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Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.

Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.
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Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.




#246 - For Fucks Sake - The Dirty Nasty Things I Do!

Tonight I had sex with two men. I was tied up, spanked, humiliated, degraded. My tits were bruised, my face was smacked. I have marks on my ass and thighs. Every hole I have that could accommodate a cock was used. I came over and over, until I lost count. My cum soaked the sheets. My body still aches from the use and abuse. This is an example of the dirty, nasty things I do. I top. I bottom. I like cock. I like pussy. I enjoy pain. I enjoy giving pain to others. I love sex, I love BDSM and...


#245 - AngelKnightXXX - Pain Star

Hi there I’m Angelknightxxx on fetlife and angelic_knight on IG. Feel free to send me a message and check out my portfolio. I have been modeling for 2 years and enjoy it very much. I have collaborated with some talented individuals and I know just how blessed I am. I have been in the lifestyle for about 5 years now and have been more active in the last year. I am a bonafide pain slut and rope enthusiast. Whips are my friend as well as canes. I enjoy the art of Kinbaku and Semenawa as its...


#Special Edition - Me Too & More

It may be in the news, but how does it affect you? More people than you could imagine have been sexually attacked. Guest Host, Miss_Tress visits with Doc Cinnamon to layout how personal an attack can be. These two well informed women give you a political view for current news in the Me Too movement. This is an important special edition that will make everyone that listens, rethink their own past.


#244 - Race Bannon - Gay Rights Icon

Race: I’ve been active in the Leather scene since 1973. Initially, apart from being a bartender in a sleazy kinky bar, I was essentially a lone maverick player. Then around 1980 I got deeply involved with various clubs, organizations and projects that changed that lone wolf status. Since then I’ve been an organizer, writer, educator, speaker and activist in the LGBT, leather/kink, polyamory and HIV/STI prevention realms. I’ve authored a well-known BDSM book, been published extensively,...


#243 - Scarlett Ross - Money & Poly

Scarlett is a writer, teacher and wild woman with 20+ years in polyamory. Money & Poly Sex & money don’t mix, or do they? How you think about money and relationships impacts how your relationships grow and intertwine. It’s just as important that we consent to our money relationships as we consent to our romantic / sexual / kinky relationships. When do you speak up about how you relate to money? The negotiation skills we learn in our communities can come in handy when you’re dealing with...


#242 - Poly101 - Recorded Live at Frolicon

Welcome beginners, old-hats, onlookers and those who are curious. 4X4, KianteWench, German and Aria lead this Q&A discussion on Polyamory and its many forms in a basic and straightforward way with the key goal of educating and enabling people who want to start or enhance their Ethical non-monogamy journey. The hosts can be reached via Fetlife.


#241 - 2MDs & A Microphone - Rash Decisions - Recorded Live at Frolicon

Doctor D and Doctor Peggy Sue are back for another round of the intersection of kink and actual medicine know-how sprinkled with improv comedy, sarcasm, double entendres and disturbing photographs taken with our night vision cameras in the dark room that will have you laughing and itching all at the same time. If you haven't been to our panel yet, where the fuck have you been?


#240 - Jay E. Moyes - Public Relations to the Kinky Stars

I'm an artist, and when I was in college, I met two Dominatrixes that drew me into the BDSM scene of the San Francisco Bay Area. I released several calendars of my Femdom art, and moved to Los Angeles to be with a new lover. In 1999, I was recruited to work at Adult Video News and worked in the art department. My job there was to gather artwork to go with news stories and press releases running in the magazine. This put me directly in touch with publicists in the adult industry.


#239 - Katt on Chastity

Join Katt on a journey through chastity in mental and physical forms. We go back to Roman times to try to understand the origins of chastity devices. About Katt… I have been in the BDSM world off & on for over 10 years. I started out as a bottom/submissive but quickly discovered my dominant & primal personality would not allow me to fill those shoes. One of my biggest passions within life is education. Luckily, I have been able to travel the world & share that passion on a wide array of...


#238 - P0isonIvey - Therapy and Discovery in the Scene

PosionIvey has been working to create a safe space for people to discuss their mental/emotional conditions without fear of judgement for a little over two years now. Being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder, she has had to work hard to smash the stigma that many automatically associate with it. Her brother’s suicide, due to misunderstood and untreated diagnoses as well as negligence from the hospital system, has only fueled the fire to encourage...


#237 - Terra4U - Blow Jobs Are Blow Jobs, Except When They're Not

BLOW JOB. Oral sex. Lip service. Facefucking. Throatfucking. Cocksucking. Oral fixation. Whatever you choose to call it, I love to do it. Morning, noon, and night – I LOVE using my mouth to please a Dom. Sloppy, rough, deep, punishing, restrained, head-off-the-bed, on my knees, laying down, bent over, slow and sensuous while watching some hockey. . . yes. In every room of the house, the park, the car, beach, snow, parking lots. . . more yes. It actually rises to a level of need sometimes,...


#236 - HousewifeNHeat BBC Cuckold Relationship in Middle America

Housewifenheat has been on the forefront of interracial sex (Black men/white women) for over 20 years. She currently resides in Dayton, Ohio, where she focuses on meeting Black men with the goal of giving them the ride of their lives. One of the very early members of Fetlife, she has started many interracial groups there, and owns the largest exclusively Black man/white woman group on Fetlife. A model who has done pinup, boudoir, and porn modeling for over 20 years, she has been featured in...


#235 - Alicia Love - BloodIsLove2Me

In Alicia’s own words: "First, I am a masochist. Pain allows me a release that can't be found any other way. I have this profile mainly to share my pain pictures. The marks, and blood, are my favorite fetishes.The images are meant to be scary, yet beautiful. It's been fun just creating my own personal style. I have always wanted to share my love for pain, and the beauty of it, with everyone here.” "The images on my profile are of beauty, and our bond. Many people here have embraced the...


#234 - Lady Steele - No Collar - No Problem

What happens when an s-type (submissive, slave, or any other “right sider”) has no owner? Many have speculated that you cannot be a slave without having an Owner, or be a submissive without a Dominant. Is this true? Where does this philosophy come from? Join Lady Steele as she shares her very personal journey as an unowned slave and shows how she has educated and enriched herself so that she will be ready for her next power exchange relationship. She will cover how to stay engaged as a slave...


#233 - Traveling Fool - Violet Wands

Come learn in this hands on talk/demonstration what a Violet Wand is, and why you might like it. Is there a reason for you to be scared? Come to this session and see how you might change your mind. You’re invited to watch and learn as many different ways to use a violet wand are demonstrated. Listeners will hear the sensuous side, the pain side, and much, much more! In this class, Traveling Fool/Jay will teach a section, do a demonstration. Traveling Fool/Jay will be your guide and help you...


#232 - FireChild - Anal 101

It’s dirty. It’s raunchy. It’s fun. We all love the booty, but how much do we really know about it? We’ll be talking about everything you do, and don’t, want to know about anal sex. This class will cover stretching, lubricants, cleaning, adapting, training, toys, medical information, enemas, and so much more. You’ll walk away from this class knowing more about the booty than you ever thought possible.


#231 A - Autumn Orange Double Feature - Edging

This class has everything you ever wanted to know about edging, orgasm denial, orgasm control, and forced orgasms. Learn the how, the why, the training, and the uses. It also shows how it can fit into various dynamics and the long term effects that it can have. So, if denial is up your alley, come and learn all about the various ways you can tell someone no!


#231 B - Autumn Orange Double Feature - Humiliation & Degradation

Fear. Shame. Humiliation. These are things we avoid. They make us uncomfortable. We actively try to push them to the side. What if we didn’t avoid them? What if we embraced them instead? This class will teach you how to explore, negotiate, play with, and embrace the things we try to hide from. So, come, hear about the basics, learn what you can, and then watch as those same principles are brought to life in a fun and completely humiliating demonstration.


#230 - Frolicon - Wrap Up

This week Woody, Leigh and Nurse Ratched tell of their trip to Frolicon in Atlanta. With an attendance of over 2000 kinksters, gamers, furries, littles and polyamorousists, fun was had by all. We took our Nurse Ratched to the virgin sacrifice and enjoyed her getting sacrificed! We had the KinkyCast table in the ‘fan’ area and greeted many new and longtime listeners. Shakir Rahsaan and Page Turner offered collectors item “proofs” of their new books to raffle to those that visited the table....


#229 - Chanee - Inclusivity: Where Are All The Black People?

(Recorded live at Frolicon) Most gatherings of polyamorous and kinky people are very white, upper middle class, homogeneous affairs. Black people and other POC often feel left out and unwelcome in larger gatherings within our community. In this class, we'll discuss WHY this separation happens, and have an open forum discussion on what we can do to create inclusive environments. How can community leaders craft events to appeal to a more diverse crowd? Being your questions, no matter how...