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The Irwin Mitchell Podcast shares advice and guidance on the topics that matter most to you, including the latest legal and financial news from our experts and special guests.

The Irwin Mitchell Podcast shares advice and guidance on the topics that matter most to you, including the latest legal and financial news from our experts and special guests.


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The Irwin Mitchell Podcast shares advice and guidance on the topics that matter most to you, including the latest legal and financial news from our experts and special guests.




Why the Menopause Is a Business Issue

Over the last few years, there’s been increased discussion among businesses about how they can help support menopausal women in their organisations. Research into this area suggests that somewhere between 10% and 53% of women are negatively affected by menopausal symptoms at work. Listen to our employment experts Jo Moseley and Jenny Arrowsmith discuss how organisations can help menopausal women continue to feel confident and comfortable in their work.


Alternative Dispute Resolution and Cases Involving Children

We’re leading the way in raising awareness of the options available to couples to amicably resolve their issues outside of court. During this podcast we’ll talk specifically about impact of ADR on children and the advantages of coaching separated couples in co-parenting. Join our host and family law expert Ros Bever as she chats with Marcie Shaoul, founder and director of Rolling Stone Coaching and also responsible for developing The Co-Parent Way, helping separated couples co-parent...


Doing Business in the USA

A recent study by BritishAmerican Business and Bain reports that the key priorities for US investors in the UK include better relations with the EU, a US-UK Free Trade Agreement and more clarity around the UK industrial strategy. This is despite US companies showing significant confidence in the UK as a place to do business. Join our host and Head of US desk Georgie Collins, as she chats with US business experts Emanuel Adam and John Dickerman. They discuss the opportunities, challenges,...


Pensions and Retirement Planning

We’re supporting National Pensions Awareness Day which is all about raising awareness on the importance of preparing and saving for retirement – we’ll be looking at the key issues that everybody faces when considering pension options. Join our host and pensions expert Penny Cogher as she chats with Naomi Neville, Solicitor in our Tax Trust and Estates team and George Uglow, Financial Planner here at Irwin Mitchell.


Dealing with Pre-nups in a Mediation Forum

We’re leading the way in raising awareness of the options available to couples to amicably resolve their issues outside of court – during this podcast we’ll talk specifically about mediation and pre-nups and how they work in a mediation setting. Join our host and family law expert Ros Bever as she chats with Joanna Grandfield, partner and head of the family team in London at Mills & Reeve.


Embracing Equality and Diversity

Equality and diversity is a key topic among employers. The 2010 Equality Act consolidated prior legislation around discrimination and offered businesses more consistency in their approach. Since then, there’s been plenty of studies which demonstrate the commercial benefits to businesses who embrace equality and diversity as part of their model or structure. Listen as employment expert Elaine Huttley discusses this with Sheri Hughes, UK Diversity & Inclusion Director at Page Group.


New Ways of Working – Embedding Flexible, Agile and Hybrid Working in Your Business

At least 46% of the working population worked from home at some points during 2020 and 2021. After witnessing the benefits to employees and businesses, many organisations are considering introducing flexible, agile or hybrid working patterns, offering their workers greater freedom as to when and where they work. Host Jenny Arrowsmith discusses this development with fellow employment expert Helen Dyke.


Divorce - Let's do it Differently

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is becoming an increasingly popular choice for couples to amicably resolve issues outside of court. However our recent survey highlighted that 39% of divorcees were not aware of the alternative options. Our family law expert Ros Bever, is joined by Joshua Rozenburg, Britain's most experience legal commentator, Lord Wilson, a former Justice of the UK Supreme Court, Janet Bazley, QC at 1GC, Gillian Bishop, consultant at Flip and Nicholas Allen, QC at 29...


Family Businesses - The Financial and Emotional Challenges

Family businesses often face difficult challenges and additional complexities that can impact you, your family and your business. Our experts will uncover the emotional and financial impacts, generational issues, succession planning and family dynamics that often get in the way of running a thriving business. James Laycock, Partner in our Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team is joined by guest speaker Russell Haworth from The Family Business Partnership. Senior Associate Sarah Paton in our...


Incentivising and Retaining Your Workforce

Over the past year, COVID-19 restrictions have caused a dramatic shift in our working habits. While some are keen to get back to the office, many employees have enjoyed the greater flexibility that working from home offers. As restrictions are lifted, businesses must now consider how to adapt their offering to remain attractive to employees. Glenn Hayes is joined by Senior Associate Padma Tadi, who specialises in employment law at Irwin Mitchell, and Ian Goodwin, a chartered tax adviser and...


Coping With The Loss Of A Child

Every year, over 22,000 parents and carers experience the tragedy of losing a child. To observe National Bereaved Parents Day, our podcast explores the coping mechanisms and legal support available for grieving parents. Laura Daly is joined by Gayle Routledge, Chief Executive Officer of A Child of Mine, consultant psychiatrist Dr Richard Caplan, and Andy Swinburne, an Irwin Mitchell client who has experienced the loss of a child. They’ll discuss support networks, the impact on mental...


What’s on the Horizon for the Rural Economy

Around 12 million people live and work in the UK’s rural areas, contributing around £400 billion to the economy. But the last 12 months have seen its desirability increase considerably. Purchase and rental markets have boomed – thanks to home working – and global travel restrictions have led to an increase in domestic holidays. But challenges remain for landowners in the form of Brexit and climate change. Our latest podcast looks at the real estate developments rural landowners need to...


Why Holiday Pay Is Still Such A Big Issue For Businesses

Employees must receive the equivalent of 5.6 weeks holiday a year, and for full-time workers that amounts to 28 days. If you’re part-time, this is pro-rated. The Working Time Regulations say that a worker must receive a weeks’ pay for a week’s holiday. But the concept of a week’s pay is set out in a number of pieces of legislation that weren’t created with holiday pay in mind, and so holiday pay remains a big issue for businesses. In our latest podcast, employment experts Joanne Moseley and...


Foreign Direct Investment and the UK Economy

Around £1.5 trillion of inward investment was held in the UK in 2019, according to the latest Office for National Statistics figures. And attracting more foreign direct investment is vital for developing the UK's infrastructure, creating job opportunities and raising productivity. But activity has been heavily impacted by Brexit and COVID-19. Join our host Rob Cowling, international expert Bryan Bletso and Daniel Casares-Lauritsen, Chief Business Development Officer and First Law...


Supporting Trans Employees

There are around 600,000 Trans and Non-binary people in Britain. Many employers are keen to be supportive but are unsure how best to do so. In our latest podcast, employment expert Helen Dyke is joined by Cat Burton, a retired pilot and Chair of diversity charity GIRES. Together they talk openly about how organisations can best support Trans employees, including practical steps for employers.


The Life-Changing Impact of a Serious Injury

You can plan for many things in life, but you can't plan for a serious injury. It’s unexpected, hard to comprehend and can leave people confused as they face up to a future they never envisaged. But things do get better. Our latest podcast features two clients currently recovering from life-changing brain and spinal injuries. They talk candidly about the challenges they’ve faced, the progress they’ve made and the difference the right type of support, medical care and rehabilitation can...


Cladding – A Way Forward

Our latest podcast looks at how the industry can move forward from the cladding crisis. The Grenfell Tower fire led to a cladding crisis and changed the landscape of the housing market. Our host Jeremy Raj is joined by residential property expert Chris Baker and building surveyor Julia Webb from Dorrington PLC to discuss the issues facing the industry and solution to help move the situation forward.


Asbestos – the Past, Present and the Future

In 2021, thousands of people will die as a result of occupational exposure to asbestos. During Global Asbestos Awareness Week, our latest podcast looks at how dangerous the deadly fibres are, why they are still being used around the world and the importance of prevention until we find a cure. Our guest host Rosemary Giles is joined by fellow solicitor Adrian Budgen, Kate Hill, a trustee of the June Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund and Greg Byrne, a director of RB Asbestos Consultants.


The Changing Consumer – How COVID-19 Has Impacted Shopping Habits

The consumer sector is vital to the health of the UK economy. But it’s been severely impacted by COVID-19. We’ve seen huge shifts in consumer behaviour. 61% of us have changed stores, brands or the way we shop. Some retailers have been able to adapt and thrive. They’ve embraced ecommerce and digital marketing, and shifted their offer to target a more ethically conscious audience. Join our consumer sector experts Rob Coleridge and Alex Newman, along with Simon Preece, co-founder of...


IR35: Are you ready for the changes?

IR35 tax legislation rules for off-payroll workers are changing from Tuesday 6 April. But how will this impact your business? And what steps do you need to take to avoid falling foul of the new rules? In this episode, our employment law experts Glenn Hayes and Padma Tadi, with tax specialist Ian Goodwin of Mazars, discuss the changes and the actions businesses need to take.