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Expert advice on health and nutrition, including a focus on gut health, emotional eating and sustainable fat loss.

Expert advice on health and nutrition, including a focus on gut health, emotional eating and sustainable fat loss.
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Expert advice on health and nutrition, including a focus on gut health, emotional eating and sustainable fat loss.




Episode 11: An Expert’s Take on Intermittent Fasting, with Nutritionist, Dietitian and Author, Jaime Chambers.

You’ve heard my take on intermittent fasting (episode 5). Now I chat with Jaime Chambers, also a practising nutritionist and dietitian, and author of ’16:8 Intermittent Fasting’. Jamie and I discuss the practical implications of intermittent fasting (IF) from a weight loss, gut health and anti-aging perspective. We talk about the different types of IF and the particular people who may benefit from it the most, along with a real life case study from Jaime’s Sydney based clinic. So avoid...


Episode 10: How to Beat Sugar Cravings

If sugar cravings get you good - this is the podcast for you. I have spent years helping not only myself but also my clients break out of the sugar addicted cycle. It's not about will power, it's about knowledge. When you know why you're having sugar cravings, you can deal with them easily using the many practical and easy strategies I give you in this podcast. We talk about what sugar does in our body from a chemical perspective and what the science shows us is healthy regarding out diets....


Episode 9: The Best Gut Health Discussion You Will Ever Listen To, with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

The emerging science is proving the old adage true: you really are what you eat. More and more studies are showing that your diet and, in turn, the health of your gut is of critical importance to overall health and may aid in the prevention of various diseases. In this episode, I interview Dr. Will Bulsiewicz (@theguthealthmd on Instagram), a double board certified gastroenterologist and doctor of internal medicine. Dr B. and I take you through the studies and facts surrounding how to...


Episode 8: Bloating, the Science and What to Do About It

In this episode I discuss bloating. I suffer from it, you suffer from it, and this is what you need to know about it. I teach you what bloating is, what causes it, how its clinically defined and diagnosed, and when it's normal and when it's not. During my many years in clinical practice, I helped many gut health clients deal with bloating. So #beatthebloat with facts... not fairies. I give you practical food and lifestyle based solutions to beat your bloating without needing any crazy diets...


Episode 7: Fat Loss Truths & Common Mistakes (Part 2) - Feat. Angelique Clark, Accredited Sports Dietitian

This episode is part 2 of my discussion with Brisbane based accredited sports dietitian and performance nutritionist, Angelique Clark. In today's podcast, Angie and I answer questions submitted by you, the listeners, about fat loss, body composition, preventing muscle breakdown, exercise nutrition and supplement use. We end the podcast with a case based scenario to give you a behind the scenes look into how clinical sports dietitians approach their practice. With over 10 years of experience,...


Episode 6: Fat Loss Truths & Common Mistakes (Part 1) - Feat. Angelique Clark, Accredited Sports Dietitian

In this episode, I talk to Brisbane based accredited sports dietitian and performance nutritionist, Angelique Clark. With over 10 years of experience, Angie specialises in elite physique transformations and works with celebrities as well as CrossFit, natural body building and bikini competition athletes. In today's podcast, Angie and I chat about weight loss v fat loss, metabolic adaptations, reverse dieting, health in the pursuit of leanness and the relationship between hormones and fat...


Episode 5: Intermittent Fasting

In this episode I give you the latest information on intermittent fasting (IF), one of the hottest topics right now in the health, fitness and weight loss fields. I discuss the facts and the myths of IF and I go through the current scientific evidence relating to IF practices and how IF may, or may not, be applied to your lifestyle. Finally, I discuss how I have personally used intermittent fasting and my experience with it.


Episode 4: Gut Health

This episode is all about gut health. In it, I talk about what encompasses good gut health, healthy and unhealthy bowel habits, what's normal, what isn't and red flags to look out for, when you need to see a professional about your gut symptoms and my No. 1 tip to improve your gut health today. Like, share and leave a review if you enjoy.


Episode 3: Perfectionism and Weight Loss

In today's episode, I discuss how perfectionism can be a major factor holding you back from achieving weight loss or a healthy lifestyle long term. I discuss the reasons we "fall off the wagon" and how to get rid of the "I'll start again on Monday" mindset. Too many of us don't even realise that our perfectionist traits are holding us back, so if you are struggling with achieving your weight loss goals you need to listen to this episode.


Episode 2: Managing Non-Hungry Eating

In today's episode I discuss the 2 types of hunger: true physical hunger and "head hunger". From my experience, identifying whether or not you are truely hungry can be the main thing preventing you from losing weight. Too often people eat when they are bored, stressed, emotional or lonely. In this podcast I teach you how to combat non-hungry eating and how to identify your true hunger signals so that you are properly nourishing and fuelling your body.


Episode 1: 6 Fat Loss Tips

In today's episode, I discuss my 6 top tips for sustainable fat loss that I have developed over my 10 years experience as a nutritionist and clinical dietitian. I talk about the current evidence for the best rate of fat loss, the current research about sustainable fat loss and my advice for losing weight and actually keeping it off. My 6 golden tips are things everybody can, and should, do on a daily basis for their weight, but also their health.