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Health & Wellness Podcasts

Information from all the interesting people in the world of compression, oedema management, leg and skin care. For both the healthcare professional and the interested patient.


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Information from all the interesting people in the world of compression, oedema management, leg and skin care. For both the healthcare professional and the interested patient.






Star Rewards

Many companies send healthcare professionals chocolates. We wanted them to be rewarded by you with their very own stars. Watch this video to find out more. https://fb.watch/5DkaSRP1y1/


Juzo Assist - Managed Self Care

Juzo Assist was born at the start at the pandemic. Christian Chapman talks about how it started and how useful it still is today. www.juzoassist.co.uk



In this episode Adam from Juzo is joined by Lynn Finch from Kiactiv to talk about a joint initiative called Lymphactiv which stresses the importance of movement in health. This launches for real in May 2021, however Lynn has allowed Juzo 10, yes only 10 prior to the launch window. All the information can be found at www.lymphactiv.com. You will get your own counsellor for 6 sessions, a great movement tracker and a super intuitive dashboard - with everything geared to help you. Input JUZO...


Hannah from HLP Therapy gives an insight into some of the services she offers...

Hannah is one of the more progressive physio's out there and is an expert in many modalities, especially scar. She can be contacted through her website. www.hlp-therapy.co.uk or through Facebook and the main SM channels. HLP Therapy exists to provide exceptional treatment and care. We bring decades of Physiotherapy experience and knowledge, coupled with Scar Therapy, Acupuncture, Rock Taping, Mental Health First Aid training and post natal assessments. Every treatment incorporates...


Virtual Media Goddess, Wellness Expert, MIss Voluptuous Finalist, 2x World Record Holder Tess Sanderson

Tess has done so much I couldn't fit in all in the box! For those of you that are struggling to see what life might be like if you fight back in a positive way against Lipoedema, Tess is a shining beacon.


Sharie Fetzer talks of her passion and annoyance that drove her on for Lipoedema UK

Sharie recounts her own story, the issues, the problems and the data that have lead Lipoedema UK to where they are today. Visit Lipoedema UK here https://www.lipoedema.co.uk/ Find out how you can help and donate/fundraise here https://www.lipoedema.co.uk/get-involved/ For information about the amazing forthcoming conference https://www.lipoedema.co.uk/conference2020/ Women in Dire Need info here https://www.lipoedema.co.uk/news/2019-preview-report-dire-need/


Everybody Can - Margaret Sneddon talks us through the BLS's new campaign

In this Episode Margaret Sneddon from the British Lymphology Society, talks us through the new BLS campaign, EveryBody Can. Margaret also talks about Lymphoedema Awareness Week and lymphoedema in general. Reduce the prevalence, treat early and and reduce the severity, raise awareness., support the members. https://www.thebls.com/ To Join https://www.thebls.com/membership There are many options here - please join at the level most cost effective for you, and don;t forget even students...


The Lymphoedema Support Network

Karen Friett, the CEO explains what the LSN do, mentions their patient conference (going to be announced in June), their new training package for healthcare professional and explains why they need our support. https://www.lymphoedema.org/ Please join - it's only £15 - 3 cups of Coffee at London prices! https://www.lymphoedema.org/index.php/get-involved/join-the-lsn Prize for the person who emails in sales@juzo.com, with the title of the email PODCAST noise saying what the sound in the...


Yolande Borthwick talks about Lymphoedema Awareness Week

In this episode Yolande Borthwick introduces herself and the Lymphoedema Service at Strathcarron Hospice and tells us about LAW - lymphoedema awareness week. Monday 2nd Morrisons Falkirk Tuesday 3rd Torwood Garden Centre Wednesday 4th, and Thursday 5th Scottish Parliament Friday 6th ASDA To help Yolande's service please visit https://www.strathcarronhospice.net/Pages/Category/fundraise-for-us where you can learn about how you can help. Also on this site you can meet the team and see...


Introduction to Juzo Care podcast

In this introduction Adam Withey, the sales director of Juzo UK Ltd, explains what this podcast is all about, who it is for, and how you can take part... send an email to sales@juzo.co.uk with PODCAST in the title and tell us a little about you and the message you want to get out