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Encore Episode: How to Behave During Arguments

Behave better during arguments by working on a few skills. Your compassion will grow.When your blood is boiling and you’re not going to take it any more, it’s tough to keep your behavior in check. Arguments knock all that common sense out the window. A few guidelines can help you improve your behavior during disagreements. It’s so important to take a moment before running off at the mouth. Stop, breathe and stay calm. You have to focus on what you hope to accomplish and why you’re...


Encore Episode: Pets: Fur Your Health

Adding a pet or two to your household can improve your quality of life.Pets are amazing companions that can provide numerous health benefits. Kids who are raised in a household with pets tend to have fewer allergies and less incidence of asthma. Their immune systems are constantly being stimulated by pets, making their immune systems stronger. Pets are natural mood enhancers. Petting an animal lowers your blood pressure. Calmness and relaxation encompasses you. They even have the ability...


Autoimmune Disease Awareness

Producer and actress Kellie Martin shares her personal experience with autoimmune disorders.The incidence of autoimmune diseases has been on the rise. By increasing awareness, diagnosis and treatment can save lives. Producer and actress Kellie Martin lost her younger sister to an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. A virus, stress and undiagnosed lupus created the perfect storm, ending Heather’s young life. Symptoms are seemingly unrelated. They may come and go. Keeping a journal of symptoms...


Train Your Brain to Be Your Own Therapist

Put your brain to work improving your happiness.There are many tough things facing us in today’s world. You can train your brain to be a little gentler on yourself, easing one of the pressures you can control. Allow yourself some flexibility. Allow yourself to be a little happier. Examine your thoughts and actions. See what you can change and what is out of your control. Work on becoming more self-aware and insightful. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat a loved...


Helping in a Mental Health Emergency

Help those in need with three simple steps.Mental health concerns everyone. We all deal with mental health crises, but we aren’t always equipped to address the needs of the moment. When the mind and body are disconnected, there may be a mental health emergency. You don’t have to be a trained professional to aid someone in crisis. Ways to Help Listen as Michele Hart, LCSW, joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss mental health emergencies.


Encore Episode: Why Your Diet Is Making You Fat

Stop buying into 30-day diets that leave you with weight gain when your plan ends.You’re surrounded by diet advice. Quick-fix diets are of no use once the expiration date of the diet passes. Changing your eating habits are the true solution to weight loss. 10 Simple Tips It’s easy to pack the pounds back on once you’ve finished a diet’s term. Use these tips to see results on the scale and feel them in your body. Registered dietitian Brooke Alpert joins Dr. Holly Lucille to guide your...


Encore Episode: Demystifying Chinese Medicine & Monthly Cycles

Chinese medicine has a different approach to women's health.Practicing Chinese medicine requires thinking outside of the conventional box. An anthropological approach is used when thinking about health and the body. Menstrual cycles are approached with caution in Eastern medicine. Nutrition is greatly considered. Activity is taken into account. Women are weary of eating cold foods during their periods. As menstruation is an indicator of overall health, women approach it proactively. After...


Encore Episode: Co-Parenting: Putting Kids First

Divorce impacts children. Find out how to put the kids first with co-parenting.Divorce impacts over two million children under age 18 in the United States each year. Co-parenting or shared parenting is becoming more common but can be tricky for people who have encountered marital issues in the past. Most parents should consider co-parenting. Exceptions would be abandonment or abuse. The safety of the children should be the priority. Co-parenting creates a new relationship with the children...


Encore Episode: How Science Transformed the Art of Medicine

Spiritual healing has taken a back burner to physical treatment in Western medicine.Medical doctors don’t typically focus on the spiritual side of healing. Their concern is healing the body. Sometimes the spirit needs mending so the physical aspects improve. Physicians in olden days provided treatment of the body and soul. Treatment was more holistic than what’s taught in medical school today. Compassion is needed in patient treatment. However, it can burn out a provider. Listen as Dr....


Encore Episode: Taking an Active Role in Your Care

Take the reins of your healthcare.You have to be your own primary care provider. No one is a better advocate for your health than you. You have power over your choices. Learn about the medications that your provider prescribes. Make informed decisions about treatment. With the ever-changing Affordable Care Act and increasing prices of health insurance, it’s important to ask your provider all the questions you can. Taking the reins of your own health can be very cost-effective. Listen as...


Encore Episode: 7 Things to Turn Illness into Wellness

Take some simple steps to improve your health today.Wouldn’t it be fantastic to transform illness into wellness? With Dr. Samm Pryce’s advice, you can make progress with that very thing today. Mindset.Sleep.Water.Food.Supplements. Movement. Detox.Listen as Dr. Samm joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share what you can do today to improve your health, how the blood type diet works, and how a naturopathic doctor can help you.


Encore Episode: Health Challenges for the Modern Woman

How do the demands of modern life affect your health?Modern womanhood involves juggling multiple roles. Business, family, and social demands can make it seem impossible to maintain your health. Common Causes of Health Troubles The latest trend you saw online may not provide the benefits you expected. Examine these common causes of health troubles and see where you may be struggling. Five Types of Superwomen Gypsy Girl: A creative, innovative type who is often fatigued. This type has dry...


Encore Episode: Tools for Non-Violent & Compassionate Communication in the Workplace

No one likes yelling in the workplace! How can you resolve conflicts and get the job done without raised voices?We are all interdependent on one another. We have to treat each other like people in the workplace. Tasks are important, but people must work together to get the work done. We want a happy workplace. People want acknowledgment for good work, purpose, a sense of belonging, appreciation, compassion and trust. Innovation and creativity flourish in this environment. Fear doesn’t help...


Encore Episode: The Four Elements of Healing

Learn indigenous tips to help heal from trauma.Trauma is common, physical and emotional. Healing takes work on all levels. The four elements of healing from an indigenous point-of-view are based on connection. Listen.Supportive relationships.Unconditional love.Positive action.Listen as Dr. Anita Sanchez joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how you can begin healing from trauma.


Encore Episode: Healing Your Relationship with Eating

Cultivate a mindful approach to eating.The vast amount of information currently available about food can lead you to feelings of fear, guilt and judgment. You may stop enjoying food due to information overload. To enjoy food again, find something that feels good for you. You may enjoy cooking or eating certain foods. Exercise may make you feel calm and creative. Spend more time doing that thing. It will quiet your mind and help your food intuition come to the surface. Be mindful. Make...


Encore Episode: Yoga for Every Body Type

Don't be discouraged from yoga because you don't feel you fit the yoga stereotype. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy its health and mental benefits.Going to yoga twice a week can be great fun. Fancy leggings, coconut water, and a healthy glow are some enjoyable benefits. However, the greater benefit is that the lessons you learn on the mat in yoga practice can follow you in daily life. If you've never taken a yoga class or performed a certain type of yoga practice, it can seem...


Encore Episode: Thriving with Stress

How can you harness stress?Chronic stressors are very real and impinge on activities. How can you keep up when you’re so stressed? Being hit with something out of left field can stir up your impulse control. You might overwork, overthink or freak out. You are not at your best. How can you catch yourself before the impulse control goes out the window? No one wants to be a terrible version of themselves. You don’t want to underperform. It’s easier to make changes in your reactions to stress...


Encore Episode: Weight Loss for Women

What's getting in the way of your weight loss goals?Have you ever said, “I’ll start my diet on Monday?” The week happens, you lose enthusiasm and decide to push it off until the next Monday. Overeating comes from being overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed. Life factors throw challenges at your workout and nutrition plans. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. You can work on making better choices today. See where things went off the rails. Discover what triggers choices that don’t...


Why Your Diet Is Making You Fat

Stop buying into 30-day diets that leave you with weight gain when your plan ends.You’re surrounded by diet advice. Quick-fix diets are of no use once the expiration date of the diet passes. Changing your eating habits are the true solution to weight loss. 10 Simple Tips It’s easy to pack the pounds back on once you’ve finished a diet’s term. Use these tips to see results on the scale and feel them in your body. Registered dietitian Brooke Alpert joins Dr. Holly Lucille to guide your...


Listen to Your Heart: Heart Health for Women

The time to work on your heart health is now.Eighty percent of heart disease is preventable. Yet, 90 percent of women have at least one risk factor. Some risk factors are not modifiable. Your family history and age can’t be prevented or changed. Find out your genetic risk for heart disease. You can’t change either of these factors, but you can control other things. Modifiable risk factors are the things you can change. These include: Women also have special risk factors. Issues during...