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Talking about inner growth, purpose-driven entrepreneurship life, leading with your heart & light.

Talking about inner growth, purpose-driven entrepreneurship life, leading with your heart & light.
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Talking about inner growth, purpose-driven entrepreneurship life, leading with your heart & light.




The Importance Of Differentiating Between Assuming & Knowing

Exploring the importance of differentiating between assuming & knowing; how it affects your inner growth & our society at large; what you can do to stop assuming about you & then apply that transformation towards others & the world at large; & why it's so important to gain awareness of all the knowledge pieces versus staying in assumption (unconscious) mode about your inner core, self, & recognizing those differences as you live day-by-day & have interactions with others.


Letting Go Of Deep Fears Through Inner Growth

Exploring letting go of deep fears through inner growth; how this inner exploration process gets you to uncover your deepest fears & find ways from the heart (your inner core) to bring them full closure, & release them; why patience, self-love, & perseverence are an important part of letting go; & what variables to keep in mind as you uncover fears & look to release them while pursuing your unlimited potential through inner growth, & the learning & letting go process.


Being & Doing You From The Heart

Exploring being & doing you from the heart; how inner growth sets you on a path to bring more of you forth, to tune in to your inner core, & give priority to you & your thoughts of you; why & how this heart-felt trust in you & your choices for you gives you the power to reach your unlimited, be effective & at your best at all times.


Collaborating Together Through Inner Growth

Exploring collaborating together through inner growth; how this journey helps your inner harmony & to bring it to others in a group setting; the importance of acknowledging differences & what you need to work with through inner growth & openness; & why it's up to us to come together to further extend our reach.


Observations With Inner Growth In Mind

Exploring observations with inner growth in mind; how it helps you in dealing with any situation or person or group of people thanks to the lessons & inner core aha moments you have; why it's something you want to put into practice any time you have the chance; & the role your consciousness & self-awareness play.


What To Look For In Things That Seem Unfavorable

Exploring how the unfavorable holds favorable when looked through the lens of inner growth, learning from life, & going beyond what you see on the surface; why the unfavorable holds value to your person & day-to-day; how you choose what to see or not see in the unfavorable; & why you'll always end up appreciating, learning, & growing from this type exploration.


Bringing Forth The Best Of You When Things Get Tough

Exploring bringing forth the best of you when things get tough; how an inner growth mindset helps you to do this & learn from the situations; why your best is always in transformation as you learn from tough moments; & how bringing forth your best gets you to take continuous steps forward in your inner growth journey.


Rising Above A Challenge

Exploring how inner growth assists in rising above a challenge; the difficulties that you may face, which are transformed into opportunities; different ways you rise above a challenge & pursue inner growth to bring forth more of you; & how being able to rise above a challenge affects you from within & keeps you excited, moving forward, & open to all that life brings your way.


How To Make The Most Of Mixed Emotions

Exploring how to make the most of mixed emotions; how your inner growth journey helps you handle & learn from these moments; what mixed emotions get you to explore as you look within (inner core); how going in-depth on these emotions gets you to find the best outcome for you & the situation; & why you always want to take some time to explore mixed emotions before you make any final decisions.


Taking Your Power For Transformation To The Next Level

Exploring how to take your power for transformation to the next level through inner growth; some examples of what it means to go all the way with transforming something that you're inclined to do, but that holds you back; & why any life event will be an opportunity for you to go one step further in your transformation once you're on an inner growth journey.


Staying Centered In Moments Of Frustration

Exploring staying centered in moments of frustration; how it benefits you; where your inner growth journey fits in & helps you to achieve your center; & different ways you can stay centered, but how you need to find & apply your unique way that you will recognize from within as you work to transform those situations.


Trust In The Natural Flow Of Life

Exploring trust in the natural flow of life; how inner growth gets you to gain trust, notice why you can trust the natural flow of life & you (your inner core); how you will grow trust in time; & what it means to go with the flow, feel that flow within from the heart, thanks to the trust gained on all levels in life.


Honoring Your True Self

Exploring honoring your true self; how to find your true self; the role inner growth has in finding & expressing your true self with harmony & balance from within & with the world you live in; & the different levels of awareness of one's true self people have depending on where they're at in their inner growth journey.


Facing Obstacles & Challenges Through Inner Growth

Exploring facing obstacles & challenges through inner growth; how you find the lessons that they bring when in a learning & open mindset thanks to your inner exploration; why it's important to become conscious of you in the moment & the feelings that arise; & what you can do to bring about a complete transformation in how you experience challenges & obstacles in life thanks to this inner growth mindset.


Going Beyond What You Can See

Exploring going beyond what you can see; how it assists your inner growth journey & unlocking your higher potential; what role an inner growth mindset plays in helping you go the distance; different challenges you may face, that are opportunities in disguise; & the importance of you being able to tap into your senses to such an extent.


Navigating Life's Unexpected Surprises

Exploring navigating life's unexpected surprises through inner growth; why bringing consciousness to how you react in the moment is important; how having knowledge that you have the option to bring about a different choice sets a whole different scene for you moving forward; & why this choice of how to navigate life's unexpected surprises leads to your higher potential & long-term pluses in your life.


Life Events Through Inner Growth

Exploring life events through inner growth; how you learn to decipher your filters & your inner core's messages in those moments (life events/experiences); the difference between the two (filters & inner core messages); how an inner growth mindset keeps you focused on gaining that knowledge you need to bring about the transformation you want to see; & why inner growth is so helpful in being effective when you go through emotionally challenging life events.


Acceptance From The Heart

Exploring acceptance from the heart on things, situations, relationships, & life events you encounter along the way that create some unsteadiness within you; how inner growth gets you to dig deep on those vulnerable feelings that arise & the destabilizing moments; why this inner exploration leads you to finding solid ground in those moments; & how it brings about sense to everything from your heart (inner core), which brings about full acceptance of what is from the heart.


Harnessing The Power Of Change Through Inner Growth

Exploring harnessing the power of change through inner growth; how to identify resistance to change, understand it (resistance) & zero it out; how to identify your inner core's foundation/inclination & through consciousness of it, have it lead you toward openness to change instead of the opposite; finding the hidden lessons that come from embracing change; & using the power of change to lead your inner growth & transformation toward expressing your higher potential.


There's Always A Choice

Exploring how there's always a choice you can make & how inner growth helps you to find out more about that choice, like what hidden fears or doubts are lurking around or why one choice is preferred to another & how does a choice affect your potential; why it's important to turn within during times of choosing; understanding any influential factors; & looking beyond the limits set by you or externally by becoming conscious of them thanks to an inner growth mindset.