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Corporate Champions - Nicole Gardner and Andrea Inserra

In this episode of Inner Space Dr. Barbara explores some of the important work being done in the corporate sector focused on our Inner Space. Her guests are champions, innovators and she-roes who have helped convince senior executives to appreciate the relationship between mental well-being and productivity. Nicole Gardner is passionate about serving those who serve and their families. As a senior executive at IBM, she has used the might of her organization to harness knowledge and leverage...


We Can Talk About Suicide - Dr. Jennifer Ashton & Dr. Keita Franklin

For this special episode of Inner Space, Dr. Barbara discusses a subject that is difficult and challenging – but one that is very important for us to talk about. She sits down with Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who you may recognize from her appearances on "Good Morning America” as the Chief Medical Officer for ABC News. Sadly, in 2017, Jennifer lost someone very close to her to suicide. As a result, she has written a very powerful book, Life After Suicide, that is helping families heal after an...


Shifting Family Dynamics - Ricki Lake, Wayne Brady & Mandie Taketa, Fred Knowles

Episode Intro: For this episode of Inner Space we're focusing on relationships and families, how they shape us, and the importance of working through the struggles that we inevitably face. Sometimes we pull together during times of crisis, sometimes despite our best efforts, our families can't withstand the strain and relationships end or change dramatically. As always, here on Inner Space, our focus is on how we can support and maintain emotional health and well-being during the best of...


Technology As a Tool to Wellness - Poppy Jamie, Tanner Hackett, Roni Frank

In this episode of Inner Space, we're asking the questions '”How are we using technology to care for our emotional well-being?” And “How can we use technology to deliver mental health care to those who are hurting?” To find out more on the subject, Dr. Barbara traveled across the pond and around the country – to consult with a few fine folks who are focusing on technological solutions. First, she touches down in London to meet with Poppy Jamie, creator of the Happy not Perfect App, then out...


Younger Generation - Whitney Woerz, Justin Kay and Grace & Mira

For this episode of Inner Space Dr. Barbara is talking with some impressive young people who care deeply about changing the culture of mental health and asking them, 'what challenges are you facing, what are you doing to keep yourself healthy, and what are you doing to promote positive emotional well being for those around you?' Their answers may surprise you, delight you and we suspect they will give you a renewed sense of hope for the future. First up, she chats with singer, songwriter...


Mental Health and the Military - VP Joe Biden, Honorable Tobias Ellwood & Pam Swann

For this episode of Inner Space Dr Barbara heads to London for Give an Hour’s 2nd Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change where thought leaders, influencers and advocates gathered to work on changing the culture of mental health – including attitudes toward mental health in the military and veteran community. This episode begins with a speech delivered by former US Vice President, Joe Biden – who joined the Summit as a special guest. Following Vice President Biden’s remarks, we hear a...


LGBTQ - August Getty, Rob Vassiliarkis, Frank McAlpin & 'Boy Erased' Panel

In this episode of Inner Space, Dr. Barbara explores mental health in the LGBTQ community. To learn more from leaders who are providing help and hope to those in need, she sat down in London, New York and Los Angeles for three inspiring conversations and a post- film screening panel discussion. Her first guest is fashion designer and activist, August Getty, next we hear from advocate and counselor Rob Vassiliarkis, followed by Frank McAlpin from the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Finally, this...


Art As Therapy - Yashi Brown, Anna Shinoda & Kimi Culp

For this episode of Inner Space, Dr. Barbara explores the power of art to help us better understand and care for our emotional health and well-being. She sits down with three talented women who share their personal stories – about how they use their art to keep themselves healthy – and how their art inspires and helps others. Join Inner Space for this powerful conversation with: poet and mental health advocate Yashi Brown; writer Anna Shinoda; and, writer/producer and podcast host, Kimi...


The Impact of Trauma - Sean Brosnan, Doug Bopst & Darrell Hammond

For this week’s episode, Inner Space host Dr. Barbara sits down with three men – each of whom overcame significant early trauma and tragedy. They share their stories to help others avoid falling into the self-destructive behavior that is so often a consequence of early trauma and loss. Actor Sean Brosnan, talks about the tragic death of his mom when he was 8 years old – and how he struggled with years of substance abuse before finding his way to a healthier life. Personal trainer and author...


Entertainment & Emotional Well-Being - DJ Nash, Talinda Bennington & Ben Foster

Inner Space host Dr. Barbara explores the most important topic of our time – emotional health and well-being – by starting with inspiring and compelling stories from the world of entertainment and music. She moves beyond the “celebrity” focus to talking with three good friends about the importance of taking care of ourselves emotionally – and those we love. Dr. Barbara sits down with DJ Nash, the charismatic creator of ABC’s hit series A Million Little Things, Talinda Bennington mental...


What’s Your InnerSpace?

What’s Your INNERSPACE? Less than a week away from the official launch of INNERSPACE. A safe place to discuss your mental health and hear stories on the importance of emotional well being. Premiering Monday March 18th


Welcome To Your Inner Space

Inner Space debuts March 2019. Subscribe to learn how you can take better care of your mental health.