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"The Adaptive Amputee" - Bjoern Eser

Bjoern Eser is the creator of The Active Amputee. As a teenager he was diagnosed with cancer and the consequences of cancer eventually led to Bjoern choosing to amputate his leg later in life (above the knee). You will hear why Bjoern chose to amputate. Bjoern’s organization The Active Amputee is regarded as an incredible resource page from amputees for amputees. The org aims to inform, inspire, and engage. In this interview we talk about, Responsibility for your own Journey with "The...


A Walk on Water - Sean Swentek

Sean Swentek is the executive director and cofounder of the surf therapy organization A Walk on Water (AWOW). Sean Swentek talks about his path that led to cofounding and directing A Walk on Water, what it’s like to be a part of this incredible organization, and he provides a bunch of good insight into how to get involved and even run a successful nonprofit. Many of you listeners are involved in or even run a nonprofit, especially within the adaptive community. Furthermore, Sean Swentek...


Pushing Through Your Fears to Be More Adaptive - Caitlin Conner

How does one become more adaptive and able to thrive after going through a really terrible event, such as an accident that causes permanent changes? How does one push through the fears to reach success? In today’s episode we’re joined by Caitlyn Conner and we hear her incredible story from ICU survivor to adaptive thriver, and she gives us the tools and methods she uses to "Be More Adaptive" despite any struggle one encounters. More About Caitlin Conner Caitlin Conner who is an athlete,...


Mindset towards Adapting - Tom Seaman

Mindset towards Adapting – Tom Seaman How important is your mindset to adapting to difficult challenges? In this episode I talk with someone that changed his mindset and he was able to then change his position in life for the better. Tom Seaman is an author who has published countless articles and a book focused on coping strategies and tools for dealing with physical and mental challenges of life, especially when dealing with chronic health conditions, relationship issues, depression,...


What I did After a Brain Cancer Diagnosis - Liz Salmi

What I did After a Brain Cancer Diagnosis - Liz Salmi Most everyone will encounter a difficult diagnosis or significant obstacles in life and this interview with Liz Salmi displays a positive way to adapt despite significant struggles. Salmi joins us to tell her story of living with a brain cancer diagnosis. Salmi not only tells her story, she also talks about how to be productive after a significant change in life, in her case, Salmi is now a prolific researcher in the realm of brain...


Fighting For A Life Worth Fighting For - Derek Fitzgerald

In this episode we talk with cancer survivor and heart transplant thriver Derek Fitzgerald, of the Recycled Man Foundation and the Tin Men Endurance Racing. Fitzgerald was first diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2003. The chemotherapy he received saved his life, but severely damaged his heart and ultimately led to a heart transplant that he received on January 3, 2011. Along the way, Derek overcame severe weight gain and loss, a gall bladder removal, heart failure, diabetes, and twice...


Reclaim Your Life After Things Go Wrong - Dan Edmondson

In this episode we talk with skateboarder Dan Edmondson. Dan talks about reclaiming his life after traversing significantly tough challenges, including a train accident that led to the loss of his legs. Dan provides details regarding the steps he’s taken, and the mindset he utilized in order to get from the hospital bed to flying down hills on his board. We all go through significant challenges and Dan’s path provides insight on how to reclaim your life after these challenges. In 2014,...


Choke-out Adversity and Lead a Passionate Life - Pete McGregor

Pete McGregor is well known in the martial arts world, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Pete gave up his home, many of his possessions, and left the comforts of his hometown and is traveling the world teaching and training in BJJ. Pete McGregor is an ambassador for the sport of BJJ and also a motivational speaker. Pete has spinal cord injury and is a complete T-7 paraplegic. Pete’s spinal cord injury occurred when he was eight years old and is the result of a multi-car accident...


Pushing Hope with Brent Poppen

In this episode, Brent Poppen talks about finding hope in the darkest moments and how to bring hope to others. Brent is widely know for his motivational speaking, writings, advocating for the adaptive, his role in the Academy Award nominated film Murderball, and winning in the paralympics. Brent also works in a bunch of other significant realms, including rehabilitation counseling at a Children’s Hospital. Brent and I talk about his Pushing Hope in 2018 movement. Also, in this episode you...


Working through Grief and Living Your New Normal After Loss - Kendra Zierau - 022

Everyone will deal with loss. Whether the loss is losing a loved one, a marriage, your personal health, or whatever, we will deal with loss and grieving. The guest this episode will talk about loss and grief. When Kendra Zierau was 35 she lost her husband to colon cancer and found herself a widow, a single mom to three young kids, and immersed in a life she never planned to live. Kendra was overcome with grief, struggled with waking up each day, and struggled with the loneliness. Her life...


Die Living with Anthony Radetic – 021

Die Living: Make Every Day Count Anthony Radetic Anthony Radetic follows the philosophy of Die Living. Per Anthony, “I’m such a big believer in going out there and just trying different things… never disregard all the speed bumps and hurdles that may be in your path just keep the drive going. Never accept defeat keep fighting, die living.” Anthony Radetic’s Life Anthony lives a life as icon, entrepreneur, athlete, and family man. He is a former Army Blackhawk pilot and injured veteran, he is...


020 - Jill Englund - Making the Best of a Tough Situation, Lessons from an Osteosarcoma Survivor

In this episode we talk with Jill Englund and learn from her regarding how to make the best of a very difficult situation. Jill Englund runs her page Best of Cancer. She's an osteosarcoma survivor, pediatric cancer fighter, public speaker, rotationplasty amputee, cancer advocate, and cancer thriver. With Jill’s experience, she shares her story and imparts her knowledge on how to adapt to dire circumstances. Some of Jill’s story includes diagnosis of osteosarcoma at a young age, amputation of...


019- Rhonda Ramsay - How to Thrive While Living with Cancer

Today we have Rhonda Ramsay. Rhonda runs where she details her life living with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and provides insight on how to live a full life despite significant adversity. Her goal is to help people living with cancer to not only survive, but to thrive. Rhonda was first diagnosed in 2012 with Stage 2 breast cancer. She was cancer free after treatment, but unfortunately cancer returned in 2017 and is considered stage 4. Rhonda Ramsay speaks at...


018 - Jenny Qaqundah - Author of “Held Together” and Survivor of Personal Tragedy

In this episode we have Jenny Qaqundah. We talk about recovery from her near-death experience, adapting to limb loss, PTSD, and bunch of other phenomena. Jenny shares with us her story and the tools she used to adapt to the tough stuff that Jenny encountered and currently navigates. We also dive into the importance of surrounding oneself with a community. Jenny is an author, nurse, well known herbalist, and amputee. In 2014 a very health conscious Jenny fell into a coma proceeding a routine...


017 - Sam Kuhnert - Founder and Current President of the global organization NubAbility

Today we dig into all things Sam Kuhnert. Sam Kuhnert is the founder and president of Nubability. Besides running NubAbility, Sam is also an athlete, most notably playing baseball. Sam works in a bunch of realms. Sam is also a motivational speaker handling some very difficult subjects, and he is also an author and a coach. Recently, Sam was awarded the 2017 Top Outstanding Young American and 2018 National Youth Activist awards. There’s a lot more to Sam’s story and organization and you’ll...


016 - Peter Cossaboon - Blind Pete Shares his Story and His Life of Conquering Endurance and Obstacle Course Races as a Visually Impaired Athlete

016 - Peter Cossaboon - Blind Pete Shares his Story and His Life of Conquering Endurance and Obstacle Course Races as a Visually Impaired Athlete In this episode I interview Peter Cossaboon. Peter is well known in the world of obstacle course racing. Peter races and he happens to also be visually impaired. Peter has a tenacious passion for completing in some of the toughest obstacle races in the world, with his guide running alongside him. His race portfolio is extensive including the...


015 -Christiaan “Otter” Bailey - From Skateboarding Crash to Recovering Paraplegic, the Story of Professional Athlete Christiaan Bailey

015 -Christiaan “Otter” Bailey - From Skateboarding Crash to Recovering Paraplegic, the Story of Professional Athlete Christiaan Bailey In this episode we have Christiaan "Otter” Bailey. Christiaan is an American professional surfer, known for his experience as a surf safari guide and skill as a big wave surfer and skateboarder. Bailey grew up in the Santa Cruz, California area and excelled as a semi-pro surfer and skateboarder. He was a professional surfer and skateboarder, who spent much...


014 - Kellan and Elizabeth Tilton - Paralyzed From the Waist Down, Boy Who Beat Cancer Fights Disease For Others

This episode we sit and talk with Kellan and Elizabeth Tilton. Elizabeth is Kellan’s mom. Kellan began fighting cancer the day he was born. Kellan was diagnosed with stage 3 neuroblastoma with secondary paralysis on the evening of his birth. Although he’s now cancer-free, cancer left Kellan paralyzed from the waist down. Defying the odds from his first breath, Kellan constantly turns his “can’ts” into “cans.” Kellan was picked out of 18,000 pediatric cancer patients as the 2018 Ambassador...


Episode 013 - A Tribute to Matthew Hadden

In this episode we pay tribute to Matthew Hadden. Sadly Matt recently passed away. If you don’t know, Matthew Hadden and I sat down and talked in episode 006, you can find this episode at or any podcasting app. In the interview Matt and I did, he details his battles through life with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Several years back, Matthew Hadden was training for his dream job when he received the devastating news of his diagnosis which was that he had a rare form of...


012- Josh Heine - Driving What's Possible with Wheelchair Racer and Model Josh Heine

At the age of eighteen years old, Josh was involved in a life-altering car accident. Crushing the vertebrae C5 and C6, amongst numerous other injuries, he was diagnosed as a quadriplegic with little chance of even being able to wheel himself around. However, Josh defied the scientific odds and now thrives as a quadriplegic who is capable of walking for limited distances and defying the odds of his injury. Josh is now participating in competitions all over this great country and spreading his...