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Teach. Motivate. Inspire. These are the themes that run through my conversations on “Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner”

Teach. Motivate. Inspire. These are the themes that run through my conversations on “Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner”


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Teach. Motivate. Inspire. These are the themes that run through my conversations on “Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner”




Amelia Rose Earhart

Meet Amelia Rose Earhart, who, inspired by her namesake—and growing up believing she was related to the American hero—recreated her flight path, flying a single-engined plane around the world, but it was not without its turbulence. “The only plane that never experiences turbulence is the one that stays locked up in a hangar,” Amelia says. “And that's not what planes were built to do. All this engineering…It was built so that we could take flight. ...I feel the same way about people. We were...


Steve Schlafman

“I’m a recovering VC,” says Steve Schlafman. Branching off from his career as an investor, Steve entered the coaching world. Focused primarily on helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals, Steve found himself energized and made the leap to full-time coaching. “I love working with entrepreneurs because… I believe that entrepreneurship is arguably the fastest path to having a big impact on the world,” says Steve. Listen in to hear Steve’s story. | #liveyourbestlife...


Darlene Whitehurst

“Your dreams live at the end of your goals.” Darlene Whitehurst is the founder of GoalFriends, an international community designed to “inspire and encourage women to come together to support each other…” When she found herself facing duel tragedies that shook her world, Darlene found support in the GoalFriends network that she had cultivated. So, do you have goals? Learn more about how GoalFriends and its sister foundation in this episode of Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner....


Kari Warberg Block

A bottle of shampoo and a mouse launched this show’s guest onto her path and purpose. Meet Kari Warberg Block, a lifelong entrepreneur, who has overcome life's challenges and business failures to ultimately find great success. Without compromising her deep value for nature, Kari built a $20 million dollar all-natural pest control company. Kari says that, through it all, she has learned to see a challenge as a gift, and takes the opportunity to learn from it. Learn more about Kari:...


Alexa Carlin

One percent! That’s the chance she had to live after going into septic shock. But, Alexa Carlin is a go-getter. Starting her first business at the age of 17, Alexa has since pursued a passion to inspire others to grow in confidence and to follow their dreams. Defying the odds, Alexa recovered from her near-death experience. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author who believes in the power of one. Be in the 1%— you are one person, one connection, one decision away from transforming your...


Michelle Eades

How does exploring a past life help us to live our lives today? Meet Michelle Eades, who has spent much of her life discovering pieces of herself – a collection from all of her lives. Connecting to your past lives, she says, can help you find peace and understanding in the present day. “Everybody can access their own past lives,” Michelle says. “A lot of it is just practice.” Listen in to hear Michelle’s story and how you can begin to delve deeper into your own history.


Andrea Joy Wenburg

Andrea Joy Wenburg was not taught to speak up. She sought credibility, empowerment. She attended seminary, hoping to find the best way to live, but left with more questions than answers. But, with time, Andrea found empowerment. She found credibility. She found her voice. Andrea has dedicated herself to helping other people to find their voices as well through her company, and podcast by the same name, Voice of Influence. “If I help other people who are specialists find their voice and be...


Patty Aubery

Why is it so hard for us to give ourselves permission? “I think it’s in our DNA,” says Patty Aubery. And to begin to make a change is “learning how to be more present in the moment and doing it with intention. And, I always say, grace.” Patty is President of the Jack Canfield Training Group and helped develop the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, but it would be years before she gave herself permission to publish her own books. She believes in the importance of sharing goals and vision...


Mary McManus

Despite vaccination, at the age of five, Mary McManus was diagnosed with Polio and was paralized from the neck down. Over time, Mary was able to regain movement, succeed in school, and pull herself above an abusive home life, only to be struck down again many years later with post-polio syndrome. “I've got to choose,” says Mary. “Am I going to be in pain on the side of just withering away for the rest of my life? Or am I going to feel pain on the side of healing? I chose to feel pain on the...


Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield cut one hour of TV time out of his day - adding up to an extra 365 hours each year. He used that time to write and build his coaching programs. Now, an international best-selling author of many books, Jack may be best known for his extensive “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. He’s also written “The Success Principles.” “I truly believe from my experience of working with hundreds of thousands of people live and millions online that you're never given a dream without the...


Robb Hiller

In a shocking and life-altering experience, Robb Hiller was diagnosed with three cancers at once. Over many treatments, he was fortunate to beat them all. Now the CEO of Performance SolutionsMN and the author of several books, Robb uses his background in talent acquisition, team development and leadership, as well as his own experience in conquering life's challenges. Listen in to hear Robb’s inspiring story and his take on conquering challenges and developing leadership skills in your work...


Tiffany Dowd

Dreaming of your next vacation? Meet Tiffany Dowd, global luxury hotel expert and social media influencer. A former luxury hotel inspector, Tiffany entered the social media realm and launched her own business, managing social media for luxury hotel brands. Her goal is to inspire peoples travel. “Time is your greatest luxury,” Tiffany says, adding that luxury is also “about the details and the emotions and the connections that you have, anticipating your needs.” Listen in and follow Tiffany...


Jenny Blake

Proving to us again that you can go from burned out to pursuing a career that brings your life joy and balance is Jenny Blake. Jenny left the hustle of a high level job at Google to pursue her own creative business ideas and, now 10 years later, has continued to grow, pivot, and succeed. “One of my greatest joys is tinkering in my business behind the scenes, and really figuring out how do we streamline our work and how we work to free up our time. So instead of being proud to work more...


Mark Herschberg

From tracking criminals online and launching startups to academia and ballroom dancing, Mark Herschberg is living his best life, having created his path from many arenas. During his time with MIT, Mark helped to create the university’s “career success accelerator,” giving students the skills they need to succeed and move upwards in their careers. Want to learn to manage your manager? To network? To navigate workplace politics? Start by tuning in. #liveyourbestlife If...


Lisa Gable

“Turnaround Mastermind.” Just one of the many titles Lisa Gable holds. For 30-years, she has been saving companies from ruin by solving their most complex problems that others hadn't, or couldn't, solve. Lisa’s interests and career path have taken her from visiting battlefields with her dad, to being the youngest appointee in the Reagan administration, to having a front row seat at significant inflection points in recent history. She is also an avid mentor to women entrepreneurs. Listen and...


Dan Brule

What’s more important than brushing your teeth, shining your shoes or even combing your hair? Life coach and author Dan Brule says it’s the breath. Brule is a world renowned expert in the art and science of breathing. So much so, he’s been called the Yoda, the Bruce Lee and even the Godfather of breathing. Brule’s career path from x-ray technician in New England to Navy Deep Sea Diver on Special Ops to healer has taken him all over the world helping Olympic athletes to medical experts, even...


Toi Sweeney

Your wardrobe is a “business strategy” and it's in your control. That’s the philosophy of Toi Sweeney, an award winning fashion stylist for both men and women, a brand strategist and author of “Secrets of a Well Dressed Brand.” Toi says “when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you are confident. When you are confident, the world is yours.” In this episode of “Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner,” you’ll hear from Toi about her humble beginnings, defying three near death...


Candy O’Terry

“Always be ready because you never know when your big moment is going to come.” Candy O’Terry was working at Magic 106.7 when that moment came. The evening disc jockey was laid off and Candy had her first night on air - the start of a 25 year career in radio. She now has three podcasts, a radio network, is a published author, and is an executive communications coach at Brunner Communications. Tune in to hear about Candy’s journey. “There is great joy in striving, I believe this, when we try,...


Ruthann Bowen

When Ruthann Bowen had her first child, she decided to take a break from her successful career in PR to maximize time with her children when they were young. However, a lot changed in the PR world over 15 years, leaving her looking at a foreign landscape when she was ready to return. Evidence to us all that it is possible to reinvent yourself, Ruthann happened into the world of web design and has since launched a successful business. She believes that with flexibility and resilience, one can...


Mark Divine

“You can’t live your best life, I don’t think, if you’re not in alignment with your calling. If you don’t take the time to investigate, to listen for your soul ... as well as just how you’re meant to serve, then you could spend a long, long time heading down the wrong path.” Meet Mark Divine, Navy SEAL, founder of SEALFIT, and author, whose leadership focuses not just on the physical, but on the mental and emotional. Breath in. Breath out. Tune in to this episode as we discuss life in the...