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The Nomadic Diaries with Psyman OChen

Our guest for this week is Psyman OChen, a nomadic traveler and adventurer who has traveled 47 000 km in 3 years, mostly by hitchhiking. Back in 2013, Psyman embarked on a journey seemingly without a cause nor an endpoint. His experience started as a response to the anxiety he felt when he realized he had to make an important decision about how he wanted to live his life. He was aware that he only had one go at this wild game and the road seemed to call out to him, presenting a perfect...


Striving for Longevity with David O’Brien

Our guest for this week is David O’Brien, fitness manager, and co-founder of 5th Element Wellness. David approaches the question of achieving fitness and health with a goal of combining knowledge and perfecting his own personal theory. He prefers to take into account various standpoints seemingly opposite or different and figure out a way how to connect them into a system that utilizes the benefits of each method. But building on this holistic approach further, he understands the fact that...


The Mindful Martial Artist with Steve Cotter

Our guest for this week is Steve Cotter, a renowned personal trainer, and founder of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation. Steve has been a part of the fitness industry for over 30 years. He perfected his knowledge and skills about strengthening and physical conditioning of the human body through the practice of many different disciplines including martial arts, qigong, mobility, flexibility, and Kettlebell training. He founded the International Kettlebell and Fitness...


The Intimacy of Death and Dying with Zenith Virago

Our guest for this week is Zenith Virago, an educator, facilitator, consultant, speaker, author, marriage celebrant, and Deathwalker. Zenith has been working as a Deathwalker for the past 25 years, meaning that she has provided emotional support as well as legal and practical assistance to the families in her community who have either suffered or were about to suffer a tragic loss. She uses a somatic approach to consult the members of her community and educate them on the subject of death...


Love the Earth with Pana Barbounis

Our guest for this week is Pana Barbounis, a chocolatier, entrepreneur, and founder of Pana Organic. Pana has always been extremely passionate about food. He’s acquired over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. But, in 2011, with a base in Melbourne, Australia, he started his very own brand of raw, vegan, organic, Fairtrade and certified as kosher and halal chocolate called Pana Chocolate. Today his chocolate is being sold worldwide and they’re also offering other organic...


Quantum Living with Dr. Espen Hjalmby

Our guest for this week is Dr. Espen Hjalmby, a wellness educator, business strategist, speaker, ‘conscious business’ consultant and an official Australia’s Ninja Warrior. Dr. Espen comes from Norway, but he has moved to Australia in order to pursue his academic career. Over the years he’s acquired degrees in degrees in DipPhysEd for Teaching, HIVE, BApp Sci and MClinChiro RMIT. In 2009, he became a fully qualified Doctor of Chiropractic. His journey then led to him on the path of...


Connecting Soul Beings with Bianca de Reus

Our guest for this week is Bianca de Reus, an animal communicator, soul coach, spiritual activist, speaker, author, shambala and reiki master. Bianca helps and teaches animal lovers how to make deep, meaningful connections with animals by tuning into animal language. In 2012, she created the ‘Connecting Soul Beings Institute’ in order to teach people how to bring themselves onto the same frequency with animals, and create a deep, intuitive understanding of each other. The main goal of her...


You Are Loved with Adam Roa

Our guest for this week is Adam Roa, an internationally touring spoken word artist, motivational speaker, personal development coach, and conscious filmmaker. Adam’s educational background is a Magna Cum Laude marketing degree from Arizona State University. In 2015, he started a coaching business in the face of adversity. Having no steady income, he left the place he’d been calling home for 7 years and decided to travel the world because his intuition told him to do so. Along came amazing...


Pureheart Alchemy with Adrian Anteros

Our guest for this week is Adrian Anteros, a flower shaman, perfumer, biodynamic gardener, botanic geometrician, and creator of Pureheart Alchemy. Perfumery runs through Adrian’s veins, even though he created his own business a decade before he realized that was the case. His grandmother was born on the small island of Mo'orea, also known as the “isle of flowers and perfume”. Adrian believes that he inherited all of his gifts, talents and an intimate connection to scent directly from her....


Connecting Talent to Opportunity with Daniel Tonkin

Connecting Talent to Opportunity with Daniel Tonkin | Inspired Evolution | Amrit Sandhu Our guest for this week is Daniel Tonkin, recruitment innovator, author, sales ninja, and current Director of Operations and Strategy Manager of Wow Recruitment Australia. According to Daniel, the journey started way back in August 2008. That is when he got himself involved in the business of sales, marketing, and recruitment. In the past decade, he’s been working hard with a goal of perfecting his...


Design a Life with Liza Joyan

Our guest for this week is Liza Joyan, a relationship marketing strategist and the founder of Design a Life. Liza was born in Afghanistan and her family immigrated to Australia when she was a child. Her educational background is in Economics and Business Law and her career path led her to Canada where she spent years working in the field of Risk and Compliance, in both private and the public sector. She was also a part of a global network here she helped businesses experience from 20% to...


Art as Medicine with Layla El Khadri

Our guest for this week is Layla El Khadri, a transformational coach, author, artist, inspirational speaker, and dance therapist with the goal of inspiring humanity to wake up and rise. Born and raised in Spain, Layla grew up in a family which supported personal development and spirituality. Having been told from an early age that she had immense potential, she had great success in her initial education in the fields of acting, music, and media film. But dealing with the pressure to succeed...


Evolve with Jason Partington

Our guest for this week is Jason Partington, entrepreneur, meditation promoter and coach, and founder of Meditation for Men, a brand of meditation courses which has a goal of fighting depression and promoting mental health among men. Jason has had a very diverse career, with experience in both executive positions which include team management and business development, as well as in consultancy work, advising, educating and mentoring professionals in order to help them achieve business...


We Are Newkind with Erfan Daliri

Our guest for this week is Erfan Daliri, a social change animator, a writer, educator, youth worker, a spoken word artist, and the founding director of Newkind. Along with an educational background in Communication for Social Change, throughout his career, Erfan has acquired 15 years of experience in the fields of community development, including youth engagement, migrant settlement, mental health research, indigenous community work, human rights, and environmental advocacy. He has worked...


Mountains and Marathons with Jen Ziegner and Jamin Heppell

Our guests for this week are Jen Ziegner and Jamin Heppell, the co-founders of Mountains and Marathons, and they develop transformative leadership programs that center around completing a marathon or climbing a mountain in some of the world’s most stunning locations. Jen is a certified Strategic Intervention coach, and she received her credentials from the official training school of Tony Robbins. Her educational background is a Master’s degree in Strategy and Innovation from AUT...


See the Gift with Carol Benson

Our guest for this week is Carol Benson, a licensed speech and language pathologist, writer, author, business consultant and the co-founder of It Doesn’t Feel Like Work. Carol’s educational background is a masters degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences in Speech-Language Pathology from Wayne State University. Even though she gained valuable experience from working in this field, she found it emotionally draining and exhausting. Her position ended and she went on to pursue the career...


From Mastery to Artistry with Mykel Dixon

Our guest for this week is Mykel Dixon, a musician, author, creative entrepreneur and a renowned public speaker. Michael is the #1 choice for a keynote speaker on artistry, creativity, innovation, leadership culture, and experience. He describes himself as a jazz musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce nonconformist, and a prolific anti-perfectionist. His work revolves around helping people and organizations thrive by rediscovering their creative confidence, reimagining their creative...


Trust What Brings You Joy with Sam Maher

Our guest for this week is Sam Maher, an instrumentalist and drummer better known for his unique playing style on the handpan. Sam is a very experienced drummer, having worked with bands and artist such as Methyl Ethel, Katy Steele (Little Birdy), Rabbit Island, Grace Woodroofe, Nicholas Allbrook (POND, Tame Impala) and countless other groups based in Perth. But only 6 months after discovering the handpan, Sam decided to travel to the Americas. Over the course of 15 months, he has explored...


Touching Souls with Kabeção

Our guest for this week is Carlos Rodrigues aka Kabeção, a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, composer, street busker and sound healer who creates his own unique approach to music and sound. Originally studying to become a surgeon, Carlos discovered another, more fulfilling way of bringing joy and happiness to people. As he got more and more involved with music, he began to discover, explore and experiment with many different musical instruments. From a young age, he was familiar with...


Live Your Truth with Colleen Gallagher

This week, we’re joined by Colleen Gallagher, a coach, consultant, author, and an evolutionary transformation specialist. Colleen is a childhood cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and told that she’d have difficulties bearing children and that she’d have to be on medication for the rest of her life. Aside from the pain and adversity coming from dealing with a horrible disease, Colleen also had to deal with peer rejection and being made fun of by her classmates. After...