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Talking about inner growth, purpose-driven entrepreneurship life, leading with your heart & light.

Talking about inner growth, purpose-driven entrepreneurship life, leading with your heart & light.
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Talking about inner growth, purpose-driven entrepreneurship life, leading with your heart & light.




Why You Choose What You Choose

Exploring why you choose what you choose from the heart; how knowing why choose from your inner core makes all the difference; in what ways inner growth gets you to explore this & dig deep within for your answers; & why raising your consciousness to why you choose what you choose leads you to your unlimited potential to lead the life you wish from the heart, in essence & form.


Speaking Your Truth While Releasing Attachments

Exploring speaking your truth while releasing attachments; a look at going within & bringing forth your inner core's truth; & how inner growth gets you to explore all sides.


Following Your Passions & Purpose In Life

Exploring following your passions & purpose in life; how inner growth helps you find them from the heart so that you may follow them by tuning in more & more to your inner core for guidance; why it's important to follow your feelings to achieve your passions & purpose in life; & what's the difference you identify between heart-felt passions & purpose versus the opposite; & how as you tap in to more of you from the heart (your inner core, the essence of you) you bring forth inner harmony,...


The Vastness Of You Through Inner Growth

Exploring the vastness of you through inner growth; why going within is fundamental to gaining the knowledge of all that is you, which also brings you knowledge of all that is outside of you; how this in-depth exploration & growing understanding raises your consciousness, which in turn gets you to tap in to the power of you; & how gaining this vastness of you awareness also awakens you to the power you hold for transformation & your choice to bring forth your unlimited potential in any...


Overcoming The Limits Set By Society & Our Existing System

Exploring overcoming the limits set by society & our existing system; how inner growth gets you to focus on the solution to breaking down the limits so that you can achieve your unlimited potential even within the society & existing system; how your transformation will bring forth the same opportunity to others thanks to you being a living example of what it's like to live a life from your inner core, that expresses the essence of you, & your unlimited potential in the limited society &...


Understanding Your Source Of Confusion Through Inner Growth

Exploring understanding your source of confusion through inner growth; why it's important to get to the bottom of your confusion; how inner growth gets you to do the inner uncovering & learning required to gain clarity for good & from your heart; & how this inner exploration gets you to tap into your higher potential in future moments of confusion so that you may find clarity sooner than later, while pursuing your heart-felt choices.


Facing Your Struggles Through Inner Growth

Exploring facing your struggles through inner growth; how inner growth awakens you to the reasons for your struggle; why focusing within provides you with choices that can bring harmony; & what the process to face, work through, & arrive at inner core solutions looks like, as well as what added limits you get to face thanks to your inner exploration & focus for your long-term inner harmony.


Raising Consciousness Of You Makes All The Difference

Exploring how raising consciousness of you makes all the difference; the role environment can play & your role in being able to achieve higher levels of consciousness or not indifferently from environment; how inner growth empowers your inner core so that it leads you on a path that raises your consciousness further; & the amazement that you encounter as you bring forth the essence of you in the things you do & in your unlimited potential thanks to a continuous effort from within (the heart)...


Finding The Support You Need To Move On

Exploring finding the support you need to move on; how inner growth leads you to being your support in these moments; why the inner exploration that ensues through inner growth helps you to tap in to your heart (inner core) for all the answers you already hold; how this process gets you to release control, insecurities, expectations, & anything that doesn't lead to the complete empowerment of your power for transformation with life as your partner & not the enemy; & the fundamental component...


Facing Your Fears With Love

Exploring facing your fears with love; how inner growth gets you to face them from your consciousness & completely dissolve them in time thanks to your honest self-awareness in the moment; the reason why love is fundamental to facing any & all fears; & how your inner conversations & the awareness of your inner core (the essence of you, your heart) play a huge role in facing your fears with love.


You Can Do This, You Are Unlimited Potential

Exploring how you can do anything you set your mind to when it comes to inner growth, finding your inner harmony, pursuing your dreams, & bringing forth the unlimited potential you feel you are, you know you are from the heart, & that your inner core tells you you are every time you do something in synergy with it; why the consistent practice of an inner growth mindset is important to embark on & apply every time you are faced with a contrast, challenge, limit, or anything that brings you...


Letting Go Of Inner Struggles Without Giving Up Your Opinions

Exploring letting go of inner struggles without giving up your opinions; how inner growth gets you to arrive at balance & learning during inner struggle; why it's important to have all the pieces to you (your inner core) & the external before heart-felt acceptance of what is takes place; & how removing the struggle & resistance with acceptance & flow makes room for you to find creative solutions that will pursue your opinions in different form & with openness towards how they take shape/form...


The Power Of Patience In Communication

Exploring the power of patience in communication; how it helps you reach a positive outcome for personal growth & leadership from within for your inner growth, as well as for others & situations where effective communication is ideal for the completion of projects & more; how an inner growth mindset gets you to achieve this patience & learning in the moment; & what makes it so powerful when you are able to apply it to any circumstance & at any time.


Navigating Life's Pressures & Irritations Through Inner Growth

Exploring navigating life's pressures & irritations through inner growth; how inner exploration helps you identify solutions, get unstuck, & uncover hidden areas that need addressing by your heart to release & bring about harmony from within (your inner core); how an inner growth mindset gives you the possibility to tap into your unlimited potential in the moment; & why you want to bring to consciousness the different choices of focus you have when you encounter pressures or irritating...


Powerful Reminders To Unlock Your Power & Potential

Exploring powerful reminders to unlock your power & potential; what types of interactions can bring you to create reminders of your inner power & potential; how inner growth adds to those reminders; & why you want to make it a daily practice to remind yourself consciously of pursuing your higher potential & inner power.


Inner Growth When All Seems Lost

Exploring inner growth when all seems lost; how it helps you stay on track with your personal &/or business growth thanks to it getting you to adopt a learning & open mindset that keeps you in exploratory & proactive solution based mode no matter what's going on; why every time you apply inner growth it gets you to make a long-term transformation from within (your inner core, your heart's message) that leads to the embodiment of your unlimited potential; & the amazing difference it makes in...


Going Beyond Judgmental Situations

Exploring going beyond judgmental situations through inner growth; how you break vicious cycles of criticism & gossip, & replace them with inner knowledge & heart-warming thoughts & solutions; why you want to pay attention to your energy & focus with judgment; & what to look for to know that you're bringing growth to you, your inner core harmony & life in a moment of judgment, & not the opposite (also, what you can do if you find you are doing this).


Making The Best Of Change & The New Through Inner Growth

Exploring making the best of change & the new through inner growth; how your inner exploration journey gets you to go with the flow instead of resist change, the new, & the unknown; how transformation is a part of this process; & why change & the new doesn't mean complete absence of the 'old'.


The Power To Believe In Your Dreams

Exploring the power to believe in your dreams: We start the episode with a special announcement & then proceed to look into how no one can believe in your dreams the way you can from within. You uncover in what ways inner growth gets you to know this truth from the heart & that your dreams aren't just wishful thinking; how & why every challenge is an opportunity to bring forth your dreams; & the benefits you gain from the knowledge you gain of you along your inner growth journey; as well as...


Bringing Your Attention To The Weight And The Rush To Transform It

Exploring bringing your attention to the weight and the rush to transform it; how inner growth gets you to focus on learning, releasing, & transforming to lightness; why this is important to achieving your goals; & how it enables you to tap into more of the power of you & sharing your unlimited potential in life & in the things you do.