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"The Dark Side of Modalities" w/ Jason Erickson

This week I am bringing in Jason Erickson to talk about modalities and why they can sometimes hold us back from being better therapists and better educators. A little bit about Jason, he is a former chronic pain patient, and his back to pain-free health inspired him to become a therapist, a trainer, and an educator. Jason has a Massage practice in Minnesota, where he also trains clients, and works with elite athletes. He is also the Master of Ceremonies for the San Diego Pain Summit and has...


"PTSD" w/Matthew Howe

This week I am bringing in Matthew Howe to talk about working with clients who have PTSD. Matthew is the president of an international education company called Touch Education. He blends his 15+ years of clinical experience with the art and science of touch. They offer several continuing education classes with an emphasis on bodywork for PTSD. You may also have heard about him from an article he wrote for Massage Message about Autonomic Flexibility. I have had a few conversations with guests...


"Online Marketing" w/ Rajam Roose

This week I am bringing in Rajam Roose to talk about Online Marketing for massage therapists. Rajam started practicing massage back in 1999, and maintained a very successful practice for more than 15 years. She has since decided to pass along many of the tools to her success and and teach massage business owners the skills to take advantage of digital marketing and the confidence to do it successfully. While there is a lot of information and programs out there to help people take advantage...


"Massage Professionalism" w/Beverly Giroud

This week I am bringing in Beverley Giroud to talk about Professionalism in the world of Bodywork. Beverly is the director of education at the costa rica school of massage, where among many other responsibilities she provides leadership, academic counseling, mentorship to support academic achievement for all students. She is also the author of a book called “Ethics and Professionalism for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers". I thought it would be useful to bring someone in to talk about...


"The Emotional Component of Massage." w/ Carole Osborne

This week I am bringing in Carole Osborne to talk about the emotional component of massage. A little bit about Carole, she is a practitioner, author, course developer and instructor and mentor. Her articles have appeared in many professional and mainstream publications since 1980. In 2008 she was the AMTA teacher of the year. She published a deep tissue textbook in 1990, and a book about infant massage in 1998. She is a continuing education provider, and is passionate about the material and...


"Massage in the Courtroom" w/ Ben Benjamin

This week I am bringing in Dr. Ben Benjamin to talk about being an expert witness in massage court cases. I have been curious about how massage therapists and massage businesses get sued and why for a long time now and when I think about it there is always a twinge of fear. I think mostly that fear comes from not knowing how often it actually happens, and worrying that because I am not completely informed on the topic, that I am more at risk. Anyway, for those of you who know me, if I have...


"Procedural Memory" w/ Irene Lyon

This week I am bringing in Irene Lyon to talk about working with trauma. A little bit about Irene, she is a nervous system specialist and therapeutic coach who helps everyone — from the mom next door to the next big thought leaders — transform their bodies, businesses, relationships and lives through regulating their nervous systems. Irene has intensively studied and practices the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing) and Kathy Kain (founder of Somatic...


"We are a body Part 2" w/ Karin Gurtner

The second half of my conversation with Karin Gurtner about movement therapy.


"We are a body Part 1" w/ Karin Gurtner

I am bringing in Karin Gurtner to talk about Movement Therapy and how we as bodyworkers can learn from that practice and add value to the work we do with our clients. Karin is the founder of the art of motion, training in movement®, a renowned training organization for Contemporary Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training based in Switzerland and Australia. Her resume is quite impressive with certifications in massage, gyrokenisis, pilates, yoga, personal training and many many more. Without...


"Spatial Medicine" w/ Tom Myers

This week I am bringing in Tom Myers to talk about bringing anatomy trains to the larger healthcare community. We also talk about how he is using it to connect different health care providers within a common language. For those of you who don’t know Tom, I imagine that is a very small percentage of you out there, he is the founder and cartographer of Anatomy Trains. His work has literally changed our industry and understanding of not only how the body is put together, but how it functions...


"Client Confidentiality" w/ Allissa Haines

This week I am talking to Allissa Haines about client confidentiality. Now I know that all, or hopefully all of us believe that client confidentiality is an important factor in running a practice ethically. However I thought it would be good to bring in someone to talk about where there might be some grey areas for some therapists. How far do we take it? What is the ethical standard we are shooting for? Are there circumstances where it doesn’t really apply? Where do we commonly make mistakes...


"The Mechanism, Part 2" w/ Joe Muscolino

This is the second half of my conversation with Joe Muscolino. If you missed the first half of our discussion I would highly recommend listening to that episode first so that you can have context for this discussion. At the end of this episode you will get to hear about some of the work that Joe does, as well as his online video library. If you find Joe’s process helpful and want to learn more I would highly suggest checking it out. I recently talked with Joe and managed to get all of my...


"The Mechanism, Part 1" w/ Joe Muscolino

This week I drop in with Joe Muscolino who is a well traveled continuing education instructor. The conversation we recorded had so much content that I decided to break it into two episodes so that it wasn’t too overwhelming. I find it useful to have information broken down into chunks. If you are an individual that does not like to have to wait to hear or see the conclusion of something, then I recommend you wait until the second episode is released to listen to the first. Joe is a Doctor of...


"MFR" w/ Walt Fritz

This week I am bringing in Walt Fritz to talk about MFR, which stands for Myofascial Release. Walt Fritz is a licensed physical therapist with a B.S. in Physical Therapy and B.A. in Community Mental Health. He has been a physical therapist since 1985 and has taught Myofascial Release continuing education since 1995. Walt also operates the Pain Relief Center, in Rochester, NY. Where he sees both local clients, as well as clients who travel from across the country. You can learn more about him...


"Sports Massage" w/ George Kousaleos

This week I talk with George Kousaleos about collaborating with healthcare teams in the sports context. We cover a number of sub topics, like his work with the Olympic teams in 1996 and 2004. As well as his involvement in XPE sports and working with professional athletes and college athletes hoping to make it to the NFL. He explains his method of including and training massage therapists in the art of working with high performance athletes and how to do that within the context of a...


"Massage Research" w/ Susan Salvo

This week I drop in with Susan Salvo to discuss research projects she has done regarding massage. We also talk about how data from studies make its way into our text books, and about the decision process of what stays in and what leaves as the new editions are updated. We also talk a little bit about massage therapists getting sued, and I ask a few questions about the business end of massage therapy. As usual I ask my question about failure, and we see if I can finally stump a guest with a...


"Cadaver" w/ Bonnie Thompson

This week I talk with Bonnie Thompson about Anatomy and Physiology. Bonnie is the founder of an institute that allows massage therapists and others to study the human anatomy through the use of cadavers. We talk about many aspects of her work, including why she started this project in the first place? Why she chose to work with cadavers? What they add over a textbook? We learn some cool things about the abdominal region and we talk about a failure of hers with a massage client. Lastly we...


"Stretchman" w/ Bob McAtee

This week I drop in with Bob McAtee, of facilitated stretching fame. We talk about a number of subjects including what it takes to be a good teacher, and lessons learned along the way. We also explore the science behind facilitated stretching, where it was, and how it has changed in recent years. I ask him about a failure with a client, and perhaps we came up with a solution. I really enjoyed my conversation with Bob. The conversation was easy, comfortable, and full of honest self...


"Choose Love" w/ Kate Mackinnon

This week I drop in with Kate Mackinnon to talk about safe and compassionate touch. We also talk about how we as massage therapists can leverage the important aspects of what we do in the massage room to help others in everyday life. Kate's participation in the "Choose Love" project is also an area we explore as it provides an example of how Kate has been able to bring safe and compassionate touch to kids in classrooms around the country. We also talk about the ways consent often ignored,...


"Staying Neutral" w/ Meghan McGrath

This week I talk with Meghan McGrath about working with people in chronic pain or with chronic conditions. As a person with experience with both issues and from both sides of the table (as a client and practitioner) she has a well rounded perspective on the topic. We also dive into how to stay neutral as a therapist. We talk about why it is important aspect of the therapeutic process, and where many practitioners make mistakes in that arena.