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12: I AM: Is Your Self-Definition Limiting Your Potential?

Are there limiting and detrimental "I AM" statements rooted in your unconscious? Let's take a look at how our past experiences have formed stories that influence who we are and how we operate in the world. Let's bring awareness to the ways you have unconsciously defined yourself and the stories that are running your life. It's time to bring your highest self forward. And the only way to do that is to let go of the limiting self-definition, stories, and beliefs and consciously change the...


11: Discomfort x Resistance = Suffering

Hopefully those equations don't freak you out..this is fun math. I promise! Discomfort x Surrender = Freedom. Let's break that down into digestible parts and free ourselves from unnecessary suffering. Let's break free from the illusion of control. Let's practice letting go of how we think things ought to be and learn to flow with what is. And if that sounds like a practice for the weak and submissive. I'll prove to you that it's not. Just tune in.


10: New Year, New Episode: Got Goals?

Hellloooo 2019! If you got goals, let's make sure you accomplish them by getting that mind right and tight for the year ahead. If you haven't done it already, sit down with a pen and paper and plan for an epic year. Let yourself dream, be inspired and get excited about all of the possibilities and potential of this new year. This episode will help you figure out which of those goals are worth pursuing..are you willing to eat the shit sandwich that comes along with your goal? In this...


09: At Home In Your Soul's Skin Series: Self-Honoring

The beginning of a series that I'm calling "At Home in Your Soul's Skin". This series is all about self-image and the relationship we have with ourselves, because that relationship is the most important one in your life.. and it should also be the best one. How's your relationship with yourself? Im so excited to announce that as part of this series I am having my twin brother on the pod to talk about self-image and about both of our journeys towards self-love and the unique struggles...


08: Have You Met Your Inner Guide?: Intuition vs. Intellect vs. Instinct

Human beings are instinctual, intellectual and intuitive beings.. in this episode I am taking a wack at defining all of those terms. I talk about why intellect is incomplete without intuition and how the two are suppose to work together in harmony, like a sexy little dance between your head and your heart. I point out how even the brightest, most intelligent beings on the planet have shouted from the rooftops about the importance of intuition. I discuss how to recognize all of the magical...


07: Stepping Into Your Personal Power & Standing Boldly In Your Truth: An Epiphany On My 25th Birthday

In this episode straight from the heart, I start by reading you a letter/poem I wrote to myself on my 25th birthday. Yeah, I write letters to myself, don't judge me. I talk about what it means to insource your personal power and stand boldly in your truth (it felt necessary to bold the work bold). I talk about all the ways I have given away my personal power over the years. I talk about sex, social anxiety, seeking approval and validation, being a people pleaser and so much more. Come and...


06: Zoom Meditation: A Quick Method To Shift And Expand Your Perspective

In this episode we are using our imaginations to expand our perspective. We are taking our awareness (or attention) on a little journey using the zoom meditation. Yes, it's exactly what is sounds like..zooming in and out on your life...playtime in your head! This meditation is perfect for anytime you lose perspective..anytime you feel like your problems are larger than life, or overwhelming, anytime you feel alone or separate, anytime the pressures of life get to you, or anytime you get...


05: Breathwork: Connect With Yourself And Others On A Subtle Energetic Level Using This Breathing Technique

Here's a mini episode for you! We are practicing a powerful breathing technique that you're probably already doing but could be doing a lot better ;) This technique has been called one of the best kept secrets (not anymore) of neuroscience because of the beneficial effects it has on your nervous system and energy. *YAWN!* Woah, excuse me, I had to let that one out.. ok..I'm ready..Let's practice! Dan Brule: Just Breathe


04: Ayurveda at a Glance: Are You Feeding Into Your Imbalance?

Let's continue our conversation on energy and pull some wisdom from the ancient indian wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is considered the sister science of yoga (yes their girlies apparently) and can teach us so much about our own unique energetic constitution and all of the energies that exist within the universe. There are so many variables and forces acting upon our energy at all times. I know you feel it too. Sometimes we can feel like powerless victims to all of these forces. Freedom...


01: A Breath of Fresh Air: A New Perspective on Breath

In the first official episode of How's Your Soul, we establish a deep appreciation for the breath. We lay the foundation for all of the spiritual work we will be doing over the course of this journey together. We chat about This episode is all about the power of the breath and learning to use it as your greatest tool. Stick around until the very end for a guided practice in utilizing the full capacity of your breath. So much gratitude for these contributors: Intro/Outro Music: Rudi...


02: Anatomy Of The Soul: Firing On All Chakras

Let's dive into an exploration of the energetic body. The subtle energetic body has its own anatomy and in this episode we begin to dissect, (like in high school biology class but without the scalpel and haunting smell of formaldehyde) exploring what eastern traditions refer to as the Chakra system. Does the word Chakra gross you out? Ew, I know so hippidy dippity woo woo.. In this episode we chit chat a bit about your aversion to the word chakra, establish what these energy centers...


03: Bubble Meditation: Establishing Sacred Personal Space & Taking Responsibility For Your Own Energy

In this mini episode I riff a bit about the freedom to choose your attitude toward your circumstances and the energy you want to bring to this world. Remember.. if you don't consciously choose your energy, then the world is going to choose for you. It's the difference between being a fountain of loving energy, or a drain. It is your job as a conscious being to choose to not just be a victim of your circumstances, to not just let this life happen to you, but to take responsibility for the...


00: How's Your Soul Podcast Trailer

Welcome to How’s Your Soul hosted by Me, Yogi and Perspective Coach Kelly Jeanne Dalrymple. In this debut episode I talk (to my a crazy person) about the epidemic of people disconnected from their soul and why spiritual work and maintenance is so essential for overall health and wellbeing. This podcast journey will guide you to experience your life in a whole new way. You'll go from seeing the world thru dusty spectacles to viewing the world through the dopest...