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#44 Endings As New Beginnings with Sonya Zhong

Our beloved studio Shanti Yoga Shala is closing. Now what? Sonya Zhong, part of the Shanti Yoga team, joins Nathalie today. She is a graduate of Nathalie’s training, does research and a blog contributor for the brand, and runs digital advertising campaigns. She is very proactive and is able to contribute with her abundant creativity. Nathalie opened her yoga studio in New Orleans about seven years ago. In this episode, Sonya announces that the studio will be closing for the time being...


#43 Ayurveda- Complete Wellness with Henri Folse

Today we spend time with Henri Folse, an Ayurvedic health counselor. He looks at the foods that people are eating and helps them make incremental changes to improve their diet. Henri also helps people change the way that they eat, which he considers to be as important as what they eat. Henri explains what eating Ayurvedically consists of and how it makes eating more sacred. We hear about what he goes over with patients who come to Henri for consultations that he offers both in his home...


#42 - Meditation - A Simple Uplifting Practice For You

In my last episode, one of my top holiday tips was to meditate. Today, I offer you the gift of a simple guided meditation to help you stay grounded and calm during what can be a hectic time of year. It's very easy, effective and it can be practiced all year round. This practice takes less than 20 minutes. Enjoy! Happy Holidays ! Sign up for much more complimentary content with our Friday Highlights email Sign Up Here Want to learn an in depth course on healing techniques such as...


#41 Five Top Holiday Tips with Nathalie Croix

Top Five Holiday Tips From Me To You Self care is top priority especially in this time of the year. Love yourself first so you can show up to all those around you as a light source. I am here to offer you many tips on living a high vibrational life. Happy Holidays! Sign Up for Friday Highlights Sign Up Here Like the show? Help us out by sharing this episode with someone you love who can benefit from the show. Leave us a five star review on iTunes Interesting in enhancing your...


#40 Being In Your Purpose With David Bianchi

David Bianchi - Hollywood actor and spoken-word poet. He has appeared in over 90 professional and independent films. David speaks about being a multi-faceted artist and about his soon to be released book. Nathalie & David met in third grade while attending Greengates School in Mexico city and later reconnected in Los Angeles, CA. We hear about how David was born with the genetic coding to be the artist and that knowing this allows him to excel in life; he says that people who aren’t in...


#39 “There Is Something About The Outside Of A Horse That Is Good For The Inside Of A Man.” - Winston Churchill The World Needs To Open Up With Kimberly Terrana

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” ― Winston S. Churchill Want to deepen your practice book a private yoga training with Nathalie Croix Friday Highlights - Subscribe go to home page scroll down to the bottom right and subscribe to our newsletter for a ton of great articles and highlights Retired Race Horse Project , Interested in adopting a retired race horse ? Listen...


#38 Yoga Tradition with Melanie Fawer Going Back To Mysore

Today’s guest is Melanie Fawer, an ashtanga yoga teacher who is certified by Pattabhi Jois. We hear about how her first trip to India made her fall in love with yoga, in part due to the differences she saw in it there compared to the US. That first trip to India was in 1994, so we discuss the changes that Melanie has seen in yoga since then. Melanie teaches Mysore style yoga. She shares with us why it is so special to her and what exactly makes it unique. She continues to be impressed...


#37 All About Podcasting & Overcoming Your Downfalls with Andrew Gordon

Hi Everyone! Exclusive Member Content : Yes, Sign Me Up For Friday Highlights ! Click on the link bellow and stay in touch with Nathalie. Receive lot's of interesting news and updates + exclusive members only content delivered straight to your inbox. Today's Episode is brought to you by Shanti Yoga Shala offers weekly...


#36 Are Your Thoughts, Your Thoughts ? with Vincent Tamplain

Show Notes: Connect with Vincent Tamplain @little_leaf_pottery on Instagram Come see Nathalie and Vincent for Tea Ceremony on August 18th 3-4PM Space is Limited - Register today Online The ceremony ticket includes a special tea bowl made for you by Vincent We will be drinking high vibrational living teas imported from mountains in Asia. Purchase and reserve your spot today : If you cannot make it...


#35 Mastering The Business Of Yoga M.B.Om with Amanda Kingsmith

In this episode I interview Amanda Kingsmith the founder of M.B.Om, a podcast all about mastering the business of yoga Amanda is dedicated to bringing interesting and inspiring yoga teachers to your ears. Finding yoga teachers who have been successful in the yoga industry to help teach you about the business of yoga; the possibilities of being a yoga teacher, the realities of being a yoga teacher + the awesomeness of being a yoga teacher. I hope you enjoy the show! I was recently...


#34 - Back To Nature with Aimee Thomas

Keeping in touch with nature seems easy enough- take a walk outside, admire the stars at night, wake up and enjoy sunrise yoga. So why do so many of us disregard the enjoyment our planet provides. Taking care of and nourishing our Earth is the best way to manage and continue our relationship. Have you ever heard of Nature deficit disorder? Our guest today is Aimée Thomas a Professor of Biological Sciences at Loyola University in New Orleans. We discuss spiders, Natural History, the...


#33 - We All Need Connection with Denise Milfort

Navigating the dating world and relationships in general is difficult. When you mix dating apps, other people’s opinions, your own expectations and anxieties it can be downright exhausting. Loving, nourishing and investing in yourself is the best way to find a connection within and with others. At the end of the day everyone wants to be connected; have you ever thought about what it takes to find that connection? Our guest today is two-time guest Denise Milfort; an actress from Port au...


#32 - The Water Magister: Astral Travel with David Rodriguez

There are many things that we should be doing to maintain a happy and healthy life. Knowing our self-worth, believing in healing power, and surrendering or letting go of issues we cannot change are a few. Our guest explains how obtaining these can lead you to an enlightened life. Do you know that you alone can be the ultimate healer of your own body? We have two guests today. First is Nicole, manager at the Space and Raw Republic. Our main guest is David Andrew Rodriguez, also known as...


#31 - The Human Energy Field with Sarah Murray

Everything has an energy field; all beings from humans to crystals. Many of us have busy lives with many stressors - we learn how crystals can draw from past experiences to help us in future situations. Do you know how to utilize crystals to quiet our minds and souls? Sarah Murray joins us today to talk about healing and therapy using crystals. Her company Pure Healing Insight based out of New Orleans, LA focuses on Crystal Energy Healing, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Astrology and much...


#30 - Ion Alkaline Water with Gail Brown

Many of us have adjusted our diets to eat clean, healthy food, but what about the water we drink? The human body is mainly comprised of water, so shouldn’t we be drinking the best water available? Gail Brown joins us today to talk all about alkaline water. She and her husband sell alkaline water and purifiers through their business, Ion Alkaline Water. They are true believers in its benefits, based on results from their own lives. Gail battled cancer twice and was told she only had a 2%...


#29 - Meditation Benefits with Dr. Rebecca Hutchings - The Medical Mythical Panacea

Dr. Rebecca Hutchings, owner of Live Oak Yoga, teaches both adult and kid yoga. Her primary focus is vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on breath work and injury prevention. Rebecca guides her students through their practice with clear instructions, intelligent sequencing, and hands-on adjustments. She encourages her students to enjoy the physical challenges of yoga, play with personal limits, and find a quiet mind. Rebecca was born and raised in Berkeley, California. She discovered yoga while...


#28 - Brock Pierce From A World Of Me To A World Of We & Bitcoin

Brock Pierce is a visionary, a magician, an alchemist, and the chairman of The Bitcoin Foundation among many other things - including a lover life, our beloved Planet and Burning Man. Brock is know for his work in the cryptocurrency industry and a former Hollywood child actor with apperances in movies such as The Mighty Ducks, First Kid and Little Big League. He is also know for his extensive work in Bitcoins and other digital currencies as an advisor, founder, and investor. Having...


#27 - Power Walking with Avery Werther

Walking is so simple that we can easily forget just how beneficial it is! Avery Werther joins us today to remind you of the amazing benefits that walking provides and give some tips on how to walk for maximum benefit. Walking can improve mood, reduce health risks, boost memory, and much more! With our busy lives, it may seem that we simply don’t have the time to walk, but it doesn’t take long. Also, the benefits of walking include being more productive, so you may actually end up with more...


#26 - Meditation Studio - Patricia Karpas

Joining Nathalie today is Patricia Karpas from Meditation Studio. Meditation Studio is an award-winning app that makes meditation simple. Patricia is also the host of the Podcast Untangle. In this episode, we hear all about mediation, and the reasons to make time for meditation. Many of us may think we’re too busy for meditation, but often this means that we end up going through life anxious, or with some other unwanted effect. If we just took the time to meditate, we’d feel much...


#25 - Keep The Fire Burning with Angela Kukhahn

Angela Kukhahn joins Nathalie for a discussion all about yoga! Yoga lovers, especially teachers, will not want to miss this one. Nathalie and Angela talk about being a yoga teacher, tools and techniques developed along the way, and more. As yogis and yoga teachers, we’re always growing and evolving. Our views on what was right at one point in time can easily change, and often do, over the years. Angela shares what inspires her to inspire others while teaching and how to address the...