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How I Discovered Herbal Therapy

Today on Hempire Dr. Eileen is joined by Dr. Bill Rawls. Bill was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my mid-forties. he developed insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, and all the symptoms that collectively pointed toward a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Frustrated, he tried to make sense of the situation. Development of chest pain and heartbeat irregularity suggested something more than just fibromyalgia, but a cardiac catheterization showing clean vessels and normal labs for cholesterol,...

The Dark Side of Injury and The Essence of Health and Vitality

Today on Hempire our host is joined by Dr. Debra Muth Naturopathic Doctor and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Muth has authored “The Dark Side of Injury” and The Essence of Health and Vitality – Your Guide to Healthy Living and was a contributing author to Audacious Aging. She has written over 150 lectures that she has provided throughout the United States to both professionals and patients. Topics range from hormones to detoxification and spiritual living. She has served as faculty...

Wholistic Kinesiology for Treating Lyme Disease

Wholistic Kinesiology originator Dr. J. Dunn discusses how her practice in conjunction to adding more cannabinoids to your body can help to treat pain in joints, digestion, leaky gut, food and environmental allergies and chronic infections of all kinds.

Through Simple Caring, You Can Help Others Through Their Pain And Illness

Today on Hempire our host is joined by William S. Eidelman, MD. William's medical education began when he was a child. His late great father was a professor of psychiatry at St. Louis University School Of Medicine. He was the only non-Freudian in the department of psychiatry for 25+ years. William learned from his father that through simple caring, they could help others through their pain and illness, sometimes. He showed him his understanding that everyone in medicine has a lot to learn,...

The Use Of Marijuana When Treating Lyme Disease

Today on Hempire our host is joined by Dr. Ernie Murakami from Dr. E. Murakami's Centre for Lyme Research, Education & Assistance Society. Dr. Murakami became involved in Lyme Disease while in his practice based in the rural community of Hope, British Columbia. Through his practice, he developed two new methods of tick removal, one which was the Blister Method; the injection of a pre-measured mixture of Xylocaine and Adrenaline directly beneath the jaw of the tick. This method is used...

New Treatment With Cannabis For Autism And The Great Results So Far

Jessica Stewart talks to Dr. Eileen Karpfinger about her child's new treatment with cannabis for Autism and the great results so far. For the purpose of anonymity, the child is referred to as Hercules.

Moving Public Opinion Sufficiently To Legalize The Responsible Use Of Marijuana By Adults

Today on Hempire our host Eileen Karpfinger is joined by Keith Stroup the founder of NORML. Keith is a Washington, DC public-interest attorney who founded NORML in 1970. Stroup obtained his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Illinois in 1965, and in 1968 he graduated from Georgetown Law School in Washington, DC. Following two years as staff counsel for the National Commission on Product Safety, Mr. Stroup founded NORML and ran the organization through 1979,...

Ending The War On Drugs And Promoting People Of Color In The Cannabis Industry

Today on Hempire our host Eileen Karpfinger is joined by Jacob Plowden and Nelson Guerrero are co-founders of the Cannabis Cultural Association in NYC which is suing Jeff Sessions to legalize cannabis. They, along with other advocates and professionals in the cannabis industry, descended on a federal court in New York last month to watch Justice Department lawyers try to dismiss a case against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The suit involves a motley crew of plaintiffs: Alexis Bortell and...

12-Year-Old Sues Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Today on Hempire our host Eileen Karpfinger is joined by 12-year-olds Alexis Bortell. She’s written a book, takes cannabis oil daily and is challenging the U.S. Controlled Substance Act by suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Approximately three years ago Alexis had to leave her home in Texas in order to treat her severe form of epilepsy — known as intractable epilepsy — with cannabis. Now she’s suing Sessions so that others like her won’t have to leave home in fear of retribution from...