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Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.

Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.
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Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.




#258-Page Turner-An Open Letter to a Conservative, Sex-Negative Mother, From Her Bi-Poly Daughter

Page Tuner is a prolific writer and share her thoughts on Fetlife and her site Poly.Land. Below is a link to the writing that caught our eye, because it so personal and so relevant to our fellow Kinksters. Page has been a guest on the cast several times in the past and always brings perspective to polyamorous relationships and those looking to start one. For more information of her writings, visit Poly.Land on the...


#257 - Mistress Tulsa - Expectations of a Female "D” Type

Mistress Tulsa has been involved in the Atlanta BDSM community since the mid 90's, having been a regular at PEP Atlanta and Sanctuary of the Dark Angel. Although her background is in classic D/s-M/s and heavy sadomasochism, she has an affectionate solidarity with the local leather community and various lifestyle niche groups. Over the years, she has been involved in two long-term M/s poly relationships as a slave, but is now happily in a long-term monogamous relationship, with Mr. Stripey...


#256 - KinkyCast Crew New Years Show 2018

Every year at this time we gather members of the KinkyCast crew and sit around the dining table to discuss the happenings in our world. This year’s topic is Mainstreaming. We once had an exclusive little club called Kink. It didn’t matter if you were LGBTQ+, swinger, poly, straight, BDSM practitioner, or any of the other flavors for kink that make the crazy quilt that we are. We stayed underground, because it was safe. The fewer outsiders that knew about what we did, the better. Time goes by...


#255 - Susan Wright - NCSF - In The News

Every year at Christmas time we sit down with Susan Wright of the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom ( We talk about what’s in the news that Kinksters, polyamorists, and the spectrum of players that we call friends. With the many changes in the presidential cabinet, we wonder what was changer in 2018 and what might change in 2019. What rights we may loose, current freedoms that will be less free and the just plain fucking us that is so irritable. This is always an...


#254-IsMostlyEvil - The Lazy Doms Guide to Domming

In our exhausting search for new and different things to bring out listeners, we stumble onto some pretty interesting people and some downright hilarious writings. Tonight we bring you, Is Mostly Evil’s slightly tilted world of lazy Domming. How did IsMostlyEvil (aka IsMe) get here, you need to listen to this wild ride into a lazy world… But first, a disclaimer of sorts... I do want to point out to those who don't quite get the concept of satire and humor: This is for entertainment...


#253 - Lady Steele - Consent Apps

WTF? Consent Apps? A do-it-yourself, grab your phone, and get consent for whatever you want/need. These 'said to be legally binding' apps will simply not get the job done in a court of law. In the show we describe several types that include everything from recording a video together giving both participants' ‘permission’ to debauch. Others have a check list of BDSM kinks and what will be strictly followed by the people involved. Long time friend of the Cast, Lady Steele, Lawyer to the...


Bella LaVey - Author "Fetish Girl"

Bella LaVey spent five years as the highly sought-after dominatrix and erotic wrestler known as Evil Kitty. Through her own sexual awakening, she learned that there is nothing more powerful than bringing one’s darkness into the light and owning your story. Bella believes we must become unshameable around our sexuality to become sexually whole and empowered. She is a holistic sex and relationship coach and facilitates several workshops in the domains of embodiment, tantra, intimacy and...


The Wild Triad Show

Over the course of our history we have had the privilege to talk about polyamory with so many of our guests. We have had a lot of insight into how all of the pieces can fit into a working poly relationship. So, when we were approached by longtime friend of the cast, AutumnOrange, with the idea of an inside look at poly relationship we were happy to do so! When we last checked, this popular polycule’s recent video from Extreme Love had 16 million plus views within just a few short days. So,...

The Ferrett - Dealing With Angry Comments

"How Do You Deal With All These Angry Comments?" Journal Entry "I just saw your latest entry," goes the text. "Holy shit, how do you deal with all of these idiots leaving snarky comments?" So I thought I'd share my official Tips For Handling FetLife Comment-Storms: Tip #1: Be A Dude. As with so many other things in Western culture, if you can manage to be a dude, and preferably perceived as a cis one, then your comments will immediately become 70% easier to deal with. People sure do...


Novectaner - Machine Extraordinaire

I do the things they say shouldn't be done. Whether it's hangings or crucifixions, it is not for the faint of heart. I do tend to enjoy play that involves a bit of an edge. Some of the pics are from ideas I and/or one of those wonderful playmates had in mind. I like playing with a wide variety of styles and interests. Yes the pics show mostly the more edgy stuff (that's what catches people's eye), but that doesn't mean I won't equally enjoy what a new playmate wants to try. Maybe I have...


Rope Tiger Daddy - Pushing Limits

This week we explore Pushing Limits, the good, the bad and the ugly! Our guest is Ropetigerdaddy is a frequent writer on Fetlife as well as the author of several books with the intent of helping guide new people to the lifestyle. He lives in the rural midwest on a small farm with his babygirl.


Ascending Phoenix - Author

#247 - Ascending Phoenix - Author AscendingPhoenix is a certified hypnotherapist, a Master NLP practitioner, and a Master Shaman. After beginning his kink adventures in Atlanta in 2002, kink has became a core part of his life. He has been involved in erotic hypnosis since 2007, and has been active teaching in the kink community since 2010. His presentations tend to cover the mental and emotional aspects of BDSM, usually including an emphasis on healing and headspace.


For Fucks Sake - The Dirty Nasty Things I Do!

Tonight I had sex with two men. I was tied up, spanked, humiliated, degraded. My tits were bruised, my face was smacked. I have marks on my ass and thighs. Every hole I have that could accommodate a cock was used. I came over and over, until I lost count. My cum soaked the sheets. My body still aches from the use and abuse. This is an example of the dirty, nasty things I do. I top. I bottom. I like cock. I like pussy. I enjoy pain. I enjoy giving pain to others. I love sex, I love BDSM and...


AngelKnightXXX - Pain Star

Hi there I’m Angelknightxxx on fetlife and angelic_knight on IG. Feel free to send me a message and check out my portfolio. I have been modeling for 2 years and enjoy it very much. I have collaborated with some talented individuals and I know just how blessed I am. I have been in the lifestyle for about 5 years now and have been more active in the last year. I am a bonafide pain slut and rope enthusiast. Whips are my friend as well as canes. I enjoy the art of Kinbaku and Semenawa as its...


#Special Edition - Me Too & More

It may be in the news, but how does it affect you? More people than you could imagine have been sexually attacked. Guest Host, Miss_Tress visits with Doc Cinnamon to layout how personal an attack can be. These two well informed women give you a political view for current news in the Me Too movement. This is an important special edition that will make everyone that listens, rethink their own past.


Race Bannon - Gay Rights Icon

Race: I’ve been active in the Leather scene since 1973. Initially, apart from being a bartender in a sleazy kinky bar, I was essentially a lone maverick player. Then around 1980 I got deeply involved with various clubs, organizations and projects that changed that lone wolf status. Since then I’ve been an organizer, writer, educator, speaker and activist in the LGBT, leather/kink, polyamory and HIV/STI prevention realms. I’ve authored a well-known BDSM book, been published extensively,...


Scarlett Ross - Money & Poly

Scarlett is a writer, teacher and wild woman with 20+ years in polyamory. Money & Poly Sex & money don’t mix, or do they? How you think about money and relationships impacts how your relationships grow and intertwine. It’s just as important that we consent to our money relationships as we consent to our romantic / sexual / kinky relationships. When do you speak up about how you relate to money? The negotiation skills we learn in our communities can come in handy when you’re dealing with...


Poly101 - Recorded Live at Frolicon

Welcome beginners, old-hats, onlookers and those who are curious. 4X4, KianteWench, German and Aria lead this Q&A discussion on Polyamory and its many forms in a basic and straightforward way with the key goal of educating and enabling people who want to start or enhance their Ethical non-monogamy journey. The hosts can be reached via Fetlife.


2MDs & A Microphone - Rash Decisions - Recorded Live at Frolicon

Doctor D and Doctor Peggy Sue are back for another round of the intersection of kink and actual medicine know-how sprinkled with improv comedy, sarcasm, double entendres and disturbing photographs taken with our night vision cameras in the dark room that will have you laughing and itching all at the same time. If you haven't been to our panel yet, where the fuck have you been?


Jay E. Moyes - Public Relations to the Kinky Stars

I'm an artist, and when I was in college, I met two Dominatrixes that drew me into the BDSM scene of the San Francisco Bay Area. I released several calendars of my Femdom art, and moved to Los Angeles to be with a new lover. In 1999, I was recruited to work at Adult Video News and worked in the art department. My job there was to gather artwork to go with news stories and press releases running in the magazine. This put me directly in touch with publicists in the adult industry.