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Welcome to the Lifestyle Locker Radio where we dive into what makes an AWESOME LIFESTYLE. From relationships to money mindset, nutrition to fitness, emotional health to peak performance, we bring you on an amazing journey to UNLEASHING YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL…

Welcome to the Lifestyle Locker Radio where we dive into what makes an AWESOME LIFESTYLE. From relationships to money mindset, nutrition to fitness, emotional health to peak performance, we bring you on an amazing journey to UNLEASHING YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL…
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Welcome to the Lifestyle Locker Radio where we dive into what makes an AWESOME LIFESTYLE. From relationships to money mindset, nutrition to fitness, emotional health to peak performance, we bring you on an amazing journey to UNLEASHING YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL…








154: Race To 100-14: Trust the Universe

Trust the UNIVERSE, There's always a grand plan. Some times we all forget that we put our best intentions out there and sometimes things might not happen when you want. That's alright. It happens when it's supposed to happen. My training was like that this week. Lots of ups and downs! Dive into this episode of Lifestyle Locker Radio as I dissect this week's...


153: THE RACE TO 100-13 FEAR

FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is something similar to pain. I HATE it, yet it allows me to push harder and farther. Where in your life can you use fear to your advantage? Face Everything And Rise (FEAR). I believe in you! Do you? - Dr. Josh Handt


152: Race To 100-12 VULNERABILITY

This was a challenging week. High stress, a death, and LOW mileage. That's it. Back at it this upcoming week.


151: The RACE to 100-11: Persistence and Pain

This was the second week of persistence with consistency. Running 70.2 miles after running 82 miles the last week was a pure test of will. I decided that I'd like to become mostly plant-based or what I would call a paleolithic human being. What I mean by that is that I'd eat mostly vegetarian and sporadically have small portions of organic grass-fed meat. A true gatherer-hunter style... not the traditional hunter-gatherer. So... persistence and pain... these are 2 things that every ultra...


150: The Race To 100-10: 20-20-20 then more

A week of HIGH physical stress. When I decided that I wanted to run 100 miles this week, I realized that that would mean an average of 20 miles a day for the 5 days of running. I did 20 miles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Saturday and Sunday were 10 and 12 miles. I completed 82 proud and tough miles. At first, I wanted to not DEAL with failing to reach the 100 for the week. Then again... I JUST RAN 82 MILES!!! The most I have ever run in a week, EVER!!! So here's to pushing yourself...


149: Race To 100-9: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL

Just over 5 weeks out before I will be going to run my first 100-mile ultramarathon. My body and mind have been having some hard times. My armpits have had this deep red rashi that's itchy that started a couple of weeks ago from using an ALL NATURAL deodorant. I tried different deodorants and tried nothing has worked. The running, sweating, and chafing has made my one arm have a pretty nasty rash. I've finally started using a product from the health food store that has calendula and some...


148: The Race to 100-8 - The Discomfort Zone

Wow, this episode is a great overview of all the training so far. We get into my why and how that's important to you. Dive deep into this episode and see if your why is big enough for life! Remember... have fun running whether it's for fun or for your first mile or first marathon or 100th. As David Goggins says "STAY STRONG"


147: Race To 100-7 DO WHAT YOU CAN'T

Do what you can't. “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again. That is why I succeed.” — Michael Jordan Sometimes failure feels like hell and other times it doesn't. Why is that so? Our own perceptions of our circumstances either make us better as human beings or make us more disconnected with our failures. I think owning your failures and making...


146: Race to 100-6: 21 miles

The RACE TO 100... Episode 6. I get down and dirty with the training. MURPH 2 times during the week, a 10 mile run, and a 21 mile run. 21 miles is the longest training run to date for me. It was BRUTAL... Insane humidity and some brutal heat. I went through over a gallon of water and was still dehydrated. Let's just say the last couple miles SUCKED! The point is this... that in order to grow, to get better, you have to embrace the suck. Let's just say you will have to go to the pain cave...


145: BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS and being Body Wise with Dr. Amelia Rodrock

Dr. Amelia Rodrock has been in practice for almost six years. Chiropractic is a second career for her. She was a massage therapist for ten years before going to chiropractic school. When Dr. Amelia started school she had never been adjusted, a client of hers told her he thought she would be good at it. At first, she wasn’t sure because of the time and money commitment. But as a single mother of two, she wanted to be able to provide for her children in a way she couldn’t at the time. Dr....


144: Race To 100- 5: don't be hard on yourself

Have you ever taken a small break from something in your life and then come back better or stronger at it? Well, it's happened to me when I used to workout in CrossFit, and now I'm hoping for the same experience with my recent vacation to the Bahamas. Not much exercise or running happened, but I'm back home and at it!!! here's some of the gear I spoke...


143: Primal Play where movement is medicine with Darryl Edwards

Darryl Edwards, is a Natural Lifestyle Educator and creator of the Primal Play Method™. Darryl developed the Primal Play methodology to inspire others to make activity fun while getting healthier, fitter and stronger in the process. Darryl is the author of several award-winning books including Paleo Fitness and the best seller Animal Moves. Find him on Facebook at Twitter @fitnessexplorer and Instagram @fitnessexplorer - a pop up will show...


142: The Race to 100-4- THIS IS 40

This is 40… can’t believe it. I’ve hit my 40’s and I feel like I’m healthier than ever before. Life has been one amazing journey. I’ve had my share of amazing adventures as a kid and as an adult… from 30 days touring all of Europe by train to traveling 300 miles round trip on a 27-foot powerboat with my wife over the course of a week encountering crazy weather, and challenges that made us a better couple. I ran my first marathon 3 years ago which ended up being the toughest marathon in the...


141: The Race To 100-3 Transcend Reality

"There's something magical about running; after a certain distance, it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the sole" Kristen Armstrong What an amazing week of training. I've been sorer than I have in a while. Incline sprints 4 days in a row with weight and calisthenic training. Then I added an almost 12-mile ruck carrying a 30lb rucksack through hills. Preparing for this event is making do things I...


140: Optimizing your nervous system with Neuroptimal and Dr. Valdeane Brown

Valdeane W. Brown, Ph.D. Co-Founder & President of NeuroOptimal Dr. Brown had a long and varied history in the field of mental health before even pursuing his Ph.D. in Psychology. For over 25 years he taught Continuing Medical Education courses across a wide range of clinical topics including Rapid Transformation of Borderline Phenomenology, Dual Diagnosed Clients, Dynamics of Family Therapy, Working With Angry Adolescents. For many years he was a featured and keynote speaker at numerous...


139: Race to 100-2 EVERY DAY IS TRAINING DAY

The RACE TO 100 is my journey on what I'm doing, how I'm doing, and what tools, tactics, products, and tips I'm using to train and complete a 100-mile marathon. I'm bringing you on daily and weekly journeys through Facebook Lives and these podcasts. I share the wins and the setbacks that I have. I appreciate you going on this journey with me. I'm creating my story in life. You're all my inspiration and I hope you can become your very own inspiration to be the best version of...


138: Know how to spend your WELLNESS DOLLAR with Sean Holly

Sean Holly has been a personal financial advisor for more than eleven years. He passionately believes that everyone deserves access to the advice and tools needed to plan for a secure future regardless of accumulated wealth or status. As someone brought up in the age of information and technology, one of his favorite hobbies was tinkering with personal electronics and software. This led him to initially pursue a career in technology at the University of Rhode Island where he acquired a...


137: My race to 100 - the journey to a 100 mile run

In this episode of lifestyle locker radio, we're sharing a new format. Dr. Josh Handt will be running his first 100-mile running race in October. It's called the Waywayonda Wonderful Wonhundred. This event will take me farther than I have ever on foot and I want to share the experience with you. I'll share the ups and downs and you can also follow me on Facebook on my personal page and on, to keep up to date. I'll share some of my runs also on Instagram...


136: Scott Nelson on Photobiomodulation: how light effects your health

Scott Nelson is a co-founder and head of commercialization for Joovv, the first company to develop a modular, full-body light therapy device. Prior to starting Joovv, he spent his entire professional career in leadership positions with some of the largest medical device companies in the world, including Medtronic, Covidien, and Boston Scientific. In his spare time, Scott is also the host of Medsider Radio, a top-ranked medical device...


135: Wake Up Every Day Being Excited About What's Possible For YOU with Michael O'Brien

Michael O’Brien is a sales and marketing executive business coach who helps leaders slay their internal feelings of worry and doubt so they can achieve complete success for themselves and their teams. Before starting his executive coaching firm, Peloton Coaching and Consulting, Michael spent over two decades in the pharmaceutical and bio industry in roles that ranged from sales to marketing to executive leadership. Before launching into his coaching career, Michael experienced a...