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ICI/PRO is the Indoor Cycling Instructor Community's resource for free music, Instructor teaching tips, motivational cues, education, entertainment, class profiles, routines and music playlists.


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ICI/PRO is the Indoor Cycling Instructor Community's resource for free music, Instructor teaching tips, motivational cues, education, entertainment, class profiles, routines and music playlists.




ICI Podcast 361 Life Time Fitness Takes Rhythm & Movement Classes Mainstream with AMP Cycle

I've felt that it was only a matter of time, before one of the mainstream Big Box clubs added an official Rhythm and Movement class offering. Last month Life Time Fitness introduced AMP Cycle - from this video it appears to be a no-holds-barred, full on party, that will engage the same participants who are […]

ICI Podcast 107 Breathe Denver Indoor Cycling Studio Owner Sarah TV Russell

Breath Denver is the Indoor Cycling studio that hosted the Stage 5 Cycling Instructor certification that Jennifer and I participated in this past weekend. I'm fascinated by people who follow their passion, take a (big) risk and start an Indoor Cycling studio. Breathe Denver owner Sarah TV (Tobitha Vay) Russell is just such a person […]

ICI Podcast 309 – learn to build your tribe from Lisa Druxman

As the fonder of multiple fitness programs for Moms; Stroller Strides®, Body Back® and Fit4Baby® - Lisa Druxman knows all about creating a Tribe of people passionate about a fitness business. Lisa Druxman created Stroller Strides in 2001 after the birth of her baby. With over 1,300 locations nationwide, it offers moms an opportunity to […]

ICI Podcast 288 – Ready for a review?

2/7/2023 is a review site for fitness instructors who teach in select US cities. RateYourBurn founder Gillian Casten joins me to discuss her vision for this popular Instructor review site + shares a few of her observations and potential strategies you can use to improve as an Instructor. In a previous interview, Studio owner Jessica […]

ICI Podcast 302 – Indoor Cycling Compendium for Power Training

A compendium (plural: compendia) is a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge. A compendium may summarize a larger work. Gene Nacey with Cycling Fusion knows Training with Power - indoors and out. The Indoor Cycling Compendium for Power Training is a new ebook resource that Instructors can purchase to be well informed and comfortable communicating the […]

ICI Podcast 114 What Was Cool Notable and Disappointing At IDEA This Year

Jennifer interviews me about my experiences at the IDEA Fitness Conference. Listen to the Podcast below or subscribe for free using or Originally posted 2010-08-17 05:49:42.

ICI Podcast 82 Meet Ben Greenfield our newest ICI/PRO Team Member

Ben Greenfield is our newest ICI/PRO Team Contributor. Through his new RockStar Triathlete Academy, Ben has promised to help me with my training for the three Multi-Sport events I have committed to this summer. Besides all of his education and experience as a competitive endurance athlete Ben is an Indoor Cycling Instructor just like us. […]

ICI Podcast 98 Analyzing Indoor Cycling Techniques from a Personal Trainer’s Perspective

ICI/PRO Member and Personal Trainer Doug Rusho joins Jennifer and me to discuss “Analyzing Indoor Cycling Techniques from a Personal Trainer”™s Perspective” As Doug describes it "There is no wrong in fitness, just risk and reward.” This is part one. ICI/PRO Members will find part two, ICI/PRO Podcast #99, in their Super Secret iTunes feed. Listen […]

ICI Podcast 0023 Bike O Vision’s New Release and Streaming Service

Joey speaks with Jan Hunter of Bike-O-Vision about their new streaming service on Vimeo and the Tortola DVD for indoor cycling classes.


ICI Podcast 367 – Crystal Clear Cuing From Pamela Light

Fitness author Pamela Light joins me to discuss her article in the latest IDEA Fitness Journal — Crystal-Clear Cuing for Indoor Cycling. In it, Pamela encourages Instructors to: Be smart about the exertion scale you use to help participants get the best ride. Excellent Instructors use a system to describe what they expect for performance, […]


ICI Podcast 334 – How do you track the effectiveness of your social media campaigns?

Social Media has grown to become the primary method of marketing for Indoor Cycling Studios. Which makes sense. Many of your prospective customers are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - and you can't beat the cost. All it takes is posting a few pretty pictures or clever sayings and SHAZAM! you get a bunch […]


Interview with Dirk Friel from Training Peaks Training Software

Here is a potential way for you to monetize your passion for Indoor Cycling. In this special interview/demonstration video Dirk Friel from explains how his online coaching software can be used to generate income for Spinning Instructors like you! USE THIS LINK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE VIDEO You will also find the full length […]

ICI Podcast 184 Master Instructor Steve Frank with the Indoor Cycling Group

I want everyone to meet Steve Frank - Master Instructor with the Indoor Cycling Group/LIVESTONG Fitness. Steve and I met in Chicago last month at club industry. I knew instantly he would be someone you'd enjoy meeting and a wonderful addition to our ICI/PRO Team. Why? I meet a lot of people in the fitness business. […]

ICI Podcast 208 Strong Is The New Skinny

Strong Is The New Skinny! I like the sound of that 🙂 Every month, as an Instructor at Life Time Fitness, I receive a copy of their Experience Life Magazine. In the April issue an article about Building a Better Body Image caught my attention. John and I both wanted to learn more so we invited Health and Fitness […]

ICI Podcast 47 Dennis Keiser Talks Indoor Cycling with Power on an M3

This Podcast is was originally published on May 16, 2009, I have updated it with our new Podcast host information and I am representing it now. I hope you enjoy it, Joey Dennis Kesier, founder of Keiser Corporation and the Engineer of their M3 Indoor Cycling bike, joins me to talk about the physics of […]

ICI Podcast 359 – Future Studio Owner Consultation Call

Helping prospective Indoor Cycling studio owners with their business planning is part of my Instructor Employment Initiative - encouraging the formation of new studios... which creates more places for Instructors to teach and will (at least I'm hearing) create upwards pressure on class pay rates! ICI/PRO member Rowan Platel contacted me recently with questions about […]

ICI Podcast 178 It Was Like Presenting at Indoor Cycling Graduate School

Between sessions last weekend Master Instructor Cameron Chinatti took me aside and told me how impressed she was with the quality of Instructors at the conference. Wanting for you to hear it first hand, I invited Cameron back for a post conference interview for the latest episode of the ICI Podcast. We also discussed Cameron's […]

ICI Podcast 268 Evo Indoor Cycles and TriCore Indoor Cycling

I was intrigued by the new Evo Indoor Cycle when I saw it at this past IHRSA. The first thing I noticed was there's no big flywheel... and it moves side to side. Once I discovered that there was an educational component to the Evo, I knew I needed to learn more and share what […]

ICI Podcast 279 – Can Breath Acoustics Identify VT1 and VT2?

Can the sounds of breathing identify the metabolic changes during exercise that are described as VT1 aerobic threshold & VT2 anaerobic threshold? There's promising research conducted by Breath Research and Dr. Carl Foster at UW Lacrosse. Here's your chance to support this cutting edge technology that could potentially replace conventional metabolic testing, for the purposes […]

ICI Podcast 195 Moxie Cycling Apparel Instructor Discount Program

Ladies (sorry guys this isn't for you) meet Brooke Freiborg from the Moxie Cycling Co. Brooke and her partner Deb Amorde have created a new line of women's cycling tops that I love and feel you should consider wearing for your next class - especially now that ICI/PRO Platinum members can receive a 40% off your purchase through our Instructor […]