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A constantly evolving journal to keep you, me and future Keon accountable. Making constant progress to the "you" you want to be.

A constantly evolving journal to keep you, me and future Keon accountable. Making constant progress to the "you" you want to be.


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A constantly evolving journal to keep you, me and future Keon accountable. Making constant progress to the "you" you want to be.








LAWK 13 - How your phone is changing your Brain Chemistry

This is a collaboration with Sweating the Small Stuff! Please go listen to their episode "019 - The Social Trap" on Black Mirror's Smithereen. I make a guest appearance and it's a hoot! Black Mirror is never a show to shy away from the horrific elements of technology. However, Season 5 Episode 2 titled "Smithereen" is one of the few episodes that focuses the "mirror" on something universally understood today. Social Media. The Company Smithereen is so similar to the social media of today...


LAWK 12 - Thank you Not Sorry

Everyone is usually sorry for something. "Sorry I'm late" "Sorry you didn't like it" "Sorry for the inconvenience". It's easy to be sorry. But its hard, and much more rewarding, to be thankful. The next time you want to use the word Sorry, try using the word Thank you. This will open up your brain to a whole world of reasons to be thankful. "Thank you for being patient" "Thank you for being honest" "Thank you for understanding". When you approach a situation positively, you not only are...


LAWK 11 - How to never be Overwhelmed

It's impossible to know where you'll be in 6 months. But you can help that future version of yourself today. We are often real jerks to our future selves because we treat them like a personal butler. Signing them up for things we don't want to deal with now: "I'll get to it later", "I'll do that next week", "Why should I worry about that now?" But like taxes, you will have to pay sooner or later. To combat this form of time entitlement, you should start thinking like a good roommate to...


LAWK 10 - Cash, Tools, or Trinkets? Which matters most to you?

What do you value most? Possibility or possessions? That is the major difference between the three items you can own. And they all are based on levels of potential. Money, for example, has infinite potential. With enough money, you can fund any project you'd like, make anything, or buy anything. But when you use it, it loses all of it's potential and becomes an item or a possession. These are things like decorations, trinkets, and toys. And once you have it, the potential is almost...


LAWK 9 - Creating is the goal. Not Likes, Followers or Subscribers

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. You can never practice enough. But the spark sets world champions apart from everyone else is their love of practice. Their love of the process and creation. Think back to when you've done something you disliked. Think about how you felt before and after. Did your level of excitement remain constant? Chances are your excitement and passion decreased (quickly). Now think about doing something you love to do. How excited do you feel just thinking...


LAWK 8 - How to take control of the Social Media

The Internet and Social media are one of the most powerful tools ever created. Communication has never been easier. However that constant flow of information can sometimes feel like drinking out of a fire hydrant. There is so much information and it's easy to feel overwhelmed with the news and updates you're recieving. Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are designed to make you stay on the site. They want your attention so they created THE FEED. "THE FEED" is the...


LAWK 7 - Why Multitasking is killing your productivity

To many people, the dream is to be a multitasker. Who wouldn't want to be a smart, capable person with the drive to do 20 things at once? However, multitasking can hinder your growth and sanity far more than it can help. When you multitask, your brain is divided. Your brain isn't a pie chart that you can cut into nice and neat pieces. Everytime you divide your attention, your brain needs to process and reset what it was doing. If you don't give it enough time, then it will become easy to...


LAWK 6 - Why keeping Count will stunt your growth

Let's try something. Can you tell me how many times you've played your favorite sport/game/hobby? Probably not. Can you tell me how many times you've done something you dislike/hate? Chances are its never or once. But there is a grey area inbetween. When you start working on something interesting, take a step back and ask yourself: Am I keeping count? If the answer is YES then you might want to reconsider how devoted your are to that project. When you keep count, the activity you are doing...


LAWK 5 - Why you need to give people Choices on your Choices

Making choices can be the hardest part of living in the 21st century. It's easy to feel like even the smallest decision will change your life forever. But it's even easier to think that you know better than other people because you'r more analytical than most. And there in lies the problem. Though its easy to make choices for others, especially when you feel that you're more experienced, it's far more important to stop and give everyone a choice on your choice. Confused? I don't blame you....


LAWK 4 - Why you are always ENOUGH, no matter what

Since it is Valentine's Day I thought it would be fitting to talk about Self Worth and Self Esteem. In the modern Social Media world it is incredibly easy to make yourself feel lesser because someone else has more fake internet points than you. But if you learn anything today, please learn that YOU ARE ENOUGH. No matter what anyone says, you deserve happiness and good things in your life. And taking a second to put down your phone, TV remote, or game controller and just say outloud "I am...


LAWK 3: How Routines will make a better You

Third time's the charm and today I talk about how Important Routine's are. Not only is it helpful to have your own personal routine to keep motivated and continue your progress, routines can help you do more than you think you can. When you make a simple and quick routine for something important to you, than it will become easier for you to repeat that process! Putting on your Socks, slipping on your shoes and tying them is a quick routine. Learning multiplication is a quick routine. Why not...


LAWK 2 - How to break free from Frustration

Keeping this thing rolling with the Second Episode on Frustration. I don't know about you but I get frustrated extremely easily and extremely often. But I realized that by being frustrated with a problem, you end up making a new problem for yourself. I share a story about how I overcame an extremely frustrating situation in my life. Not only did it create a great relationship with a new friend, but hopefully it will help you see how to let your frustrations go so you can accomplish the...


LAWK 1 - How to Stop stopping and Start

For the first episode, it's only fitting that I start with starting. I would like to welcome you on this journey I am taking. I am glad to have you. I am very bad a journal keeping but I love podcasting so this is my compromise with myself. I love to spread ideas but most importantly I like to catalog ideas. So many of the lessons I learn are forgotten. What better way to remember than to catalog them here. And I cannot have a library of thoughts and knowledge if I do not start.