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A podcast all about herbalism.

A podcast all about herbalism.
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A podcast all about herbalism.




142 | Life, Herbal News, Nettles, and GERD with Todd Caldecott

This podcast is the first of weekly podcasts being recorded by herbalist Todd Caldecott. In this episode he talks about life updates, herbal and health news, nettles, and GERD (acid reflux). View the video version of this podcast here: https://vimeo.com/showcase/6348445 Todd Caldecott is a medical herbalist and practitioner of Ayurveda, in practice since 1995. He is the Executive Director of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, and author/editor of three books including Ayurveda: The...


141 | Herbal Stress Support - Self Care and Chill with Jessica LaBrie

In these busy, complex times, stress is inevitable. Lucky for us, the natural world is filled with herbal allies and age-old remedies just waiting to help you relax, restore, and revitalize! Herbalist and wise woman Jessica LaBrie recently held a workshop on herbal stress relief at the Portsmouth Public Library in New Hampshire, and she welcomed us to share the recording with our HerbRally listeners. Enjoy! Jessica LaBrie is an integrative herbalist, educator and Wise Woman, supporting her...


140 | Hops Monograph with Rosalee de la Forêt

Listen in as herbalist and author Rosalee de la Forêt talks all about the hops (Humulus lupulus)! Before trendy bars started highlighting their hoppy brews, the hop plant was used as a traditional herbal medicine. With their aromatic and pungent scent, hops strobiles have been prized for their ability to help people relax. This use dates back thousands of years, at least since the ninth century. Check out Rosalee’s monograph: https://www.herbrally.com/monographs/hops This episode is...


FREEBIE | Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel

Have you ever stared at a list of herbs, wondering which was the right one to use? Or wished you could choose herbal remedies with confidence? In today’s episode we wanted to give you a brief intro to this awesome free tool… the Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel! Rosalee and John from LearningHerbs are currently offering the their Flavor Wheel Download plus 3 educational videos for FREE! This nifty tool makes it easy to figure out which herb is best for your needs. Get yours before the offer...


139 | Plant Chemistry, Cannabis, Medicine, and the Human Body with Lisa Ganora & Sam Coffman

In today’s podcast, you’ll listen in on Lisa Ganora (Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism) and Sam Coffman (The Human Path & Herbal Medics Academy) discussing plant chemistry, cannabis, vitalism, reductionism, medicine making, pathophysiology and herbalism. Enjoy! https://thehumanpath.net/ https://clinicalherbalism.com/ Thanks for listing to the HerbRally podcast! www.herbrally.com


138 | The Everlasting Traditions of Herbal Medicine in Ancient Greece with Maria Christodoulou

In today’s episode you’ll hear from herbalist Maria Christodoulou on the everlasting Traditions of Herbal Medicine in Ancient Greece. Maria is the owner of Bliss Without Bother based in Brooklyn, NY. Bliss Without Bother offers specialized retreat and event planning with competitive rates based on number of participants and requested services. Check 'em out at blisswithoutbother.com. HerbRally Follow us on social media @herbrally! www.herbrally.com/


137 | Oh Hibiscus (With a Nod to Other Malvaceae) with Heather Irvine

In today’s episode herbalist Heather Irvine gives us an excellent intro to hibiscus. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned herbalist, you’re sure to have some takeaways, enjoy! "There are many sacred, sexy, and fun uses for hibiscus, not even necessarily to be used at the same time." - Heather Irvine About Heather A former foraging frolicker, who aims at answering some of often asked but tougher questions in herbalism, such as, how herbs work and what are the real versus theoretical...


EVENT | Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference

On today’s episode, we’ll hear from Corinna Wood, the director of the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference! Southeast Wise Woman Herbal Conference October 11 - 13, 2019 Hendersonville, NC LEARN MORE Thanks for listening! HerbRally www.herbrally.com


136 | Motherwort Monograph with Dana Aronson

Listen in as herbalist Dana Aronson talks all about the beautiful motherwort! Motherwort’s latin name, Leonurus cardiaca, is depicted from the Greek word leon (lion), ouros (tail), and cardiaca, giving meaning to the heart. This sheds light to the common name, Lion’s Heart. In Europe, the name “motherwort,” has a literal meaning of “mother-herb.” With both of these names, this gives a small peek into the medical properties of this plant we know as Motherwort. Check out Dana’s motherwort...


REPLAY | Nourishing You: Self Care Oil Therapy with Kami McBride

Today’s episode is a replay from a year ago with herbalist Kami McBride! You’ll notice some dates in the intro are mentioned for her online course, those are incorrect. Her Handcrafted Herbal Healing Oils course closes tonight at midnight! In this episode, Kami to teaches us all about self care through oil therapy, as well as creating your home sanctuary, setting up nourishing routines, and so much more. This content goes nicely with Kami’s course: Handcrafted Healing Herbal...


135 | An Herbalist's View of Mental Health with Lindsay Kolasa

Today on the podcast, herbalist Lindsay Kolasa talks about mental health and her journey with mental health, gut health, supportive herbs, and more. Lindsay Kolasa is a Community Herbalist, Traditional Food Ways Educator, Soul-worker, and Yoga Teacher with a background in print journalism, non-profit management and social service work. She was called to her path by a major health crisis in 2001 which required of her to embark on a healing journey. Her work and her teachings are a...


EVENT | The Historic Breitenbush Herbal Conference with Mason Hutchison

On today’s episode we’ll hear HerbRally founder and Breitenbush Herbal Conference co-organizer Mason Hutchison chat about the upcoming event! Breitenbush Herbal Conference September 5 - 8, 2019 Detroit, OR The Breitenbush Herbal Conference is an annual gathering at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Detroit, Oregon. This gathering is for herbalists and healers of all kinds. People come from all corners to celebrate and learn from some of the most inspiring teachers in our herbal...


134 | Autoimmune Nephritis and Hypothyroid Case Study with Katja Swift and Ryn Midura

This week on the HerbRally podcast, Katja and Ryn talk about one of their Clinical Herbalist students and a case with autoimmune nephritis and hypothyroid. This case is particularly interesting because the herbal interventions were alongside conventional medical treatments, and there was plenty of lab testing to confirm the results they were getting. It's so exciting when you hear a doctor say "These test results are amazing. Tell me again what your herbal protocol was?". This is just one...


133 | Arthritis and Insomnia Case Study with Katja and Ryn from Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism

In this week’s episode with Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism, Katja and Ryn talk about one of their Community Herbalist students who helped her elderly neighbor with her arthritis pain and also in dealing with insomnia. We shared her thought process as she selected the herbs she wanted to formulate, as well as the work she did to narrow down the problem of insomnia so that she could choose herbs that would really help. This case study emphasizes the ways that we can strengthen...


132 | 10 Tips for Becoming an Herbal Clinician with Bevin Clare

In this podcast episode you’ll hear from Bevin Clare, M.S., R.H, CNS. She shares her top 10 tips for becoming an herbal clinician. Bevin is an herbalist, nutritionist, professor, and Program Manager of the Master’s of Science in Clinical Herbalism at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is also a professional member and president of the American Herbalists Guild, and a board member of the United Plant Savers. Enjoy! Learn more about Bevin...


131 | Eczema Case Study with Katja and Ryn from Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism

In this week’s episode with Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism, Katja and Ryn talk about one of their Family Herbalist students who has made a huge difference in her son's eczema. They share all the things she experimented with, and what worked best for her son. If you've been looking for an herbal program but haven't been sure what would work best for you, check out their Family Herbalist program! It's taught with video instruction, so you can really see what they are talking about...


REPLAY | How to Start a Free Herbal Clinic with Katja Swift and Ryn Midura

We’re celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the HerbRally podcast by sharing our very first podcast episode, recorded by Katja Swift and Ryn Midura of the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. In this episode they discuss the free clinic they started in Boston, MA. They go over the finer details of creating a clinic, along with some of the challenges (i.e. burnout, funding, etc.). Thanks to Katja and Ryn for taking the time to share their expertise! Visit CommonWealth Center for...


130 | Solomon's Seal: So What is it Good For? with Heather Irvine

In today’s episode herbalist Heather Irvine gives us an excellent intro to Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum biflorum). Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned herbalist, you’re sure to have some takeaways, enjoy! Today’s episode is brought to you by the Breitenbush Herbal Conference. This event is one of the nation’s longest running herbal conference and is an annual gathering for herbalists and healers of all kinds. The next event will take place on September 5 – September 8, 2019 at the...


129 | Seven Tips for Using Herbs and Spices from The Kitchen Counter Podcast

We have the honor of sharing an episode courtesy of Roger from The Kitchen Counter Podcast. In this podcast he talks about his 7 tips for using herbs and spices in the kitchen. Using herbs and spices can be intimidating for new or inexperienced home cooks. Very few other ingredient types seem to have their kitchen confidence-crashing power. While there is no single wrong or right way to use herbs and spices, there are a few rules of thumb that Roger likes to follow. In this podcast, he...


CLASSES | Erika Galentin at the Breitenbush Herbal Conference

In today’s episode we’ll hear from herbalist Erika Galentin as she gives us a rundown on the classes she’ll be teaching at the upcoming Breitenbush Herbal Conference. More from Erika: Website Facebook Instagram Aromatic Distillation: A Ritual Journey of Self-Reflection (Intensive) Aromatic distillation is alchemical in nature; it is a process that relies on the four elements of earth, air, fire, & water in the transmutation and capture of aromatic molecules from plants into...