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Exploring food and body image issues, eating disorders, disordered eating and chronic dieting from a Health at Every Size, Fat-Positive and Intuitive Eating framework.

Exploring food and body image issues, eating disorders, disordered eating and chronic dieting from a Health at Every Size, Fat-Positive and Intuitive Eating framework.
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Exploring food and body image issues, eating disorders, disordered eating and chronic dieting from a Health at Every Size, Fat-Positive and Intuitive Eating framework.




Listening to Your Body with Charis Stiles, LCSW

Today, Charis Stiles and I discuss how connecting to your body can be a portal to heal not just food and body image issues, but to heal all of your life. She uses somatic practices and re-parenting techniques to help her clients move through emotional and physical pain and leads us through a 3-minute affectionate breathing exercise about two-thirds of the way through this episode. You might want to be sitting down in a quiet place to get the full benefit from this loving practice! Charis...


What Does Your Inner Eye See? With Dr. Shelia Addison, LMFT

Dr. Shelia Addison joins me to discuss her personal journey around body acceptance as well as her clinical work with folks in a variety of marginalized bodies. Raised by a feminist single mother in the Midwest, Dr. Sheila Addison, LMFT was taught early on that women deserve equal opportunities. In her training as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Addison expanded her perspective on social justice to include intersections of gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability,...


On Being a Fat Athlete with Carolyn Moore

Carolyn Moore is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker offering counseling in her San Francisco office and by video. Her work focuses on positive body image from a feminist perspective, incorporating intuitive eating and Health At Every Size principles. She also helps highly independent people learn how to receive and create more satisfying connection in their lives. Carolyn and I discuss her path towards embracing her larger body and how early exposure to feminist critiques of beauty standards...


Happily-Ever-After is Now with Abby Krom

Abby Krom, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles, CA. Abby specializes in anxiety, perfectionism, and disordered eating. In addition to seeing individual clients, she presents on these topics in corporate and community settings. Listen in as Abby and I discuss how she grew up surrounded by dieters and dieted for many years herself. She talks about how perfectionism dovetails with constantly trying to lose weight and exercise harder. Abby talks about finding...


Why You Should Butter Your Cornbread with Aaron Flores

Today I’m talking with Aaron Flores, a registered dietician nutritionist and certified Body Trust provider based out of Los Angeles. Aaron works with individuals healing from disordered eating and runs groups specifically geared towards men. He is also the co-host of the popular podcast Dietitians Unplugged. Listen as Aaron discusses his shift from focusing on weight-loss to embracing the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, how to enjoy eating, and movie metaphors to...


Not Radical Enough with Lily Sloane

This week I’m talking to Lily Sloane, MFT, a San Francisco-based psychotherapist with a background in treating eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image issues. She is also a composer/independent audio producer and creator of the podcast A Therapist Walks Into a Bar and the community radio show Radical Advice on Listen to Lily discuss the role the inner critic plays in disordered and the lure of dieting as a means to fixing life’s more complicated problems. Show...


Crash Course in Fat Studies with Angelina Moles

Today I’m talking with Angelina Moles, a Critical Fat Studies theorist and performance artist with a Master of Art's degree in Communication Studies. They use both she/her/ hers and they/them/theirs pronouns when being referred to. Angelina is a fat activist whose work is centered in critiquing/unpacking white supremacy, thin privilege, and the medical industry for their creation and contribution to fatphobia and anti-fat stigma. She is currently working on creating a website dedicated to...


Dietitian Glenys Oyston Wants You to Know It’s OK to be Fat

Our guest today is Glenys Oyston, registered dietitian, and food therapist who co-hosts the podcast, “Dietitians Unplugged”, with fellow anti-diet dietitian, Aaron Flores. Listen in as Glenys and Marielle talk about fat-positivity, body acceptance and eating intuitively instead of dieting. While we are all born with the ability to sense our internal hunger and fullness signals if you have a history of chronic dieting or disordered eating you may have lost touch with these signals. There is...


Your Relationship to Food and Your Body is a Microcosm of All Your Relationships with Abby Thompson

Welcome to Episode 2 of It’s Just a Cookie! Marielle talks with Abby Thompson MFT who specializes in helping people heal their relationship to their body. Like most people, Abby grew up surrounded by dieters. Eventually, Abby was exposed to the ideas of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating and learned that she could move her body and eat foods that made her feel good for the sake of it instead of for the sake of getting smaller. While researching body image for her Master’s thesis,...


Introducing It's Just a Cookie

Welcome to this introductory episode of “It’s Just a Cookie” a podcast exploring all things related to food and body image. I’m your host, Marielle Berg, and this podcast will take a critical look at issues related to food, weight, eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting, and healthism. I’ll talk with healers and activists regarding food and body image issues from a Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating perspective, so you can learn to have a cookie be just a...