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Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.

Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.
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Join Hosts Woody & NYBeast as they discuss their views on BDSM and the kinky lifestyle. Listeners can email questions to: or call 916-KINKY69 and leave questions in voice mail to be played on future casts.




#298 - Find Me in the Sun - Life Changing Events

Today Woody sticks his nose in FindMeInTheSun’s business. She lays it out best… "I have never been your typical California girl, sure I have blonde hair, sometimes, the sun is like my mothership, I am pretty much tan all year round, I used surf slang a lot, but that is about all that makes me your typical Cali girl. After living my life for someone else (which I have no regrets doing) I realized I lost myself. When my son moved in with his dad and left me pretty much an empty nester, I...


#297 - Just Rob - Leather Leader

Todays guest is JustRob or just Rob :) He have been involved in the public community in Jacksonville, FL since 2008. Identifies primarily as a Top and a Leatherman, but on occasion, he inhabits the roles of Sadist, Dominant, Leader, Mentor and Teacher. Leading the committee that runs the local group Alternative Lifestyles Enthusiasts (A.L.E.),. He organizes the weekly Taco Tuesdays event and is especially passionate about and active in their local polyamory...


#296 - Daemon Danes - Fetlebrity

#296 - Daemon Danes - Fetlebrity Daemon Danes is an alternative lifestyle enthusiast, knowledge worker, and somewhat of an icon or anti-hero to many in the Fetish community. He is the proud patriarch of a 24/7, M/s poly family known as the "Danes", who share colorfully about their lives online. Often controversial but never boring, Daemon is seen as an unapologetically extreme practitioner and outspoken personality to...


#295 - River City Girls of Leather

River City girls of Leather is a non-profit patch club based out of Jacksonville, FL. The club is for Leather identified women/girls, transgenders, and those who are curious about and/or enjoy Leather culture and history. It is our goal to increase understanding and encourage camaraderie among Leather identified women/girls within the Leather and alternative lifestyle communities with respect, honor, integrity, and dignity. They also hope to provide support as a sisterhood to local and...


#294 - Abbey Wants It

How does a hot wife in Salt Lake City Utah, find play partners that want to perform in front of hubby? The answer is not nearly enough for Abbey. She is the opposite of what you may think about and a good religious girl. She gets off on teasing very straight gentlemen. Hear how this land-locked horny girl get it, in a very conservative state and her happily married husband gets to watch. What fun!


#293 - Milady_Jet - Age Has Nothing To Do With It

After fleeing the cold and damp of jolly old England at the age of twenty one, Jet spent fifteen years in Chicago living a mostly mundane life until a divorce changed her life. After fourteen years and two marriages without ever achieving an orgasm, she discovered that she was not actually frigid but indeed was multiorgasmic. During the next year she experimented and made a point of acting out every fantasy she and her lovers could imagine. In 2010 when she was fifty, Jet tried dating a...


#292 - Sassy - Should I or Shouldn't I

Sassy has been involved in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago kink scene since her 40th birthday when she stumbled upon Fetlife. She started as a service sub only to realize she hates service loves pain. Sassy can be found at events either being shot with gummy bears, being mind fucked with large bags of ice, or laughing as the meanest tops hit her. Her speciality is finding loop holes in any rules or instructions her tops give her. A huge advocate of responsible bottoming and open...


#291 - Mark Warner - Anafiel House

Anafiel House is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to survivors of intimate partner violence without regard to gender or sexual identity. The pilot office in Ringgold, GA will provide referrals for counseling, therapy, legal assistance, educational and employment resources, provide emergency food and clothing, and more. Anafiel House plans to have a secure main campus located on in a rural area within an hour of downtown Atlanta by the year 2023. The campus will...


#290 - Scarlett Ross - Jumping Off the Relationship Escalator

Let's talk about jumping off the relationship escalator and breaking through the monogamous mindset. We have a great deal of holdover ideas from monogamous culture that can be toxic or limiting to polyamorous / Consensual Non-monogamous relationships. But how do we define successful relationships if we aren’t using society’s measuring stick?


#289 - Pat Machate - NLAi Domestic Violence Project

What is DVP: The Domestic Violence Project was initiated in 1998.The vision of the NLA-I Domestic Violence Project is to create a national network to provide information, appropriate referrals, resources, and safe shelters for those in the world community who have been subjected to abusive and violent BDSM relationships and who are seeking a way out of those relationships or who require a more extensive support network than is otherwise available to...


#288 - Mr Ace & Auddie - Age Play & Obstacles

This week’s Frolicon recording deal with Age Play and the Obstacles life throws at you. Our presenters are, Mr. Ace (he/him) and Auddie (she/her). Here is a bit about the presenters: Mr. Ace is a 36-year-old, Female to Male (FTM) transgender, poly, Daddy Dom. He and his babygirl (Auddie) have been active in the Atlanta kink community for 6 years. Auddie is a 43-year-old queer, plus size, female, submissive little. She and her Daddy (Mr. Ace) have been active in the Atlanta kind community...


#287 -Ms_J on Fire

Fire extinguisher please!?! That’s what Woody needed after talking to this weeks guest, Ms_J. An educator of fire play and many other sadistic distractions (like recording this cast). We really did try to keep it on the rails. Here are a couple quotes from Ms_J’s Fat profile… "Sensually slowly reaching my hand up and across a woman’s breast, gently along the side of her neck, grabbing a fistful of her hair, with the barest of a whisper “Ima fuck you up!", withdrawing my hand from their hair...


#286 - Anticipatory Service with Heather - Recorded at Frolicon

This class will focus on defining service and what it means to anticipate the needs of another, show how to develop anticipatory skills and apply them to any form of service, whether it's in a D/s dynamic, serving your community, and even how to incorporate it into your vanilla life! It will also go over how a Dominant can communicate desires and teach a submissive how to serve them within a dynamic, whether that dynamic exists for an hour or for a lifetime. Coffee,...


#285 - So You Want To Build A Public Dungeon

A few weeks ago we took a road trip to Orlando Florida. The destination there is the Woodshed, a fabulous public dungeon with a great community that supports it. Today we bring Master Cecil’s story of how it came to be. No one ever said building a public play space would be easy. The mission of the Woodshed is education and the space is ideally set up for education and great play.


#284 - Abduction & Interrogation with Travis

Abduction and Interrogation, a discussion on how to set a scene, what are the key elements to an effective interrogation, how do you start it and how does it end. We review the safety aspects, both physical, emotional and possibility of trauma. Discussion includes examples of past interrogations including cause and effect of the scene start and what added to the headspace of the scene.


#283 - The Primal Show with Arc

Arc_Ulfgrim (they/them/it/that) has been in the kink community for over a decade in Tallahassee and the larger southeast region. They are an animal identifying primal player, who also identifies as a Top. They have been educating others on Primal Play within the larger kink community for five years. This includes classes taught for Black Monday Society in Tallahassee and Frolicon in Atlanta. Arc regularly travels to primal event in the Southeast and acts as a coordinator for the primal...


#282 - Podcasting for Writers with Trinity

How does being on-air affect a writing career? How do you get to be a guest on a podcast? What should you do once you're there? And what about creating your own podcast? Join our panelists, Trinity, JJ Rose, Shakir Rashaan and Woody (KinkyCast) for the answers to all these questions and any others you might have! We'll spend some time talking about why you want to be a podcast guest, as an author, what to do (and not do!) and then we'll move into how to create your...


#281 - Xanadu K - Courtesan & Guys, I Get It!

This week we have a real treat. Meet Xanadu K. A fourty-something pint-size powerhouse that is a true fet-leberty. Check out her extensive writings. We stumbled across two of her writings that peaked out interest. The Courtesan and Guys, I Get It, I Get It! To give you a bit of insight into this complex woman, check her Fet profile below... I'm 5'2.25" and fully convinced that .25 rounds it all up to 5'7". Just...go with it. My Amazon Wish List: Real doughnuts that make you lose weight,...


#280 - Lady Steele/Master Inferno/Sir Odin - Polyamory vs Polyfuckery

What is the difference between polyamory (more than two loves) and polyfuckery (non-monogamy)? Does sex have to be a part of polyamory? Does love have to be a part of non-monogamy? What forms do these very broad concepts take? Do these concepts overlap at times? Join Master Inferno, Sir Odin, and Lady Steele as they discuss the differences and confusion surrounding polyamory and non-monogamy.


#279 Lilah Rose - Model - Performer - Activist

Lilah Rose (she/her) is a fetish model and performer, educator, consent consultant, pro-switch, and disability and sex worker rights advocate. Her fetishes tend toward the heavily masochistic, and her classes focus on consent, communication, mental health, coping skills, and bottoming skills. When she is not juggling her many professional hats she can be found crafting, gaming, reading (mostly fantasy) and wishing she were at the barn with her horse. You can follow her on fetlife as...