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Heart to Heart with Michael: A Program for the Bereaved Community" is hosted by Michael Liben. This program is designed to empower those who have lost a loved one. Guests will include members of the community, people of faith, as well as doctors and other professionals who deal with topics of importance to the community. New programs will be broadcast the first Thursday of the month at noon Eastern Time (USA).

Heart to Heart with Michael: A Program for the Bereaved Community" is hosted by Michael Liben. This program is designed to empower those who have lost a loved one. Guests will include members of the community, people of faith, as well as doctors and other professionals who deal with topics of importance to the community. New programs will be broadcast the first Thursday of the month at noon Eastern Time (USA).
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Heart to Heart with Michael: A Program for the Bereaved Community" is hosted by Michael Liben. This program is designed to empower those who have lost a loved one. Guests will include members of the community, people of faith, as well as doctors and other professionals who deal with topics of importance to the community. New programs will be broadcast the first Thursday of the month at noon Eastern Time (USA).






A Look Back at 2109

This is a look back at the Heart to Heart with Michael episodes that aired in 2019. Host Michael Liben reviews Season 3, the Guests and provides excerpts from each episode. Special thanks to all of our Guests: Nancy Jensen, Peter Pugliese, Julie Joiner and Brittany Ramos, Danny Mack, Ron Glenn Kelly, Alden Solovy, Hannah Sherebrin, and Dr. Sandra Schatz. Thanks, too, to C Jay Anderson for being a Guest Host and conducting an insightful interview with Michael Liben. This look back showed how...


הקשר שבין הגוף לנפש בתהליכי ריפוי.

חני סידיס גרה בחיפה. היא עובדת כמרפאת בעיסוק, ומשתמשת במחול כדי לעזור למטופלים שלה להבין את הקשר שבין הגוף ונפש. היא עובדת עם המטופלים שלה בעזרת תנועתיות מיוחדת , שעוזרת להם ומאפשרת להם לחבר בין הגוף והנפש , בכדי לנסות לעזור להם לפתור בעיות רגשיות, וסוגיות שעולות בקשרים שלהם עם משפחה וחברים, כמו בעיות של נתינת אמון אחד בשני, ולהבין את הנזק שנגרם מטראומות שחוו. חני מדריכה אותם כדי שיוכלו בעצם להבין את עצמם יותר טוב, וכך יוכלו לעבור תהליך של ריפוי שיביא אותם לבחור ולהחליט בצורה יותר מושכלת...


Talking About Grief in the Armed Forces

Dr. Sandra Schatz is a Clinical Psychologist who works with soldiers at Fort Hood Army Base. Her days are spent conducting psychological testing, individual therapy, and group therapy for problems ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to adjusting from being away from home for the first time. Personally, Sandra’s mother recently passed away -- in June 2019. Originally from South Dakota, Sandra lived in San Diego, on Long Island, and several places in between before arriving...


Grief as a Lifelong Process

Hannah Sherebrin returns on this episode of Heart to Heart with Michael to talk with him about how she has learned to process her grief through art. With a very traumatic event occurring in her childhood, surviving the Holocaust, she has come to realize the effects of trauma on the human psyche and how people need to process their past trauma before they can process any new grief they may experience.


Processing Grief Through Art

How can we use art to help us with our grief? Hannah Sherebrin, M.S., ATR, RN is a retired Director of the Art Craft studio of the University of Western Ontario, Canada. She moved to Israel in 1997 where she continues to work as an Art Therapist in private practice dealing mainly with trauma bereavement and depression with adult populations. She supervises practicum students and other art therapists and leads art therapy support groups of bereaved parents whose children have died in...


Healing Brokenness Through Prayer

Alden Solovy talks with Michael about his wife Amy, his passion for writing prayers, his current projects and where we can buy his books. Alden Solovy spreads joy and excitement through prayer. A liturgist and poet, his work has been used by people of all faiths throughout the world. He’s written more than 700 pieces of new liturgy, offering a fresh new Jewish voice, challenging the boundaries between poetry, meditation, personal growth, and prayer. He’s a teacher, a writing coach, and an...


Celebrating Jaylee

Christiana Whallon is the mother of three, two heart-healthy sons and Jaylee who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and an intact atrial septum. She had the Norwood procedure at three days of age. She went into heart failure, which prevented her from being a candidate for the 2nd open-heart surgery, the bi-directional Glenn. Jaylee was listed for a heart transplant at 3 months of age and sadly she passed away at 4 months and 9 days of age. Today Michael and Christiana talk about...


The Mind-Body Connection in Healing

Hanny Sidis is from Haifa Israel. Hanny is an occupational, dance, and mind and body therapist. She works with people through movement to connect the body and mind in order to work through a variety of issues such as relationships, emotions, trust, and trauma. Hanny guides them to have a better understanding of themselves and to connect their inner self so they can make better choices for themselves. Hanny has recently added Acro balance to her treatments as a therapeutic tool bringing a...


Grieving During the Holidays: Tips for Survivors

Pastor James Driskell has a vast amount of experience in caring for those going through loss in hazardous situations. Pastor Driskell served in the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve for 29 years with over 2,000 hours of operational time on Coast Guard boats. He was involved in a variety of situations to comfort the dying, injured and survivors. As a Police Chaplain he has been called on scene to comfort victims, families of suicide, homicide and drug overdose victims. He earned a unit of Clinical...


How to be Supportive of Someone who Has Lost a Child

In this episode, Michael sits down with Kristine Brite McCormick, mom to Cora, who died at only five days old of an undiagnosed CHD. Kristine talks about her ebooklet, "When Your Friend's Baby Dies" as well as ways to find happiness during the holiday season. Kristine has also advocated for "Cora's Law" which mandates hospitals to conduct heart defect screening in newborn children.


Thankful for Being Alive with Chronic Illness

Mia Moreno is the "Heart to Heart with Michael" Guest this week. She talks about her gratitude for her life, despite suffering from chronic illness. Mia and Michael investigate how her chronic illness has affected other relationships in her life. Tune in to hear her expound on how her faith has helped her and why she believes it's so important for people living with chronic illness to talk about it with their loved ones.


Crying in the Shower and Learning to Laugh Again

Our guest is Ron Glenn Kelly, author of Sometimes I Cry in the Shower. Ron is no stranger to grief and today he’ll tell us his personal story and how he is committed to helping others deal with grief in their personal lives and in the workplace. Ron Glenn Kelly unexpectedly lost his teenage son and only child to a congenital heart defect. He has become a leading authority on grief in the workplace. He is the author of several books and he is a keynote speaker discussing grief support in the...


Laughing Through the Tears

This month "Heart to Heart with Michael" features Dawn Fuller. She is best known as Canada’s Laugh Lady, is a Registered Clinical Counselor with 37 years counseling experience in a variety of areas, author of the book The Heart of Joshua, and the mother of a child born with serious medical problems. While learning to traverse the bureaucracy of the medical world, she advocated for her child’s health care, and even his life. Tune in as Michael talks with Dawn about the importance of laughter...


How Do You Move Forward?

C Jay Anderson-McKay is the mother of four; two in heaven, two here on earth. C Jay has founded two non-profits. The first, “Grief Bridge” is a non-profit organization with the mission to close the gap between the bereaved and the world by way of education and grief work centered around God's Word. The second non-profit is called “JAWS,” which stands for John-Benjamin Action 2 Walk Safely. JAWS’ mission is teaching children to work safely and defensively. C Jay talks with Michael about how...


Living with Loss after Loss

This episode of "Heart to Heart with Michael" features returning Guests Jackie Renfrow and her mother Wilodene Gist. Featured in July, this mother-daughter duo talked to Michael about losing loved ones to a misdiagnosis. In today's episode this dynamic duo talk to Michael about what it means to suffer loss after loss generation after generation. They talk about what helps them to continue even after their loved ones are gone and they also talk about what survival means to them.


Losing Loved Ones to a Misdiagnosis

Today's show features Jackie Renfrow and her mother, Wilodene Gist. These women have suffered losses to Long QT Syndrome including both of Jackie’s children. Tune in to hear how the cause of their deaths was finally diagnosed correctly and why they are such staunch advocates willing to talk with our Host, Michael Liben, about how this tragedy has affected their lives.


If Grief is a Game, Can Anyone Win?

Danny Mack is a graduate of The University of North Texas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently the Director of Spiritual and Social Services for Christian Care Hospice. Danny Mack, a.k.a. The Happy-o-logist, is a philosopher, theologian, motivational speaker, life coach, spiritual healer and expert on rock ‘n roll. In today's show, Danny and Michael talk about his book "If Grief is a Game, These Are the Rules" and how that book applies to real life. Tune in to hear...


For the Love of Marlise

In this episode, our guest Lynne Machado discusses a little-known law in Texas that forbids hospitals from disconnecting life support from a patient who is pregnant. Lynne’s daughter, Marlise, died in 2013 while she was fourteen weeks pregnant. She was, at the time, declared brain dead. This little-known law was invoked and, against the wishes of her family; and those of Marlise as stated in her DNR, Marlise was put on life support. The family, showing that she was no longer a patient for...


Preparations for Life without Me

In this classic Heart to Heart with Michaelepisode, Emily Perl Kingsley, the mother of a child born with Down Syndrome, talks with Michael about what it was like to have a child with Down Syndrome at a time when handicapped children were not seen in the mainstream. Because of this experience, she wrote an essay, "Welcome to Holland" which has been made famous thanks to how beautifully it helps people understand a parent's journey when raising a child with special needs. Emily, a personal...


Loving Dad: Continuing the Creativity

Rachel Greenbaum is the daughter of the late Horror and Speculative novelist T. M. Wright's first marriage to Sally Edwards. In this episode of Heart to Heart with Michael, Rachel commemorates her father, his many talents and the way his gifts are still living on today. She shares how his talent has been passed down to her children and her and how those talents have manifested themselves. Rachel also shares about how important it is to celebrate her father and the significance grief...