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New Eipsodes Biweekly
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New Eipsodes Biweekly




Episode 52: Claim all the spokes of your life's wheel

Guest:: Vanessa Couto Astrology for connecting with your soul's purpose, getting to know yourself better, and self-care. Working with astrology for business branding for the purpose-driven entrepreneurs out there. Our birth chart is our life's roadmap and also a reflection of our sacred inner landscape. It's our cosmic real estate. Understanding the symbolic language of astrology helps us not only to understand ourselves better, but it also helps us be more compassionate and understanding...


Episode 51: Single Motherhood Empowerment - How to Rise Above Mental Illness

Guest: Jennifer Murdock Navigate health issues, single motherhood and dealing with a mentally ill parent. Show Notes (10+ bullet points) ● Stigma and obstacles of being a single mother ● Staying connected to my higher self ● Connecting to love and finding your way back to sanity ● Asking for help and not isolating ● WombPdx is about breaking the stigma that moms can do it all without needing much attention never mind “luxurious” attention. ● Single motherhood ● A mentally ill...


Episode 50: Eco Conscious Candles With a Purpose

As a Perfectionist, what does it look like to follow your creativity, grow a business, enjoy the process and become a success? Guests: Leslie Abrams Show Notes Follow Leslie:www.yosoycandles.comhttps://www.facebook.com/yosoycandle/


Episode 49: Stigma Free Recovery

Guest: Tiffany Thoen Episode Summary: Tiffany Thoen shares with us her story of her 21 years sober and the journey to this point. We discuss her efforts to create a new empowering experience with sobriety. Updating the language we use and some other powerful actions can support breaking the shame and stigma around Recovery. Show Notes:Links Mentioned: recoveroutloud.org Follow Tiffany:coachtiffanyrn.com


Episode 48: Curiosity is Key

Guest Molly Mandelberg Summary The secret to connection, confidence, and clarity is being willing to follow your curiosity and ask big questions. Join us for this delicious conversation as we set out to ask more questions than we can answer and share about how leaning into our curiosity has aided us in finding our life's work. Show NotesLinks Mentionedhttps://thrive-academy.comWildheartsriseup.com/quizrhttps://www.accessconsciousness.comFollow...


Episode 47: Shame & Disordered Eating

Guest: Tiffany Thoen Summary: Together we explore the ways disordered eating shows up and how shame gets in the way. What is a new practice to consider and options you can find to start having it all go differently for you today! We also touch on how the more popular Intermittent Fasting diet may not be the best decision for your body. Bio: As an RN and Intuitive Eating Coach, Tiffany helps women with disordered eating to finally heal their relationship with food so they gain freedom,...


Episode 46: Van Life Rebel

Guest: Tracy Jenkins Bio: Tracy Jenkins Is a self-love and relationship coach and the creator of Rising Warrior Collective- a community for unique, powerful and unconventional women who struggle with feeling inadequate and unworthy in their relationships and other areas of their lives. She uses the foundations of radical self love, self empowerment and forgiveness to help women heal and strengthen the most important relationship they have, the one with themselves. Follow...


Episode 45: Life After Being Misdiagnosed

Guest: Lyn Delmastro-Thomson Lyn Delmastro-Thomson is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, speaker, and author of the Amazon Best Seller, You Are Not Your Diagnosis. She holds a master’s degree in somatic psychology and has completed additional specialized training in biofeedback, therapeutic yoga, and Reiki. After being misdiagnosed with leukemia at the age of 25, Lyn became passionate about sharing with the world her message that just because a doctor has said an illness is "chronic" or...


Episode 44: Can You Be Passionate About Your Work & Successful?

Guest: Brenda R Bryan Brenda R. Bryan is a kick ass Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Coach, and Mastermind Facilitator. Women hire her to unmask and nurture their genius, empowering them to live in the strength of their passion. Teaching through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and stages around the country, she demonstrates authentic, warm-hearted humor with a deep wealth of knowledge of how important communication is to feminine power. Brenda began working in her passion of...


Brie Falough – Empowering Parents & Their Lifestyle Choices

Guest: Brie Falough Brie is from Portland, Oregon. She is an Empowerment Lifestyle Coach and is passionate about what she do because she loves to see rapid transformational change. Brie works with males and females in all areas of their life. From work life balance to body image, we can chat about anything. Her clients say […]


Rachel O’Rourke – Build Your OWN Stage To Speak From

Guest: Rachel O’Rourke Rachel O’Rourke is the owner of O’Rourke Media – a marketing agency for innovative E-commerce based start-up companies. She’s also the CEO/Founder of SPARK Global – an event company that facilitates self-development summits dedicated to supporting women who are ready to show up in the world. In her upcoming book – “27 […]


Sarah Shaoul – Grief Gratitude & Greatness

Guest: Sarah Shaoul Sarah is a lover of community and humanity. As an essayist, coach and podcast host, she reflects on the resilience, wisdom and brilliance of those who experience loss. Sarah created Grief Gratitude and Greatness to explore the vast ways that our culture experiences, manages and supports grief and those grieving. Sarah coaches individuals struggling with and stuck […]


Jenelle Marie Pierce – Overcoming Stigmas / The STD Project

Guest: Jenelle Marie Pierce Jenelle Marie Pierce is the Executive Director of TheSTDProject.com, the Founder of the herpes activists network: HANDS, the Spokesperson for PositiveSingles.com, and a Tri-Chair of the Communications Action Group at the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH). Current bylines can be found in SELF, HepatitisC.net, Kinkly, PornHub’s Sexual Wellness Center, xoJane, and Allure. For […]


Leah Oviedo – Depression

Guest: Leah Oviedo Leah Oviedo is a writer, artist, self-defense instructor, social and environmental activist, and mental health advocate living in San Diego, CA. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid, but not a licensed therapist. What she shares is from her own experiences with depression, grief, and trauma. She recognizes that we each have […]


Overwhelmed by Technology?? Let’s Get Empowered!

“Technology is part ‘magic’ and part science, and how the biggest part of building your business is aligning with the quantum nature of it all by first aligning your inner being.” Paige Battcher is the Founder and CEO of Kismet Ideas, a website design and digital marketing company. She’s an international advocate for women’s empowerment. […]


Kyla Sokol-Ward – Social Engineering and Intentionality

Kyla Sokoll-Ward is a coach and speaker on a mission to change the way we relate to ourselves and others. For the last 3 years she has been coaching through online programs, 1:1 mentorship, and workshops. A lover of social engineering, she aims to disrupt the status quo of connection and challenge others to connect […]


What is EGO? How do we work with Egos and create a healthy Ego?

This episode we talk about EGO. Everyone has their interpretations or ideas of what Ego looks like or pertains to… But today we offer a different perspective. Is it Masculine vs. Feminine? Is it the shadow pieces to our light attributes? Is it the way that certain people carry themselves? What does a healthy ego […]


Mental Health Advocacy

In this episode, my guest is Autumn Mercy who is a Mental Health Advocate, a Poet Advocate, Speaker, Singer, Song Writer, Social Change Leader and Powerful Woman. Together we touch on so much profound work we practice RIGHT NOW, if we feel called to do so, such as: -What we can do to breakup the […]