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Moving Into the Opening of Divine Timing

No one likes to wait for their desires to come to fruition. Waiting, hoping, wishing can be one of the most frustrating feelings. What if you didn't have to wait for the realization of your desires? On today's show we're going to discuss how to harmonize with the natural rhythm of your life to realize your desires now.


Moving Beyond Resignation

Do you ever find yourself thinking it’s too late, why bother, nothing is going to change anyway? Resignation can be a heavy discouraging emotion. No fun. On today’s show we’ll explore how to lift the heaviness of resignation so you can get back into the flow of your life.


Your Gift is in Your Shame

What you don't want people to know about you, what you are trying to hide from others is actually the gift that you are. That may sound crazy; but if you look, you will find it is true for you. When you're trying to be someone you're not you're withholding the gift that you are which in turn creates a kink in your prosperity flow.


Leveraging Your Prosperity

Allowing yourself to receive the prosperity you deserve is actually counterintuitive to what your 'shoulds' tell you to do. When you feel as if you are breaking the rules and rebelling against the 'shoulds' in your life, you are actually closer to having what you want. You leverage your prosperity when you make the decision to lead with the gift that you are rather than your compromised self.


Aligning Your Money with Your Values

So often it can feel we have to live in either/or with our money. Either we can have financial stability or we can have what we want. If we opt for financial stability, it can feel we have to give up what we want and if we opt to move forward with what we want, it can feel we have to give up financial stability. Aligning your money with your values allows you to see you have more choices than you may have initially thought.


Revealing Your Current Relationship with Money

Living on the physical plane we have a relationship with money whether we want to or not. What impacts your flow around money is whether it is a compromising relationship or an authentic relationship. On today's show you will learn an exercise to help bring awareness to how you are currently dancing with the topic of money in your life.


Getting Closer to Your Money

Is money a thorn in your side? Are you hoping your uncomfortableness or stuckness around money will magically disappear making way for the abundance you desire? It is possible. On today's show we're going to discuss the possibility of moving from an adversarial or detached relationship with money to an empowering one. Getting closer to your money creates more room for you to be and ultimately more financial freedom.