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All Heart, No Grainer with Jo and Sally Godfrey

Our guests for this week are Jo and Sally Godfrey, sisters and co-founders of ‘No Grainer’, a small business based in Melbourne that produces extremely nutritious, high-quality grain-free products. About Jo and Sally Jo and Sally have suffered from all kinds of food intolerances their entire life. After years of battles with all kinds of different health issues between them, including chronic acne to autoimmune diseases they managed to turn their lives around when the learned about the...


Plug into Life with Gautam Khetrapal

Our guest for this week is Gautam Khetrapal, an entrepreneur, trainer, transformational speaker and founder of “Life Plugin”. About Gautam A little over 10 years ago, Gautam was going through a moment of personal crisis. He was convinced his best years were behind him even though he was just a young engineering student, barely getting started. Gautam’s transformational journey started around the time where he joined the youth organization AIESEC, where he came upon people that shared his...


Evolved Teaching with Gahmya Drummond-Bey

Our guest for this week is Gahmya Drummond-Bey, a global Instructional designer, education hacker, writer, and founder & CEO of ‘Evolved Teacher’. About Gahmya Gahmya believes that learning should be a uniquely amazing experience, designed to inspire people to be, do and have more. She has spent 11 years traveling around the world teaching while also learning from some of the top educational systems around the world. Gahmya has redesigned learning programs and trained educators in over 20...


Fearing Fear Itself with Miroslav Petrovic

Our guest for this week is Miroslav Petrovic, speaker, trainer, facilitator, and thought leader. About Miroslav Miroslav came to Australia as a refugee at the very young age of four. Throughout his youth, he struggled with a speech impediment where he would stutter whenever he tried to speak to a stranger or a person he didn’t feel connected to. Miroslav suffered from teasing and bullying which caused him to close himself off from the world even further, thus creating this neverending...


The Flow of a Peace Guardian with Zachariah Fisher

Our guest for this week is Zachariah Fisher, educator, visionary and founder of “Peace Guardians”. About Zachariah Zachariah has always been drawn to mentorship and education. He recognizes that this desire to establish a connection through teaching and mentorship has followed him ever since he was a baby. His father tragically died in a helicopter accident when Zachariah was only 10 months old and he explains that is why he has always felt a gap in his heart. This yearning for connection...


The Future Is Bright with Kaitlin and Cassidy Murray

Our guests for this week are Kaitlin and Cassidy Murray, humanitarians, activists, speakers, and founders of the non-profit organization “Kids Unite 4 Hope”. About Kaitlin and Cassidy Kaitlin and Cassidy are sisters and have been traveling with their family ever since they were kids. On their travels, they’ve developed an amazing bond which is the foundation for most of the work they are doing today. They have visited over 90 countries, exploring and learning by interacting with people...


Empower Your Relationships with Amy O’Meara

Our guest for this week is Amy O’Meara, life coach, educator, author, and CEO of “Life Meant International”. About Amy Around 7 years ago, Amy had gone through some significant changes in her life. A bad break up, followed by some of her closest friends moving away had left her feeling lost and alone. Having lost her support system, Amy went on to explore the ideas of self-growth and self-development. It was in November 2013 when she came upon a Ted Talk by Ian Usher where she first...


Selling from Love with Jason Campbell

Our guest from this week is Jason Campbell, a growth hacker and one of the sales and marketing leaders at Mindvalley. About Jason Jason loves to sell. He’s been perfecting his craft throughout his entire career and for the last 6 years, he’s been a huge part of the Mindvalley sales and marketing team. On his lengthy list of special skills, you can find things such as process mapping, business models, sales, public speaking, real estate investment analysis, internet marketing, CRM, email...


Scaling up with Growth Institute with Daniel Marcos

Our guest for this week is Daniel Marcos, a serial entrepreneur, blogger, CEO coach, and the co-founder and CEO of “Growth Institute”. About Daniel Daniel’s vast experience in entrepreneurship has enabled him with precious insights about starting and growing a company. He recognized the role of the CEO as an essential but also a potentially limiting factor when scaling your company. That is why he is determined to help other entrepreneurs get to the next step in their business. Daniel's...


Becoming a Fulfillionaire with Skip Kelly

Our guest for this week is Skip Kelly, a traveling biohacker, digital business nomad, and adventure filmmaker. About Skip If you feel like you’ve seen Skip before, then it might have been on our show! This is Skip’s second appearance on the Inspired Evolution Podcast. If you want to check out our previous conversation about living the life of your dreams and inspiring humanity, click here! Skip started his career as a professional consultant on the matters of biomechanics for US Olympic...


Through Refugee Eyes with Abdulazez Dukhan

Our guest for this week is Abdulazez Dukhan, a digital artist, photographer, humanitarian, and creator of the ‘Through Refugee Eyes’ project. About Abdulazez Abdulazez grew up in Syria and was only 12 years old when the civil war started. Three years after, his family was forced to leave their home in search of safety and peace. He first traveled to Turkey. Abdulazez started learning about Photoshop and digital art through tutorials on YouTube, which is also how he started learning...


Be Infinite Love with Panache Desai

Our guest for this week is Panache Desai, a spiritual thought leader, teacher of life mastery and personal development, vibrational catalyst, author and inspirational speaker. About Panache Panache grew up in East London in a very spiritual family. As he grew older, he distanced from this atmosphere of prayer and worship in order to explore new things. At one point in his life, he was an MC working his way through clubs all across London. But in his last year of University, a series of...


Stop Judging to Access Consciousness with Dr. Dain Heer

Our guest for this week is Dr. Dain Heer, an energy transformation virtuoso, author, international speaker, and workshop facilitator, best known for his transformation process ‘The Energetic Synthesis of Being’ (ESB). About Dr. Heer Dr. Heer started off his career as a professional chiropractor and he acquired his Doctorate in Chiropractic at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. In 2000, he co-created Access Consciousness, a simple set of tools, techniques, and...


Practical Wisdom with Dr. Srikumar Rao

Our guest for this week is Dr. Srikumar Rao, a keynote speaker, author, executive coach and the creator of the renowned ‘Creativity and Personal Mastery’, a course designed to effect personal transformation. About Dr. Rao Dr. Rao has obtained his Ph.D. in the field of Marketing from the Columbia Business School. Prior to that, he was an executive at Warner Communications and the head of the Marketing Research Department at Data Resources. Later, he went over to academia and in 1994 he...


SimplyBe with Jessica Zweig

Our guest for this week is Jessica Zweig, a serial entrepreneur, a personal branding expert and the Founder and CEO of ‘SimplyBe. Agency’. About Jessica Zweig Jessica started her entrepreneurial career back in 2008 when she co-founded, the very first lifestyle magazine dedicated to the women of Chicago. After 7 years and an audience of 100 000 readers locally, she decided to open up a new chapter in her life. She yearned to discover her authentic self and what it would...


Empathy for All with Steven Kotler

Our guest for this week is Steven Kotler, a best-selling author, award-winning journalist, and entrepreneur. Steven is a leading expert on ultimate performance and the state of flow. He co-founded the Flow Genome Project in order to answer questions such as the relationship between flow and creativity, flow and business success, as well as to explore altered states of consciousness and their effect on human performance. Other organizations he has founded are Creating Equilibrium, a...


Unlocking Peak Performance with Jamie Wheal

Our guest for this week is Jamie Wheal, an expert on peak performance, the co-founder and executive director of the Flow Genome Project and co-author of “Stealing Fire”. Jamie’s background is an amalgamation of expeditionary education, wilderness medicine, and surf rescue. He has over a decade of experience advising high-growth companies on strategy, execution, and leadership. His client list is a who’s who of top corporate executives including the owners of NFL, NBA, MLB, and Premier...


Live Your Love with Benjamin J Harvey

Our guest for this week is Benjamin J Harvey, a speaker, educator, coach and founder of Authentic Education. Benjamin has been studying psychology for the past 20 years. On his journey to explore the intricacies of the human psyche, he has learned from and collaborated with different people of diverse vocation. From psychologists to scientists, to seers, to shamans, Benjamin has used their insights to develop a special approach for bringing change into people’s lives and helping them...


Science and Spirituality with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

Our guest for this week is Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist, an international best-selling author, and the creator of the Morphic Resonance Hypothesis. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake got his doctorate at the University of Cambridge in the field of biochemistry but has also studied philosophy and history at Harvard as part of his Frank Knox Fellowship. From then on he went to work as a Principal Plant Physiologist and Consultant Physiologist in India, at the Botany Department of the University of...


Heal Thy Self with Tyler Tolman

Our guest for this week is Tyler Tolman, a world-renowned speaker, facilitator, author, health revolutionist and founder of Heal Thy Self. Tyler has been exploring the rules of healthy lifestyles ever since his early teenage years when he used to help his father organize a retreat on his 200-acre farm for the first time. These retreats were being held for people who are in desperate need of learning how to take care of their body. His father’s philosophy resonated with the visitors and...