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Interview with Hilary Stock of Centre for Integral Health on Psychosynthesis

We've been lucky enough at Centre for Integral Health in the last 2 years to have Hilary Stock of Aspen Councelling offering a psychosynthesis approach to councelling and how this differs from the more conventional forms of councelling such of CBT and how this can contribute a valuable alternative route that can look more deeply at not just causative factors but also a vision of the possible future. You can learn more about Hilary's approach to counselling from her link on the centre site...


Alexander Technique as a way of developing excellence in any movement

As part of the latest series of interviews, I will be talking to practitioners from the Centre for Integral Health in Shrewsbury to find out what makes their approach to health so unique and why it fits so well with the integral model. In this episode, long term Alexander Teacher Patrick Pearson talks about what got him involved in Alexander Technique, how it maximised his rowing skills and saw him coaching olympic athletes, what it can be use for and the less commonly known benefits for...


Talking Integral Health, Qigong and Shadow Self with Elaine Godley of Elastic FM

Elaine Godley of Elastic FM's Perfect Health show invited me on this month for an interview about all things holistic, what the integral vision is and how it can be used in health assessment and maintainance. We also talked about LifeForce Qigong and how it developed through my brother Simon Calder and lastly dipped into the world of the shadow self and why that work is so important and how it helped me overcome some of the most difficult phases in my life and career. You can check out...


Snowdon 24hr Challenge BBC Radio Shropshire Before & After Interviews

Just before doing the Snowdon 24hr Charity Challeneg, Christina and I were lucky enough to invited onto BBC Radio Shropshire to discuss the reasons behind this choice of challenge. They were also kind enough to invite us for a follow up interview by phone the following week. Here you have both segments from the radio show. It was reall great to get to talk about this on public radio and share our success as we raised over £3000 for our collective charities of Midlands Air Ambulance and the...


Interview with Christina Morgan of Snowdrop House on our Charity Challenge

So this little episode is a short chat with founder of Snowdrop House Hypnotherpay, NLP Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Business Coach and Personal Trainer, all round miss motivated, Christina Morgan. We're going to be talking about why she had the idea to raise money for the Staffordshire/Shropshire/Cheshire Blood Bikes by seeing how many times she can go up and down Mt Snowdon in Wales in 24hrs on 6-7th July 2018. What is even more miraculous is that she managed to convince me that it would be...


LifeForce Qigong and the contribution an Integral movement system can have on yo

The last of the interviews I was able to conduct while on the LifeForce Qigong training in Poland in March 2018 was with system founder and creator Simon Calder. This gave me a great opportunity to talk to Simon about what Qigong is and what the value in developing our own self parctice through this system, how it can act as a self directed antidote to the additional stresses that modern life generates and how we can improve and extend our quality of life, no matter what age we begin our...


The importance of Breathwork in modern trauma release

My time at the Integral Body Institute in Poland, studying LifeForce Qigong with Simon Calder, was rich for a number of reasons. One of the other institute faculty Giten Tonkov, the founder of Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release was also there and was kind enough to give me an interview. We spoke about the value of Breathwork and safely releasing trauma and his views on why the demand for this work had increased so much, its implications for the openness and health of men especially and on...


The Value of an Integral Body Institute: Interviewing Nisarga Dobosz

I have been lucky enough recently to be attending the first ever training of LifeForce Qigong at the Integral Body Institute in Poland, lead by Simon Calder. While I was there it felt like a great opportunity to chat to the founder of the Institute Nisarga Dobosz and talk about what brought him from his university engineering background to teaching myofacial release and bodywork, why he feels this is so necessary and what the future vision for the institute is....


Arterial Stiffness Testing, Mitochondrial Therapy and More

I took a bit of time out of my 15th anniversary celebrations to interview nutritionist Naomi Langford-Archer who is based at the Centre for Integral Health in Shrewsbury UK to talk about some of the great innovations that Naomi brings to her nutritional practice. Not only can she offer traditional nutritional guidance, but also employs a number of objective tests to help inform the direction of the advice she gives. Here we get to talk about her arterial stiffness testing, for assessing...


My guest spot on the last ever Diet, Health & Fitness show on Calon FM

It was great to be invited back to be part of the last ever Diet, Health and Fitness show on Calon FM with the fabulous Denise Oliver and Counsellor and Mindfulness coach Kim Patel. Here we look back over the shows we've been on in the last year and the best parts of the year for us all, including how great it's been to be on the radio, having Access Bars and Access Consciousness.


My interview on Empowerment Hour 3 of 3 with Denise Oliver

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Denise Oliver on Calon FM's Empowerment Hour programme where we discuss my life and career so far (I'm still young). In this programme we talk about traditional hand poke tattooing and how my brother Simon Calder introduced me to the practice and taught me how to do this sacred spirit process.


Calon FM Empowerment Hour 2 of 3 My Story so far

Great to be able to listen back to the 2nd of the 3 part interview by Denise Oliver on the Calon FM Empowerment Hour programme to look at all aspects of my life and carerr so far. This second part focuses on the evolvement of my professional career as a kinesiologist and how that began. Including how discovering a sugar allergy was the big step to to learning more and understanding more about health and well being from natural holistic perspectives.


Empowerment Hour with Denise Oliver my Story 1 of 3

Here is the first of 3 part series looking at my life and career to date. Along with some great banter with Empowerment Hour presenter Denise Oliver, you get to hear the early parts of my life here. Where I grew up, early influences and the steps that brought me to the beginning of my career in health.


My Guest Spot on the Diet, Health & Fitness Show 8th September 2016

Another chance to listen back to my guest spot on the Calon FM Diet, Health and Fitness show on 8th September 2016. In this show host Denise Oliver and I talk about autumn foraging, Vital Essence Breathwork, the Shadow Self, cacao ceremonies and the importance of maintaining your Vitamin D levels from the end of September


My guest spot on Calon FM Diet, Health & Fitness 30th June 2016

Here's another chance to listen back to my guest appearance on Calon FM with the fabulous Denise Oliver on 30th June 2016 In this show you'll get to listen to us discussing Fascia Ball Workouts, Chi Kung, Epigenetics, Access Bars, the effects of adrenaline and the battle of the Somne.


Replay of Calon FM Diet Health & Fitness Show from April 2016 for my Guest Spot

Another chance to listen back to the Calon FM's Diet, Health & Fitness show with Denise Oliver for April. My regular guest spot this month saw us talking about a range of topics including the upcoming Chi Kung classes, Chi Kung in the Park, Avocado peelers aging well, Robert De Niro, Vaxxed and the Tribecca Film Festival


My guest spot on the March 2016 show of Diet Health & Fitness

Heres a little chance for you to Listen back to my guest slot on the Calm FM Diet, Health and Fitness Show with Tracy Jones and Denise Oliver where we discuss spring detox, liver detox, 5 element chi kung for the wood element and spring, the associated emotions of anger and frustration. We also talk about Integral relationships and how to make friends with the shadow self that find irritation in the people around us.


Something Completely Different radio replay guest spot with Heather Noble

Check out this replay for the Calon FM Something Completely Different radio programme hosted by Heather Noble as we talk about all things Vitamin D and how it can effect the body to have a low level of Vitamin D, what signs and symptoms you can expect to see, how to deal with it, when do we stop/start making vit D and much more.


My guest spot on Calopn FM Diet, Health & Fitness Show 14th January 2016

Listen back to this classic show of Calon FM's diet, health and fitness show hosted by Denise and Tracy with me there as guest talking about all things health including January detox, alcohol and sugar, vitamin doses, immunity, colloidal silver, vitamind D, Echniacea, cholesterol and much more


My guest spot on Calon FM Diet, Health & Fitness Show October 22nd 2015

Here's a chance to listen back to the Calon FM Diet, Health and Fitness show on which I wasa guest in October 2015 where I talk about a mix of health topics with hosts Tracy and Denise. This episode includes discussion on kinesiology self testing, home made protein bars, standing desks, 5 element and standing qigong, birch sap water and more. enjoy