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Hello Beauty- Yes, you! Join me, host Joyce Platon, as I chat with today’s beauty, wellness, and lifestyle visionaries. Let’s discover their motivating journey together as I merge my love for the art and my passion in revealing one’s true inner beauty.

Hello Beauty- Yes, you! Join me, host Joyce Platon, as I chat with today’s beauty, wellness, and lifestyle visionaries. Let’s discover their motivating journey together as I merge my love for the art and my passion in revealing one’s true inner beauty.
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Hello Beauty- Yes, you! Join me, host Joyce Platon, as I chat with today’s beauty, wellness, and lifestyle visionaries. Let’s discover their motivating journey together as I merge my love for the art and my passion in revealing one’s true inner beauty.






Enhancing Your Life w/ Clean CBD from Amy Duncan of Mowellens

Founder & CEO of Mowellens, Amy Duncan, joins Hello Beauty to talk to us about her journey in building her company. With the many curve-balls that life has thrown her way, mainly her husband battling a malignant brain tumor in 2012, you would think she would give up on life. Instead, Amy used her background in biotechnology and healthcare and positive experience with CBD to start her own CBD brand. Mowellens offers clean plant-based CBD products to enhance your life and wellness. In this...


Beneficial Bodycare with Shannon Davenport of Esker

Shannon Davenport, Founder of Esker, guests on Hello Beauty and talks with host, Joyce Platon about her high-performing plant-based body care. She shares how her background as a trend forecaster propelled her into creating her own body care brand. She places great importance in plant-based ingredients and essential oils. In this episode, she sheds light on the muddy conversations about essential oils, the value in being self-funded, why she is the voice for growing pollinators, why letting...


Self-care through skincare with Annie Tevelin, founder of SkinOwl

Annie Tevelin, Founder of SkinOwl, Parliament Project, and host of Off The Record podcast, graces Hello Beauty and talks about her journey in starting these endeavors. Annie shares how she treated her acne for good, the passion and message she has in spreading the importance of self-care through the Parliament Project and Off The Record, and the importance of sticking to your brand's DNA. Tune in to hear many more of Annie's entrepreneurial journey that led her to create a trusted brand and...


Becoming A Successful Beauty Brand with David Pirrotta

With a slew of beauty brands emerging everywhere, there is still only a few that will be truly successful. The triumph of these few beauty brands could be the doings of David Pirrotta. David Pirrotta is this week’s Hello Beauty guest, where he shares his new endeavor called Materiae, how he launched 77 beauty brands, what it takes to create a successful skincare/beauty business, his thoughts on the CBD trend, and many more. He even shares his step-by-step skincare routine and what his...


Hello Beauty PLUS! The Secret to Smooth, Plump Lips with Kerry Benjamin of StackedSkincare

It's time for Hello Beauty PLUS! and Kerry Benjamin, Founder of StackedSkincare, talks to us about her Hydrating Lip Peel. We all have that pesky problem of dry, chapped lips and in this episode, Kerry shares why you might just want to ditch that lip scrub and try a lip peel to achieve luscious lips. Tune in to learn more about the benefits of using a peel on your lips and its ingredients that make it an effective method.


Achieving Beauty Inside & Out Through Nutrition and O'o Hawaii Products with Founder Holly Harding

O’o Hawaii’s Founder, Holly Harding, is on Hello Beauty this week! She’s a highly sought-after Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and food for beauty expert. She shares with host, Joyce Platon, her background as a classical musician, her journey to building O’o Hawaii, the turning point in starting a new brand, and so much more. She also provides valuable tips on what she thinks will help in being successful in changing one’s lifestyle. She is a proponent of fueling your body with good whole...


The Holistic Approach To Avoid & Fight Cancer with Elissa Goodman

Los Angeles Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Cleanse Expert, Elissa Goodman, guests in Hello Beauty to chat how she overcame cancer at 32 through incorporating juicing and a more plant-based diet in her life. In this episode, she shares valuable insights on how to live an optimized life by learning how to stress less, how to stick to an exercise regimen, why certain kinds of food are better than others, what causes inflammation, and many more. Listen to the full episode to also hear Elissa...


The Perfect Eyebrows: Natural vs. Microblading w/ Celebrity Eyebrow Specialist Joey Healy

Joey Healy, entrepreneur and one of the most sought-after eyebrow specialists in the industry, graces Hello Beauty and chats with host, Joyce Platon, on how he built his growing empire from just a studio apartment to a larger NYC location complete with his own product line. This episode is armed with tips and tricks he learned along the way, how to achieve those eyebrows he’s in demand for, what the ideal eyebrow is, what beauty really means to him, and so much more! Joey even shares what he...


Hello Beauty PLUS with Kerry Benjamin: Clearing Your Acne with StackedSkincare's High Frequency Device

This week, I’d like to introduce to you, Hello Beauty PLUS! Here, I will share insights about what I’ve learned throughout the week and some spotlight on individuals or products. Kerry Benjamin, Founder of StackedSkincare, returns as a guest in Hello Beauty and this time, she talks about her High Frequency Device. In this episode, Kerry shares how the High Frequency Device is a great tool to aid in treating acne. Tune in to learn more about the device and how to use it.


Multitasking & Efficient Beauty with Wander Beauty's Divya Gugnani

Today’s everyday modern woman is unapologetic, a go-getter, excelling in multiple ways than one, always on the go, and is assertive. Juggling multiple hats in a day requires efficiency, even with beauty. Enter, Wander Beauty- a cruelty-free brand that focuses on multitasking beauty essentials with globally sourced special ingredients that aims to streamline your beauty routine. Hello Beauty host, Joyce Platon, interviews Wander Beauty’s co-founder and CEO, Divya Gugnani. In this episode,...


How to define yourself as Perfectly Imperfect with Kim Devin co-founder of Dr. Roebuck's

The saying “You are what you eat” also holds true to what you put in your skin, and whatever is absorbed through the skin can show up in positive or negative ways. Which is why nowadays we are drawn to foods or products that will have more of a positive impact on ourselves and well-being. Australian skincare brand, Dr. Roebuck’s, is a stand-out with their natural ingredients- free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates- just clean skincare. Dr. Roebuck’s co-founder and head of sales,...


How to Be Flexible With Your Career Plans with Marie Lodi from HelloGiggles

This week’s Hello Beauty guest is HelloGiggles’ Senior Beauty Editor, Marie Lodi. Host, Joyce Platon, gets to know Marie and unveils her contagious lovely persona that embodies positivity, confidence, and persistence that ultimately led her to her dream job. Navigating through the narrows of life can be daunting but we learn from Marie that being authentic, determining goals, and letting your personality pave the way- will surely lead you to that next great step. She also co-hosts a fashion...


Wild and Free with Girl Undiscovered's Annabel Hawkins

We often hear that “when I don’t have to wear makeup, it’s going to be a good day”. This week’s Hello Beauty guest is Annabel Hawkins. Annabel is Girl Undiscovered’s Creative & Writer. Girl Undiscovered is a skincare brand made in New Zealand with ingredients ethically sourced from their own country as well as special pure and potent ingredients from Myanmar and Bali. Annabel shares with host, Joyce Platon, the brand’s free-spirited philosophy that resonates with Hello Beauty’s mantra of...


Staying True to Your Vision with Fernanda Romero of Vita Parfum

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” If anyone lives by these invaluable words, it’s definitely actress, singer, model, and businesswoman, Fernanda Romero. This week in Hello Beauty, Joyce Platon sits down with Fernanda and chats about how she was able to break in the Hollywood industry as an actress by just believing in herself and simply “going for it”. She describes that this mindset is what helps her navigate through life and career. In this episode, Fernanda also...


Confessions of a Beauty Editor with Sara Tan of Bustle & Please

The glitz and glamour of beauty editors are real, but it is also no easy feat. Sara Tan, Bustle and Please’s Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor, recounts her story on how she began her career. Hello Beauty’s host, Joyce Platon, chats with Sara and they talk about how it’s like working at the digital publication that is directed towards millennial women, beauty trends, learning how to overcome insecurities, her experience with running the Chicago Marathon and training with Nike experts, and what...


Dr. Howard Murad: The Father of Internal Skincare

We are no stranger to Dr. Howard Murad’s name in the skincare industry. Known as The Father of Internal Skincare, Hello Beauty host, Joyce Platon had the honor to converse with Dr. Murad about his inspiring entrepreneurial journey with Murad, Inc., the alarming impact of Cultural Stress on our health and aging, why having a child-like wonder lessens our day-to-day pressure, and the like. Find out why restoring human connection is vital and how Dr. Murad places great importance on living well...


What it takes to become a celebrity hairstylist with Hannah Burdy

Award-winning celebrity hairstylist, Hannah Burdy, is this week's Hello Beauty guest. Host, Joyce Platon, chats with this cool cat and discusses how she transitioned from small-town to working with NYC and LA's top salons and clientele. In this episode, Hannah gets candid about her favorite experiences working in the industry, her tips on being successful in her craft, and her advice in finding out the beauty in you.


How to Stay Relevant in the modern world with Isabelle Du (host/actress/model)

Los Angeles-based actress, model, and host Isabelle Du has an extensive resume under her belt. As this week’s Hello Beauty guest, she chats with host, Joyce Platon, about her colorful life in the entertainment industry which spans the East and West. She shares how wearing different kinds of hats, keeping a positive mentality, and constantly educating yourself is what allows her to land gigs such as SyFy’s Face Off, The Amazing Race, Lifetime’s American Beauty Star, and even be crowned as...


The Business of Beauty: Mariah Nicole - Rogue Magazine's Beauty Editor & PRO Makeup Artist

The life of a freelancer is never easy but that doesn’t mean one should never go after their dreams or passion. Mariah Nicole Buian, Rogue Magazine’s Beauty Editor, PRO makeup artist, and owner of Mariah Nicole Beauty, is the living proof of a successful freelancer and businesswoman. In this episode of Hello Beauty, Mariah Nicole shares with host, Joyce Platon, how she turned her makeup career into a business where she did not have to worry about turning down clients. Through Mariah Nicole’s...


Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy! -Mylk Labs Founder & CEO, Grace Cheng

With the fast-paced world of the fashion industry, it is very easy to fall prey on compromising eating well due to physical expectations of the business and especially the crazy travel schedule. Grace Cheng, Founder & CEO of Mylk Labs, noticed this early in her modeling career and addressed the issue. Hello Beauty host, Joyce Platon, sits down with Grace and picks her brain on how she started her all natural, vegan, gluten-free oatmeal brand. Discover how her clean homemade recipe is now...