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Experiences Over Things

Years ago, former Technology Services Sales Executive Matt Javit and his wife created a goal to save enough funds to travel the world! It's now been years that the two have been galavanting across the world with one backpack each stopping to live among each culture they visit and integrate themselves into the community for a short spell. Join us as we chat with Matt Javit about what it's been like to leave the stress of his successful life in corporate America in his prime to experience the...


Hear the Unheard, Think the Unthought

Join Maggie Kelly, Mindful Life Coach, Spiritual Wellness Mentor and Meditation Instructor as she chats about some of the common misconceptions people have about embarking on a meditation practice. It's not about having no thoughts....Meditation "enables you to hear the unheard, think the unthought and know the unknown." Please feel free to visit to learn all about the wonderful life-altering coaching, workshops, retreats and meditation courses Maggie offers at the...


Mothering Grief

Join us for a beautiful conversation about two mothers experiencing the loss of their sons in different ways. Roni Lambrecht, a real estate entrepreneur, and her son John, lost their only child Dalton at the age of 15 from a tragic ATV accident. Maggie Kelly shares her living grief raising a son with a chronic, life-shortening and incurable disease. The two spend this episode sharing each others pain, difficulty, insights and inspiration and what it's like to be in the throes of "mothering...


Out from Behind the Mask

Former Atlanta Falcons mascot and successful entrepreneur Trey Humphreys hit a rough patch and began reevaluating his life. He discovered the very thing lacking in him - the idea that he could be a vulnerable man - was missing in many men in his age group. So Trey set about to fill the niche and created The Neuyu Project, a wilderness travel company for men to disconnect from city life and reconnect with themselves and one another. Now Trey has created a friendship with a group of men...


The Cost of Being Right

Maggie shares her recent personal experience about how she reacted instead of responded to a misunderstanding with a client. Her old way of being crept in - anger, righteousness, ego - basic humanness. But the trick was that she noticed, not in the moment which would have been great but instead after creating a reason to have to go back and apologize. This inspiring episode reminds us of our basic humanity and how the consistent practice and dedication to meditation and other...


Step Into Your Life

Jonathan tells the story of how he went from being a quiet and shy kid to a contestant on America's Got Talent standing on stage in front of thousands of people. His personal journey, motivated by the desire to delve into the mysteries of the mind and turn it into his lifelong passion, is a conversation you don’t want to miss! What is a mentalist? How does one "Think Like a Mindreader" You can reach Jonathan:...


Hungry for More

Faced with a food addiction and Hashimoto's disease, Julie Reisler knew it was time for a life overhaul! Julie began the ancient practice of meditation and found it helped her to reconnect to her higher purpose, move through fears and doubts and create a career she loves. Julie is the founder and CEO of Empowered Living, a Life Design and personal development company. Julie is a multi-time TEDx speaker, host of The You-est You podcast and guest meditation teacher on the popular app, Insight...


Beware of Fast Food Spirituality

In this day of Google searches for quick answers to any question we ever have, Maggie cautions us not to get hooked into believing that we can become enlightened in one fell swoop. How does meditation relate to yoga? Maggie gives us a little insight into the ancient Vedic wisdom from which the Eight Limbs of Yoga were born. She expresses her concern for the possibility that meditation will ultimately become the West's next fad as yoga seems to have become. She cautions listeners to...


Appreciative Inquiry

Jesse’s journey of recovery began in 2005 when he was faced with multiple felony charges for his addiction to painkillers. With prison time being almost certain, he jumped head first into developing new routines and habits that would forever change his life. He began journaling, praying, and reading every day. He memorized affirmations to help him cope with his panic attacks and anxiety in his first year of recovery. Jesse is now an entrepreneur in long-term recovery who is passionate about...


"Bad-assery" and Your Authentic Self

In this episode, Maggie talks to international businessman Donnie Boivin about his breakthrough in getting out of his own way and finding success through authenticity. Fresh out of the Marine Corps, 22 year old Donnie Boivin landed his first straight commission sales job, and for 18 years he learned what it took to be successful in sales, business & life. At that youthful age he thought he knew enough to survive in one of the toughest professions in the world he quickly realized sales...


You Are Not Your Thoughts

This is an episode where instead of Maggie interviewing a guest, she is the one interviewed! Maggie discusses how most of us believe the thoughts that run rampant in our heads and that our consciousness is literally trapped in thought. Unless there's some kind of a disruption in that thinking and we perhaps have a glimpse of some other dimension, our thoughts then become the only screen through which we interpret or judge everything. We are in the grip of compulsive thinking which is only...


Investing in Yourself First

Former financial consultant Tommy Breedlove, talks to us about how living the "dream" almost killed him and how he reinvented his life to "choose goodness." Tommy's story resonates with many of us mistakenly thinking that happiness is somehow found "out there." Tommy Breedlove can be found at Please rate, review and subscribe to the Life Illuminated podcast to be notified each week when a new episode airs. You can reach Maggie Kelly through e-mail at...


Dribbling Toward Accountability

Journey with us as we talk to former NCAA Division 1 Seton Hall star forward "Stix" Robert Mitchell. Kicked off the team just days before being drafted to the NBA, Stix found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and facing 10-20 years in prison. How did this 2007 Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Year wind up there? And how did he find his way back to becoming the inspiration and leader he is today? A chance encounter with a life-altering mentor literally helped Stix to turn his life...


Consciously Living

In this episode, Maggie Kelly speaks to co-founder Harry Sherwood. Harry inspires people, locally and globally, to transform their lives through choosing a conscious lifestyle. Holistic health and conscious lifestyle coach, speaker and author, Harry aspires to give his audiences the permission to live the life that they have always wanted.He draws upon his times spent traveling the world living with yogis, monks, and martial arts masters to inspire and teach people how to...


Compassionate Boundaries

Join Maggie Kelly as she shares her journey toward uncovering her worth and finding the strength to set clear, compassionate boundaries with others as a result. Maggie talks to us about how to recognize how our relationships are but a mirror of how we feel about ourselves. Where did you inherit the conversations that drive your thinking and your life today? Spiritual, Life and Meditation coach Maggie Kelly, is the Director of Wellness at Satsang House, a meditation community. Maggie offers...


From Science to Soul Coach

Maggie chats with self-described Practical Woo-Woo, Jenny McFadden. Jenny is a Life Direction Coach, Author and Soul Purpose Guide based in Australia. For over 30 years, Jenny has been teaching women how to receive messages from their Intuitive Guidance and discover their true purpose so they can move forward with courage, confidence and conviction. Please review and rate this episode of Life Illuminated and be sure to subscribe to our podcast so you receive our newest episodes as they...


The Galloping Horse and the Sacred Pause

Are you living your life or is life living you? In this episode, Maggie will help you identify your "habit energies" and help you find a way to stop, calm, rest, and heal. She'll talk to you about the beautiful practice of mindfulness and meditation and inserting the "sacred pause" into your awareness. A twice daily meditator for over eleven years, Maggie Kelly is a Spiritual, Life and Meditation Coach, Public Speaker and owner of Satsang House, a meditation community located in the San...


From Secret Keeper to Storyteller

Maggie has a frank and inspiring conversation with former Pastor Steve Austin. Steve shares his struggle to transform from a secret keeper to a storyteller in his long battle to find his life's purpose after surviving a suicide attempt. Please rate and review this episode and subscribe to the Life Illuminated Podcast to receive future episodes. Contact: Maggie Kelly at


Mindful Perceptions

In this episode, Spiritual, Life and Meditation Coach Maggie Kelly helps us distinguish where our perceptions come from. Maggie will guide us toward understanding what store consciousness is and how it affects each and every one of our relationships. Maggie leaves us with mindful tips and tools to begin to tune in and notice our behaviors and practice ways in which we can shift our limiting beliefs and perceptions. If you have enjoyed this episode, please rate, review and subscribe to the...


Awareness Creates Choice

Maggie discusses the notion that awareness creates the opportunity for choice with Kristen Hobby, Spiritual Director, author and meditation instructor. Kristen reminds us how important it is to find those little moments in our day to reconnect to ourselves. If you like this episode, please rate, review and subscribe to the Life Illuminated Podcast!! If you'd like to connect with Life, Spiritual and Meditation Coach and Public Speaker Maggie Kelly, please connect by calling 858-248-0488 or...