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Wellbeing Fest

Live Right Now - Episode 016 - Indy Wellbeing Fest We sit down to talk with Jennifer Seffrin from the Indy Holistic Hub and Karmen Fink, the Founder and Inspiring Magical Force behind Sparkle and Celebrate about Wellbeing Fest! For more from Chef Wendell including the “Eat Right Now” books and info on how to book Chef Wendell to speak to your group go to To connect with the Live Right Now Podcast “like” our Facebook page or email us at...


Raising Good Vibes

Live Right Now - Episode 015 – Raising Good Vibes Everything you see vibrates at a frequency… and so do you. The table, car, food, rocks, colors, thoughts and feelings are all governed by The Law of Vibration: nothing rests. High vibrations are generally associated with good health and feelings, such as love, forgiveness, compassion and peace. The higher your vibe, the more in touch you are with your inner divinity or your true nature. The lower your vibe, the more out of sync you are...


Dietary Psychiatry

Live Right Now - Episode 014 - Dietary Psychiatry Dietary Psychiatry: malnutrition and cognitive function After locking my keys inside the car while it was still running and Sandra rolling over one morning asking, “Who are you and why are you in my bed”; both in our early 70’s, we acknowledged our mental health is indeed fading. But seriously, there is mounting acceptance on the use of food and supplements to provide essential nutrients as part of a treatment for mental health disorders...


Why A Plant Based Diet?

Live Right Now - Episode 013 – Why A Plant Based Diet After an angel visitation, I improved each day after being bluntly informed by cardiologists, “Get prepared, you’re going to die Mr. Fowler”. I made deals with God that if I overcame this, I’d use my culinary skills to teach my chronically ill brothers and sisters the value of eating a plan-based food (PBF) from the garden, not man’s arrogant attempts to graft the hand of God. Humans are, always have been, and always will be...


Something To Chew On

Live Right Now - Episode 012 – Something To Chew On When we eat a variety of plant-based foods, there is a multi-vitamin pill with minerals on every plate… literally right under our noses, yet most vegephobia, disconnected, pharma-worshiping Americans needlessly suffer from “managed “diseases of vitamin deficiency: the irony of modern society, In a fast-paced, multitasking, “I’m-too-important-busy” non-stop life…chronic disease rates continue to soar unimpeded. Too many disconnected,...


How Sweet It is

Live Right Now - Episode 011 – How Sweet It Is! Artificial Sweeteners: Pink, Blue and Yellow deception Questionable, yet widely consumed for decades, artificial sweeteners are a creation of man for people who cannot eat sugar or wish to reduce sugary foods. Artificial sweeteners are in a dizzying array of things like frou-frou coffee, baked goods, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum and nicotine gum, yogurt, children’s chewable vitamins, and on and on. Lulled to sleep by a 100-year fairy tale,...


Mo Hotta Mo Betta!

Live Right Now - Episode 010 – Mo Hotta Mo Betta Friends, you ‘all just gotta’ wake up. Clearly, the rest of the world knows more about preventing chronic disease with nature’s ‘farmacy’ than we do. Capsaicin, the stuff that makes peppers hot is an example. Since chili peppers are not a part of our Midwest tradition, Hoosiers have wimpy taste buds for hot, mouth-searing, albeit health-stimulating peppers flavoring their food. Excluding a cocktail party when inebriated men exhibit their...


Soy: Perfect Food or Evil Imposter?

Live Right Now - Episode 009 – Soy: Perfect Food or Evil Imposter? What’s square, white, jiggles, weighs about eight ounces, can make you gag, and often can clear a room in ten seconds? The answer is, tofu, or soy bean curd. This often-maligned product has been known to strike dread in the hearts of the bravest culinary souls, paralyzing them in fear at its mere mention. (Not wholly unlike the feeling you might get when receiving notification of an IRS audit.) Flash back to the flower...


The Fiber Bell Workout

Live Right Now - Episode 008 – Fiber Bell Workout Ring the bell! The CDC reports getting fiber from food or a supplement can reduce inflammation; the silent epidemic. Did you know seven out of ten Americans die each year from chronic diseases? The CDC says inflammation is responsible for heart disease, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases. The CDC reports chronic disease is generally triggered by diet, lifestyle habits, and environmental toxins; more than 75% of health...


Inflamation and Acidity

Live Right Now - Episode 007 – Acidity and Inflamation After presenting my Eat Right Now program to a vibrant senior living community, I walked outside and observed two sweet ladies walking together, each carrying large bottles of Bragg’s Apple Cider. “May I help?” They politely declined, stating if not for the amber liquid, they’d be wracked with arthritis, unable to tend their garden. Both were 90 and claimed drinking this particular brand of ‘living’ vinegar was...


Road Tripping

Live Right Now - Episode 006 –Road Tripping What an adventure it can be traveling the open road. America’s breathtaking beauty makes my soul smile as I cruise down the highway into 360-degree postcards of peacefully grazing livestock, unique old barns, rolling meadows and pastures with meandering streams; lakes blending with the horizon, sun-dappled mountains painted in shades of blue, gray, brown and green rising into a sea of cottony clouds and blue skies speckled with hungry hawks...


The Age of Asparagus

Live Right Now - Episode 005 – The Age of Asperagus Asparagus is one of the most nutritional, well-balanced veggies. Grilled or baked asparagus has been one of my go-to veggies for years now. It's easy, tasty, it's oh so good for you. Create health by eating more plant foods. Asparagus facts: TRY THESE RECIPES! Perfect ‘Oven’ Asparagus Perfect ‘Grilled’ Asparagus Just toss with some garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper and throw it on the grill. Unless you really char them, you...


Cereal Killers

Live Right Now - Episode 004 – Cereal Killers Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine declared, “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine shall be thy food.” Einstein predicted, “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” What’s happened? If you studied the history of the Industrial Revolution and Rockefeller, then you know an unconscionable decision was made to use manmade petroleum-based drugs...


The Weenie the World Awaited

Live Right Now - Episode 003 – The Weenie The World Awaited Often, our favorite childhood foods encourage unwelcome diseases. No need to give them up, simply get into the kitchen, tweak the recipe a bit and no one will know the difference. Most everybody is quite busy these days. We mean well, but often run out of time to cook and compromise with pre-made this and that. “Sooner than later, we must get back to the kitchen and cook where we control the ingredients and create health. Not...


A Date With Magnesium

Live Right Now - Episode 002 – A Date With Magnesium Naturally high in magnesium, juicy, sweet dates are gaining popularity as a quick, healthy snack, or incorporated into desserts. Obtaining adequate magnesium through diet, supplements, or both can both prevent and reverse heart disease. No pill’s going to cure your ills! “Mother nature spent billions of years perfecting her healing and health-sustaining garden apothecary” Chef Wendell Deficiency symptomsThe Journal of Intensive Care...


Good Oil Bad Oil

How to get good fats and vitamins into a simple, complete family meal Here’s a simple meal that will get healthy fats and nourishing vitamins onto your family’s dinner plate. Good tomato sauces for pasta begin in the sauté pan with quality healthy cooking oil and lots of garlic. Combined with a dark leafy-green garden salad with a variety of vegetables and you’ve got a vitamin pill on a plate. 60 Minutes “Olive Oil” reportAvocado oil: Note: Omega-6. moderationEat an equal balance of...


Live Right Now Introduction

Welcome to the Live Right Now podcast with author, speaker and Chef, Wendell Fowler and the official ringer of the Fiber Bell, Producer Allan! This is where food and faith come together in a recipe for mindful living as we talk about how we can Live Right Now! In this episode we introduce you to the ideas that will be discussed as the Live Right Now podcast moves forward. We believe that your body is a Holy Temple and what you put in your temple through your mouth as well as through your...