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Sydey Nanberg

Sydney and I get real, deep and personal about bullying, body image, growing up living in the movie Mean Girls, having an eating disorder, being suicidal and afraid to go to school. What helped? Journaling, gratitude, motivational videos and podcasts all learned at the treatment facility she checked herself into. What started as wanting to help others who were bullied, everything Sydney does helps other to be seen as their true selves, in a positive way. Find her...


Joanne Victoria

Joanne and I chat about the Sanity Project Podcast A LOT about persistence, life experience, showing up and learning from every job you're exposed to. You will learn how the song Is that all there is By Peggy Lee impacted Joanne. We discuss abuse, escaping, moving cross country, starting over (many times!) and finding a passion that has spanned about 30 years. Find Joanne here: IN HER WORDS: A New York original, I knew in my heart of hearts that I could...


Stripping With My Daughter Alana - The Things That Matter

My 21-year-old daughter, Alana and I co-host once a month, while we strip it down and bare it all discussing topics from traditions to sex, divorce to depression, abuse to drug use and everything in between. With the perspective of the parent AND the child, both perspectives can be brought to the table simultaneously. Jump on board and join us for mother/daughter conversations that are raw, genuine and unbarred


Angela Henderson

Angela's laid back nature and mellow attitude about her struggles are phenomenal. We talked about choice (and accountability), her journey with being in multiple countries - Canada, the US, Australia - traveling, getting her Masters of Social Work, getting married and navigating the world, getting pregnant, IVF, depression, and anxiety and losing 4 people in a span of 13 months. Despite all that, she takes responsibility for herself, turns things around to see the positive and helps other...


Natalie Ihde

Natalie and I discuss the challenges we all face being a "worker bee" and not fit into the corporate world. We talk about working with good bosses versus shitty, emotional abuse at work and wanting to get out but not knowing how or what to do. She shares her story and why she took that struggle to other women who also feel like they don't fit in. In her words: You being here means that you want to see if you and I vibe and you want to see what I'm all about on...


Jamie Holloway

Jamie and I go deep on the points in life that change you, how being raised Mormon impacted her, getting pregnant at 15 by a 35 year old man (that is a story in itself) moving forward and being married young to a man who she wasn't attracted to, raising kids, being a teen mom, being molested as a child, dealing with her child's suicide attempts and understanding because she herself was also contemplating it. Therapy was the turning point to get her healthy and really deal with her past and...


Martha Riley

Millennials get a bad rap sometimes and - as a Mom to some of them - I found it refreshing to chat with Martha. From chatting about her job at 3M as a Free Trade Agreement Analyst, to how her podcast was inadvertently launched, to her innate love of entrepreneurship (making backpacks for kids with autism) we had a great time. We discussed anxiety, moving out on your own, therapy and mental health, gaining confidence, studying abroad and being a TedX speaker. Her website: Shit You Need To...


Patricia Young

Patricia was gracious enough to admit how she felt when we were interviewing. Depleted and exhausted, with defenses down more raw. Perfect. HSP - Highly Sensitive People is who she realized she was. We chatted about her eating disorder and admitting herself into a 9 1/2 month clinic at 30 years old. Learning feelings were new but having a strong desire to connect was not. Raised by a single mom who was anxious and whose rules had rules, with no self-soothing tools, Patricia turned to food to...


Mary Hodges

My first interview during a tornado warning (sirens and all), Mary was upfront about health, business, being the 2nd oldest to 6 kids born in 10 years and how heavy she felt the responsibility to take care of her parents and siblings. We discussed family relationships, being a "good kid", becoming a lawyer and hating it. Then realizing it was the conduit to fund and support her passion-turned-business. Find her HERE IN HER WORDS: I know so many women who started a business out of a passion...


Maria Fuller

Maria and I discuss girls making a difference, creating disruption to make change, what IS the empowered girl experience and how are Moms involved. Maria tells us her story of school to paramedic, to the injury that made her not able to return to that field and how that launched her into finding her true purpose. She describes what it's like having two girls of her own, how they push her to be better and face her fears and what the empowered girl movement is doing plus what's in store. Find...


Jess Penesso

Jess and I have a fantastic conversation about building Instagram and how it's the new business card, Brene Brown, haters, building your personal why your soul why and the impact on the world. Her struggle from great grades and feeling accomplished and grateful but still unhappy to where she's at now - a yogi who teaches marketing. Find Jess HERE IN HER WORDS: I’m an Influencer Coach, Yoga Teacher, & Podcaster. I live in Hoboken with my husband. I love living every day with intention,...


Lisa Tahir

Lisa and I were referred to each other by a mutual friend. An hour or so long conversation later and I knew she was a sister from another mister. With similar backgrounds and passions it was clear we'd have a lot to discuss. Taking a tough upbringing peppered with abuse, launching herself into relationships that aren't healthy but knowing she wanted to help others - literally from the age of 5 - Lisa is honest about the continuation of getting and being healthy, what gets her through tough...


Tami Stackelhouse

I arranged this podcast differently and it was amazing! For those of you struggling with chronic pain, fibromyalgia - sit down and take a listen. Tami's story is amazing and I love her optimistic, upbeat attitude and deciding not to settle for a life she didn't love. Instead of cursing her life, she used it to catapult her in a new and wonderful direction. HERE is where to find her. IN HER WORDS: Tami Stackelhouse is the founder and primary instructor of the International Fibromyalgia...


Thembi Bheka

In this episode, Thembi and I discuss what it was like to grow up in Zimbabwe, find out her husband had two other wives and 5 children before her - while she was pregnant. What it was like to leave her 10 month old daughter with her Mom and escape as a refugee. Getting on her first airplane to land in French speaking Canada with $5 to her name and reunite with her daughter over 3 years later. Now on a mission to help women both in the US and in Zimbabwe find their "why", get training they...


Alana Heim - Take 2!

Prosperity Alignment Alana came back for a second interview. SO MANY people responded to her story and the business she's created that I had to have round 2. I completely understand the attraction as I've loved her platform for working with energy to understand your relationship with money. (I don't get any kick back from shouting her praises except the great feeling knowing YOU connected with her). She has the same name as one of my daughters, but pronounces it Banana - so yes, to me she...


Alana Bills

Alana is turning 21 about 5 weeks after recording this podcast. She's in the Air Force Guard, full duty at Sheppard AFB for tech school as a crew chief on the C-130. She also plans on going to school to be a pediatric nurse as her desire to help others is strong. She waited two years to join the military after getting a UTI that went to her kidneys and was caught just in time - although doctors weren't sure she'd pull through. After a few days in ICU, with her fighting spirit, she did make...


Shauna Armitage

It took 8 months for us to finally sit and talk at 5 am in the morning and it was so worth it! A different episode, because we discussed how Shauna inadvertently - after two degrees, getting married in a little black dress and being pregnant with baby #1 - she fell into the marketing role of a business and a new idea was born. When her husband joined the military, working online became even more important to her. Now with over ten years of marriage and 4 kids later, Shauna continues to...


Samantha Siffring

IN HER WORDS TO ME: I never meant to be a stay at home mom. I thought I would be really driven in a career and that would be my #1. I quickly learned life sometimes has other plans and after a cross-country move while pregnant, I realized people really don't like to hire pregnant ladies. The next few years were spent searching for legitimate ways to make money from home. I tried: surveys, answering questions via text, blogging, a MLM, a handmade sewing business, and cold calling sales. I...


Amee Quiriconi

This is one of the most raw, honest, incredibly vulnerable interviews I've ever done. Being a Mom isn't always a happy thing and Amee tells us why she felt that way, how she really felt, what she did about it and how she moves forward within it. Her goal is to spread awareness through honest & accessible conversations with experts as well as share stories from other Broken Moms. The evidence is in the science (real biology & neuroscience) that our childhood experiences are a part of our...


The Naked Podcaster - Baring It All

Nearly two years into my podcasting journey, with almost 5 months off, I'm ramping up for season TWO! My interviews are the same - your story being told, YOU being raw and authentic and unafraid to tell your trials to triumph, struggles to success. This podcast is a platform for your voice to be heard, to give your story wings. Instead of Jenn Taylor #rerouting - because life sends you in different directions - the name has changed to The Naked Podcaster where you can bare it all! No - you...