with their friends, Brett Byman was busy cleaning bathrooms along the interstate with his parents. Raised by entrepreneurs, Brett had a very realistic view of what entrepreneurship looked like and what it means to run your own business. And when most of his friends were looking for jobs after college, Brett found himself creating jobs as the CEO of Nobl Health. Today Brett is the co-founder and COO of BasicBlock, a transportation marketplace that leverages...


Liz Weiss - Media Dietitian Under Pressure

Registered dietitian nutritionist, Liz Weiss, MS, RDN, has been passionate about healthy food and family nutrition for well over two decades. Helping families discover the joy of wholesome and delicious food is not just her job—it’s her mission. As the mother of two grown children, Liz advocates a real food approach to feeding families. Liz is the voice behind the family food podcast and blog, Liz’s Healthy Table. She has written several cookbooks including No White with Dinner, The Moms'...


Keith Fix - Launching and Selling Under Pressure

Keith Fix started his first business when he was in third grade selling erasers for 5 cents. Today he is the co-founder and CEO of Retail Aware. During this conversation, Keith and I talked about his entrepreneurial journey and the physical and emotional challenges that arise when launching and selling a business. You can read Keith's medium post HERE and be sure to connect with him on Twitter or Instagram. You can also follow Retail Aware on Twitter. Please subscribe to the podcast,...


Sarah Donnelly- Responding To Life's Explosions Under Pressure

Sarah Donnelly is a Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer at Social Assurance. After graduating from college in December of 2017, Sarah accepted a full time position with the company and made the decision to move to Kansas City. In the first half of this episode, I spoke with Sarah about the transition from college to working full time for a startup and how she stays healthy under pressure by focusing on her faith, dance and spending time with others. During the second half of this...


Ben and Amber Pankonin - Microrecovery Under Pressure

Consider this a bonus episode. During this episode, Ben and I discuss our favorite takeaways from episode 36 and also highlight what you can look forward to in August. I also spoke with Ben about the concept of microrecovery and what that means to him and how it can apply to entrepreneurs and busy people.


Marianne Worthington - Work Warrior Under Pressure

Marianne Worthington is the founder of Work Warrior, a company that helps managers be rockstars, and in 2018 decided to launch her second brand, Sequins and Superheroes, helping people manage themselves, and become the hero of their own story. Before deciding to go out on her own, Marianne spent over a decade in corporate America as a manager. During that 10 years she jokes that there were “a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…and often times those things mixed together and made quite a mess.”...


John Fulwider - Traction Under Pressure

John Fulwider, PhD is a professional EOS® Implementer and Founder at gear80. He helps entrepreneurs and their leadership teams clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. During this conversation, I spoke with John about his business and why bootstrapping your health might not be enough when it comes to managing your mental and physical health. You can connect with John on Linkedin. Please subscribe to the podcast, follow Healthy Under Pressure on Instagram and like us on Facebook.


Taylor Siebert - Content Generation Under Pressure

Taylor Siebert is a husband, father and entrepreneur. During this episode, I spoke with Taylor about his career journey and his love for EdTech. We also discussed his passion for social media, digital citizenship and how he stays healthy under pressure as a content creator and busy entrepreneur. You can connect with Taylor on Twitter or Instagram. Curious about The Content Generation podcast? Check it out on iTunes. Please subscribe to the podcast, follow Healthy Under Pressure on...


Christina Oldfather - Jazzed To Build Community Under Pressure

Christina Oldfather is the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED) based in Lincoln, Nebraska. She plays an active role in the local startup community by recruiting and mentoring teams for the NMotion accelerator program. In this episode, I spoke with Christina about the local startup community and how she stays healthy under pressure as a busy professional, active mother and part-time Jazzercise instructor. You can connect...