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UpliftFit Nutrition

In this episode, I got to chat with Registered Dietitian and Top 10 nationals bikini competitor Lacey Dunn! We talk about how journey in the fitness industry as well as drop A TON of practical take aways that you can apply to your fitness journey TODAY! This one is DENSE! Hope you enjoy!


Josh Perry BMX

Josh is a professional BMX rider living with 4 brain tumors while still maintaining competitive level BMX skills, running his own business, writing a book, and speaking internationally. We talk about his rearing, how he got into BMX, his inspiring and heart touching diagnosis of cancer, and how BMX and the Keto Lifestyle have impacted his life. Resources/websites mentioned in this podcast: Josh Perry Dr. Ryan Lowery Dominic...


Marc Lebert

I had the privilege of chatting with the Owner of Lebert Fitness, Marc Lebert! Marc has traveled the world, promoting his fitness brand to people all over the globe with high energy workouts and his simple, yet versatile fitness equipment. In this episode we talk fitness, psychology, business and much more! Enjoy this podcast with the successful, high energy, and hilarious Marc Lebert!


Dauntless Sport and Spine with Dr. Katie Clare

Dr. Katie Clare (@drkatie_clare on Instagram) is emerging in the fitness industry and a phenomenal resource on all things rehab, prehab, and keeping the body moving. She produces some of the most stellar content on Instagram that I refer to with my clients as well as training myself. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, and owner of Dauntless Sport and Spine in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We talk about her beginnings and how she got into...


Banks Audio Project Volume 4

More tips coming at you on Life and Fitness! Stay tuned until the end for this one. The rant at the end gets very real, very quick!


Lessons Learned in 2018

This episode revisits goals I set for 2018, and I take you through the process of reviewing what went well and what didn't, and preparing for the coming year to make it a year of progress and success, rather than just another year and unkept promises.


I Wanna Burn Fat (feat. Mounir Azegra)

Today I have a guest all the way from the Netherlands, and the owner of, Mounir Azegra. You may have seen me share a fair amount of his content on my instagram story, but his website and his Instagram contain a lot of well researched topics and studies on everything fitness and nutrition. He spends a great deal of time reading through studies and research journals in order to turn it into a more understandable and digestible form of literature so that the average person...


Daniel Dhers (Training for Sport, Biomechanics, Nutrition, Aging)

On this podcast, I have a very special guest, and easily the most google-able person I've ever had on the podcast. Five time gold medalist at the X-games, Professional BMX Rider Daniel Dhers. Daniel Dhers is somewhat of a legend on the extreme sport of BMX. We talk about his beginnings, training for sport, biomechanics, nutrition, owning a business, and maintaining professional athletic level conditioning and so much more. This is an extremely fascinating conversation and I hope you...


Physical Therapy and Athletic Training (Feat. Chris Adams)

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the Athletic Training Strength and Conditioning specialist for Raleigh Orthopedic, NC State Football, and the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey team! We talk about several things throughout the sports, prehab, rehab, recreational, collegiate, and professional training world! I learned a lot from this conversation and I am hoping you do as well! Be sure to leave a review, comment, like, and share the episode of you enjoyed it! Thanks!


Achieving Fitness (Feat. Jason and Lauren Pak)

I had the privilege of talking with Achieve Fitness Boston co-owner Lauren and Jason Pak. We talk about staying educated in the fitness industry, coaching methods for ensuring client progress, problems with commercial fitness gyms, staying active while pregnant and much more! This was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and share my content! Talk to me and let me know what you like! All of this goes a long way in helping my podcast grow. Thanks!


Coaching Youth, Social Influencers, and Spreading Positivity (Feat. Jordan Richardson)

Lifestyle Coach Jordan Richardson and I discuss social influencers, making an impact, and developing your personal brand among other things! We talk a lot about personal development and I hope you can learn something from the conversation!


The Stoic Trainer (Feat. Eric Rokisky)

Check my latest podcast featuring Health Fitness Specialist training out of Equinox in Downtown Los Angeles, Eric Rokisky! We cover a wide range of topics including past college experiences, current training modalities, and even psychedelics!


The World's Top Destination Spa (Feat. Lesli Lenover)

If you have followed my content for any amount of time, you may have heard me mention once or twice, my life-changing internship experience at the Golden Door Spa. Today's guest is none other than the Fitness lead the the Golden Door Spa Resort in San Marcos, California. The Golden Door is the world's top destination spa that focuses on inner and outer body recovery. Lesli was a past intern, then landed a job as a trainer, and has now moved up to the Fitness Lead, and oversees all fitness...


Banks Audio Project Vol. 3

The Banks Audio Project was born out of a never ending quest for knowledge in fitness, health, business, and life. This podcast is a compilation of conversations I seek consistently to enrich my life and hopefully it can bring value to your life as well!


Banks Audio Project Vol. 2

The Banks Audio Project was born out of my never-ending quest for knowledge and enriching conversations. I realized that much of what I ultimately shared with my audience was coming from the conversations, so I decided to cut out the middle-man and bring these conversations directly to my audience! *Disclaimer* The advice, thoughts and beliefs are merely those of the people that are speaking, and are not definitive of any of the topics covered. You may agree or disagree with anything...


Banks Audio Project Vol. 1

I realized that I often pursue conversation with others to learn, grow, and become better every day. I thought I'd share the quest for knowledge to all of my listeners.


A Defense For Carbs

There is an overwhelming number of resources that are waging war on carbs. I am here to made a defense for carbs. You'll hear me break down and demystify carbs so you don't have to be afraid to consumer them anymore!


Lessons From 2017

I failed in almost every goal I set for 2017 and those failures will serve as the catalyst for change and eventual success that is coming in some very big things in 2018! Managing relationships, resources, attention spans, depression, knowledge, fear... I cover it all!


Life and Nutrition Tips (Feat. Zoe T.) Long Format

It can be difficult to find a good source of information for nutrition and fitness, so when I stumbled upon ZoeTFitness on Instagram, I was more than excited at the content she posted. She is awesome, and I got to have a conversation with her on the podcast. Check it out!


The Focus of a Professional Golf Player pt. 2 (Feat. Hal Sutton)

Hal Sutton is a Louisiana native. He was a professional golfer with a staggering 14 PGA Tour wins, including the major PGA Championship in 1993, and in 2000, Hal defeated Tiger Woods in his prime, during The Players Championship. Before his professional career, Hal golfed at Centenary College where he earned Golf Magazine’s 1980 College player of the year. Hal won 14 Golf Tournaments for Centenary among many other successes, before moving on. Aside from his golf career, Hal has a background...