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Hi. I’m Jen Gotch and this is my podcast. It’s kinda weird, and original, and funny and honest just like me. Each week I’m gonna get in your ear, tell you about my fears, my pain, my triumphs and hopefully in the process help you become more self aware, build your own emotional intelligence and more than anything else FEEL LESS ALONE. Please subscribe and leave a nice review with all the stars; my parents are checking them every day and I really don’t want to let them down.


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Hi. I’m Jen Gotch and this is my podcast. It’s kinda weird, and original, and funny and honest just like me. Each week I’m gonna get in your ear, tell you about my fears, my pain, my triumphs and hopefully in the process help you become more self aware, build your own emotional intelligence and more than anything else FEEL LESS ALONE. Please subscribe and leave a nice review with all the stars; my parents are checking them every day and I really don’t want to let them down.




Some News For You

Hi, hello and Happy New Year! It's Jen Gotch here, to share a little bit of JGOK info with you! Press play to hear breaking news on Season One of Jen Gotch is OK,,,Sometimes and to hear me tell you I love you once again...Because, I do. Bye! Bye. Byeeeeee.


How To Be Your Best Self in 2019

Howdy partners! Many say that you need to hear something seven times before you truly engage with the message, so I thought I would take this opportunity to say I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you. Oh, and also to remind you of some of the advice I've given you throughout this year. Lauren, my good friend and amazing producer has taken the most useful clips from all of my episodes and jam packed them into one place—right here. Let’s think of this...


Meet The Parents

Seeing as the holidays are upon us, I thought I would give you the gift of all gifts...My parents; Dr. Jamie and the amazing Saerina. You’ve heard them before, but have you heard everything? Nope, you haven’t. So I’m releasing the motherlode—no pun intended. We’ve worked tirelessly to compile their best work as broadcasters, podcasters, interviewees, and just being the parents that you know and love. Looks like Mom and Dad just got a Greatest Hits episode! So without further adieu (to you...


Inside Anxiety

Well hello. Today I'm going to take you on a journey—a trip, or even a voyage. OK fine, we are actually going inside one of my anxiety attacks. I recorded myself having an anxiety attack (that's something most people do, right?). I’ve shared something similar to this before when I took you inside my depression and you let me know it was very helpful in identifying and understanding your own struggles. So, I felt it was time to share this with you. This audio is from a while ago—June to be...


How To Be Resilient

Resilience has always been a very important word to me. It’s been vital to my success in business, relationships, mental health, and just life in general. So, I cannot wait to share some of my thoughts on how you can become more resilient, too. Oh and we may or may not have a special guest. OK, we have a special guest. It’s my mom, the amazing Saerina! Wecan all become resilient, even if, at the moment we aren’t feeling very strong. I believe in you. You can do this.


Travel Anxiety: A Helpful Update

Hi hi. It’s Jen. Jen Gotch. You know me, I’m the host of this podcast. Remember my episode on travel anxiety? Well, I’ve been working really hard to try to overcome those feelings and I’m making huge strides that I wanted to share with you. In this episode, I'll recap the origins of my anxiety, some examples of how it rears its ugly head, and finally, how I managed to succeed in dealing with it—almost flawlessly—on a recent trip. Oh and I’ll answer some of your anxiety questions, too.


What I've Learned About Business, Part Two

Hello hello. Welcome back. Are you ready for part two of "What I’ve learned about business"? I hope so, because that’s what you are about to get. Last week, I shared everything I learned in the first five years of building And today, I’m sharing what i learned in the second five years. In this episode, you’ll learn what it takes to scale a business and also how it feels (surprise: It doesn’t always feel good). I’ll share tips on management, hiring, and organization—and I'll tell you...


What I've Learned About Business, Part One

Well helloooo. Not so long ago, I shared my experience building with you—and you really seemed to like it! So, I thought I would dig in a bit more and share what I’ve learned through that experience. It’s been 10 years and as you can imagine, I have learned a lot—so I’m gonna do it in two parts. This episode, as you may have guessed, is part one, covering the first five years—the years when I thought i had it all figured out...but then later found out that that was not the case.


How To Find Joy

This is an episode about finding joy. I’ll talk about the difference between happiness and joy, explain why I choose joy and why I think it's important and possible for all of us to find that in ourselves. If you feel happy, this will hopefully bring you further on your path to joy. And if you are, well, not happy, this will shine a light on your potential for future happiness and joy.


An Advice Column Of Sorts

Hi! Hello. What’s up? I always wanted to have my own advice column, and this episode gets me one step closer to it. If you know me, you know I love giving advice—taking it, not so much, but I’m working on that. But, enough about me. This episode is all about you. I’m going to answer a bunch of your questions about all things work-related: career, business growth, pursuing your passions, and professional success alongside mental health struggles. Think of it as a gift from me to you. Is it...


Books I Love That You Might Love Too (Chapter 1)

Hello, hello. Today, I'm going to take you on a journey...through my bookshelf. And when i saybookshelf, I mean the piles of books that are literally all over my house. No space is safe. Not the bathroom, not the kitchen, not the bedside table. Honestly there are books in my bed under the covers. I’m sleeping with books—there, I said it! Consider this chapter one in "Books Jen Loves and Feels Like You Will Love, Too!" If you’re looking to enhance your personal growth, open your mind, or...


How I Got Better (After Hitting My Lowest Low)

Two years ago, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I was getting a divorce, self medicating with food and alcohol instead of proper medication, digging ~deep~ into my anxiety, and fueling toxic relationships and toxic work behaviors. I generally felt like...a mess. Thanks to a ton of work (over months and years), focus, patience and a true desire to heal, I am in a much better, healthier place today. Having come out on the other side of that experience, I wanted to share what I did...


In Progress: An Imperfect Journey, Navigated

The best and brightest female entrepreneurs, creatives, and founders get really real with host Noor Tagouri when it comes to nurturing self-development and well-being in a bustling, always-on world. Whether it’s identifying a sense of purpose in your day-to-day, finding productivity hacks, taking care of relationships, changing careers, or cultivating a greater sense of self-love, this podcast presented in partnership with TUMI is an unmissable toolkit for the on-the-go individual in search...


Inside Depression, Part Two

On last week’s episode of JGOK, i took you inside my depression and you lived to tell, Yahoooo. This week i thought i would give you some more pointed information on depression - the different types, the symptoms and some ways to identify and work through the issue. If you or a loved one have depression or have ever suspected you have depression, this will be a really informational listen. Check it out!


Inside Depression

This week, I wanted to share something a bit more intimate (if that's even possible) and take you inside my depression. Think of it like a phone call from me to you, while i'm going through a depressive episode. I figure since we are best friends now, you'd want me to call you when I'm feeling low. And then, next week I'll follow up with a full, incredibly useful episode explaining everything I know about dealing with depression.


Conquering The Creative Block

Have you ever had a creative block? Yeah, me too—and they are the worst, especially when your job is tied to your creative performance. And even if it isn't, we all want to be able to access our own creativity. That's why I want to use this episode to get to the root of creative blocks, outline some reasons why we get them, and of course, offer some solutions to get past them. Oh, also, there’s singing. OK, let's knock the socks off these blocks.


I Cry At Work

Hi. Welcome to an episode about having emotions in the workplace—also known as crying at work. As a C-level work crier, I wanted to share some of my most emotional experiences with you. I also want to discuss how we can regulate and manage our feelings as both employees and bosses, without making work a cold-hearted place where emotions are non-existent. I'm not crying, you're crying. JK, we're all crying.


Let's Deal With This Anxiety

In this episode, I am going to talk about my good buddy, anxiety. This is a mental health issue that I have struggled with for a large portion of my life and one that has been on my mind a lot lately. Over the last eight months or so, I have been actively trying to understand and reduce it—and I actually think a lot of my efforts are paying off. So, here’s what i’m going to do: I'll tell you a bit about what anxiety feels like for me (and probably for a lot of people), and then I’m going to...


Are We Addicted To Social Media?

Alright, here it is, the "Everybody quit social media right now!" episode. Not really, but at the least, I want us all to become aware of how and when we use social media and identify what our intentions are when we use it. Let's take a step back and evaluate whether or not we think we are addicted. Oh, and even more importantly, let's recognize that it can contribute to our anxiety and depression and obviously our FOMO. I'll share some ways that we can combat the downsides of social media...


All About Therapy

This episode is dedicated one of the topics I get the ~most~ requests for: THERAPY. I am so excited to answer many of the questions you've emailed me, messaged me, or stopped me in the street to ask. Today, I’m talking about my own experience with therapy to give you insight on what to expect, how to find a therapist, the benefits and responsibility of therapy, tips on financing therapy, and a whole lot more. Therapy is another great way to invest in your mental health and personal...