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Low Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is the hormone that puts hair on a man's chest and is the force behind his sex drive. It’s the hormone that builds a man physically – building muscles, strengthening bones and deepening the voice. It’s normal for men to experience a gradual decline in testosterone after age 30, but the symptoms of low testosterone can mirror those of other conditions, which is why it’s important for men to stay on top of their overall health. Whether to test your testosterone levels is a...


Vaccinations: More Important Than Ever

Measles. Whooping cough. Vaccines. Immunizations have been a hot topic with recent disease outbreaks. The incidence rate for some of these diseases has declined as more people are vaccinated, but many are still at risk, highlighting the need for immunizations. Listen in as Dr. Martin Bäcker discusses the importance of vaccines and why you should make sure your whole family is vaccinated.


Birth Defects in the Yakima Valley

Health care providers in Yakima County have noticed a higher incidence of neural tube birth defects in the past two years. Washington state health officials are investigating but, so far, have found nothing to link any of these cases. These birth defects can be fatal in some cases, and health providers like Susie Ball, genetic counselor at Memorial Family of Services, are encouraging women of childbearing age to be more vigilant about healthy behaviors. Listen as Susie gives you the...


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