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Rob DiMedio and Michelle Blasberg, Fusion Academy (EP.04)

This week, we are delighted to have Rob DiMedio and Michelle Blasberg of Fusion Academy join us on JAA Your Way. Together we discuss why some schools have the same model and ideals that they did 100 years ago and what it would look like if education included more personalization and creativity. Traditional school is not for every student and we will explore how customized learning enhances student engagement and performance.


Lauren Goldner, The Occupational Training Center of Burlington County

This week, JAA Your Way is delighted to feature Lauren Ashley Goldner of The Occupational Training Center of Burlington County on the transition from school to employment. The next step after high school isn’t one-size-fits-all, and that’s especially true for individuals with disabilities seeking employment. They want to work but often there are barriers preventing this. We will discuss how DVRS, DDD, and area providers all work together to help people of all abilities lead meaningful,...


Dana Bookbinder, Esq of Bookbinder Law, LLC (EP.02)

Nationally certified elder and disability attorney Dana Bookbinder reviews the legal tools every parent of a child with special needs should consider to protect their beneficiary. Learn about the types of special needs trusts, what assets to use to fund them, and how to administer them. Power of Attorney, guardianship, and public benefits eligibility rules are also addressed.


Diana Sever, Esq. of Posternock Apell, P.C. (EP.01)

IEP. 504. LRE. FAPE. CST. And we are not talking alphabet soup. What do these mean and what do they have to do with my child’s special education needs? This seminar, JAA Your Way - The ABCs of IEPs, is designed to assist in translating and understanding the basics of special education law in NJ.