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Thembi Bheka

In this episode, Thembi and I discuss what it was like to grow up in Zimbabwe, find out her husband had two other wives and 5 children before her - while she was pregnant. What it was like to leave her 10 month old daughter with her Mom and escape as a refugee. Getting on her first airplane to land in French speaking Canada with $5 to her name and reunite with her daughter over 3 years later. Now on a mission to help women both in the US and in Zimbabwe find their "why", get training they...


Alana Heim - Take 2!

Prosperity Alignment Alana came back for a second interview. SO MANY people responded to her story and the business she's created that I had to have round 2. I completely understand the attraction as I've loved her platform for working with energy to understand your relationship with money. (I don't get any kick back from shouting her praises except the great feeling knowing YOU connected with her). She has the same name as one of my daughters, but pronounces it Banana - so yes, to me she...


Alana Bills

Alana is turning 21 about 5 weeks after recording this podcast. She's in the Air Force Guard, full duty at Sheppard AFB for tech school as a crew chief on the C-130. She also plans on going to school to be a pediatric nurse as her desire to help others is strong. She waited two years to join the military after getting a UTI that went to her kidneys and was caught just in time - although doctors weren't sure she'd pull through. After a few days in ICU, with her fighting spirit, she did make...


Shauna Armitage

It took 8 months for us to finally sit and talk at 5 am in the morning and it was so worth it! A different episode, because we discussed how Shauna inadvertently - after two degrees, getting married in a little black dress and being pregnant with baby #1 - she fell into the marketing role of a business and a new idea was born. When her husband joined the military, working online became even more important to her. Now with over ten years of marriage and 4 kids later, Shauna continues to...


Samantha Siffring

IN HER WORDS TO ME: I never meant to be a stay at home mom. I thought I would be really driven in a career and that would be my #1. I quickly learned life sometimes has other plans and after a cross-country move while pregnant, I realized people really don't like to hire pregnant ladies. The next few years were spent searching for legitimate ways to make money from home. I tried: surveys, answering questions via text, blogging, a MLM, a handmade sewing business, and cold calling sales. I...


Amee Quiriconi

This is one of the most raw, honest, incredibly vulnerable interviews I've ever done. Being a Mom isn't always a happy thing and Amee tells us why she felt that way, how she really felt, what she did about it and how she moves forward within it. Her goal is to spread awareness through honest & accessible conversations with experts as well as share stories from other Broken Moms. The evidence is in the science (real biology & neuroscience) that our childhood experiences are a part of our...


The Naked Podcaster - Baring It All

Nearly two years into my podcasting journey, with almost 5 months off, I'm ramping up for season TWO! My interviews are the same - your story being told, YOU being raw and authentic and unafraid to tell your trials to triumph, struggles to success. This podcast is a platform for your voice to be heard, to give your story wings. Instead of Jenn Taylor #rerouting - because life sends you in different directions - the name has changed to The Naked Podcaster where you can bare it all! No - you...


Emily Garnett

We discussed being diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer at the age of 32, right after her son turned two and she celebrated her 5th wedding anniversary. She was also trying to get pregnant which she learned would never be an option. As a matter of fact, she had a complete hysterectomy 2 1/2 weeks prior to our interview. In her words: I’m Emily, a lawyer, wife, mother, and cat lady, living outside of New York City. I was a collegiate swimmer and completed the 2011 New York City...


Meg Brunson

Meg was up front about her struggles and successes as an entrepreneur and her experience working for Facebook as well as raising "Kidpreneurs". Her struggles with pregnancies and almost losing her life reinforced what is the most important to her and she pushed through the pitfalls of being her own boss to run a fantastic business. With a podcast, blog and lots of resources, her website is amazing - as is she! In her words: When I tell people I used to work for Facebook they always want to...


Lara Currie

Lara and I discussed being raised in Seattle as a free range child at a time the city was really coming into it's own. Plagued with pedophiles and serial killers, by 15 she was on her own and had lost over 15 friends to murder, suicide and drug overdoses. Despite the struggles, Lara embraced school, diversity and communication with the deaf/blind community. With so much that she personally had to work through, she does work on triggers, boundaries and emotions and how they affect our daily...


Alana Heim

Alana and I chatted about strategy vs spirituality, human design, how our financial attitudes mirror our inner attitudes. Going through the motions of school and doing what she was supposed to do didn't resonate with Alana. Rerouting her expertise to align clients with their energetic design allows them to create true abundance and although Alana has lost some followers, she's gained many more. IN HER OWN WORDS: My background includes serving over sixteen years in public accounting and...


Brigid Dineen

Brigid and I visited about being an overachiever - in a BIG way, until her second year at college when her binging, gaining 40 lbs and struggling with anxiety, clinical depression and restrictive bulimia stopped her - literally - in her tracks. Learning not to suppress her emotions, living by her own rules and no longer suppressing her spirit took a break-down at work, therapy and embracing self-care. She began her journey into finding wellbeing and fulfillment. #allthethings doesn't have to...


Lani Rios

Lani and I hit it off and her words were so spot on, I showed them off here! Yes, I say "stoked" and pee outside (it's a runner thing) so we were instantly connected. Plus we both love to swear. I also frequently wee outside because I live in the jungle and I love a good cuss sesh. Today I live in Bali and I have an incredible partner, an online coaching business, I work location free, surf, connect to the Cosmos in my meditations, value experiences not things, and I travel the...


Carolina Vasilica

Carolina was so fantastic to chat with. Her story is traumatic and messy, but her attitude is amazing! A personality dichotomy isn't a bad thing and she's proof! Carolina grew up with a bipolar/OCD mother who had her at 19 and always told her she was a mistake. She was sexually assaulted by 4 different family members from ages 8-14, moved out on her own when she was 16, got herself through high school working two part-time jobs, graduated with honours. Was in a relationship with a guy who...


Susan Ackerman

Susan is my friend, however her deep story was new to me. Growing up with an alcoholic Dad, an uninvolved Mom but having huge faith and an innate sense her upbringing was wrong, she knew she was strong enough to weather the storm. Pregnant as a Senior in High School, married (for 24 years) and a military dependent with 4 children, it took years for Susan to stop feeling worthless, start an amazing career selling jewelry and go back to college. Susan discusses getting divorced with 4...


Melanie Wheatley

Melanie was a blast, but I'm being selfish. She got up at the butt crack of dawn to talk with me. I use video so I connect better to the people I interview and I got to watch the sunrise out the window behind her, over the ocean, off the Gulf Coast in Australia! Plus, we're both dorks. So there is that. We discussed moving, being married, living through a plane crash, fire, floods, death, cyclones, being sick and stress. In her words: I am an internationally certified Business and Lifestyle...


Stacy Brookman

Sometimes I interview someone with a story so incredible that I'm in awe and Stacy is one of those. Being married to a sociopath, blaming herself, being removed from family and friends, moving often, living above her means, and how insidious this type of personality and abuse is was her life. Going from feeling like you're crazy, being afraid and then showered with love was a crazy life for over a decade - especially with children. Stacy fought back for herself and her kids and moved...


Shari Broder

Shari has a story that's SO relatable. Wanting to lose weight, not understanding why it isn't happening, feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life. We realized we're from the same part of the country and have the same food loves from New England. Discussing her Mom's triple bypass at 63 years old and knowing she didn't want that to be her was life changing as was investing in herself. Self-care is of the utmost importance in order to give back to others which she now does with...


Eva Cruz Pena

Speaker. Healer. Life Coach. Eva Cruz Pena brings to her work 17 plus years of professional experience caring for women as a nurse, pastor, therapist, military chaplain and life coach. Eva is well known for providing a safe space for women to rediscover themselves, find their voice and tap into their power. Because of her compassionate nature, Eva creates an environment where women feel free to unfold, unravel, and heal into wholeness- connected with their truth and creative source. Her...


Jonathan Fischer

Jonathan has one of those stories that is painful to hear. Born with a heart and vascular issues, with his first surgery at 14 months old, it is a triumph not only with his physical heart, but his emotional heart as well. We discussed what 7 weeks in the hospital at 6 years old was like, learning about a brain aneurysm at 18, surviving a stroke and open heart surgery at the age of 45. Through it all, Jonathan's attitude is the message he wants to portray. In Jonathan's words: Mythic Heart,...