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The Body as a Brain – Episode 31

On this episode, Dr. Gladden and Mark talk about how the brain-body connection impacts health. Dr. Gladden believes that people actually need to think of their body asa brain because the neurological system runs throughout the body. The discuss the power of the brain in helping your body heal or possibly holding your body back. If you’re not treating the whole body, recovery from an injury or illness may be impeded because the whole system is out of balance. Behaviors and mindset play a...


The Electronics of the Brain – an Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Marksberry – Episode 30

Dr. Jeffrey Marksberry joins Mark and Dr. Gladden on this episode to discuss the electrostimulation device Alpha-Stim, which runs a low microcurrent through the brain or body. In the brain, it simulates endorphins and serotonin to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression. In the body, it treats peripheral pain. The nervous system is 98% electrically induced, and Dr. Marksberry explains how the treatment works for patients. They discuss how this device can help enhance mental function,...


Modeling Better Medicine with Technology – an Interview with Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai – Episode 29

On this episode, Mark and Dr. Gladden invite Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai to tell his story, from his childhood in India watching his grandmother practice traditional medicine on the weekends to working in the U.S. in medical research and running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. Shiva has grown many businesses that focus on technology, with a frequent interest in healthcare. He discusses his various inventions and breakthroughs that stem from his education in the U.S. and the practice of...


Treating Sexual Dysfunction without Drugs – an Interview with Dr. Anne Truong – Episode 28

On this episode, Dr. Anne Truong of Truong Rehabilitation Center joins Dr. Gladden, Mark and Robb to discuss how she has been using platelet rich plasma to treat sexual dysfunction in men. Dr. Anne describes the procedure of injecting platelet rich plasma and the kind of results she has seen in her patients. She also talks about the complementary therapies, such as hormone replacement and shockwave therapy, that would be used to address the whole system. You can learn more by downloading...


The Problem of Cell Senescence – Episode 27

On this episode, Dr. Gladden, Mark and Robb discuss the problem of senescent cells in the body. Senescent cells stop dividing, but they don’t die off through apoptosis. Rather than making way for new cells, they can become dysfunctional, release toxins and can contribute to aging and disease. Robb shares a study on senolytic drugs, which helps induce the death of senescent cells, showing promise so far in helping mice live longer. They discuss some habits that can help maintain telomere...


Stem Cell Therapy Now – an Interview with Matthew Feshbach – Episode 26

Matthew Feshbach, founder and CEO of Ambrose Cell Therapy, joins the conversation to share information about stem cell research and treatment using stem cells. Feschbach explains the difference between types of stem cells and which are most effective for reparative therapies. They talk about why the body degenerates with age, related to stem cells. Feshbach describes the process and technology his clinic uses to harvest mesenchymal stem cells for use in therapy. They consider some of the...


Topping Off the Tank of Life – an Interview with Suzanne Somers & Alan Hamel – Episode 25

Mark and Dr. Gladden are joined by Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel, who explore their secrets to staying happy and healthy in their marriage; what they’re doing regularly and deliberately to extend their longevity; and how important hormones are to the process. Finding your deficiencies and addressing them is crucial to maintaining youthfulness and living a long life. They discuss the failures of traditional medicine, how alternative therapies can become lifesaving and how food is key to...


Finding a Lifetime of Fulfillment – an Interview with Joshua M. Evans – Episode 24

Joshua M. Evans joins Dr. Gladden and Mark for a discussion about the kind of mindset you need for getting the most out of a full, long life. Evans brings his expertise with creating fulfillment in a business environment, applying it to finding meaning in life in general. They discuss the benefits of challenges and needing to adapt to change. If you want to learn things, you must actually be open to new ideas. Cross-generational communication is important, because we can draw lessons and...


Technology and Longevity – an Interview with Perry Marshall – Episode 23

Engineer and author Perry Marshall joins the podcast to talk about technology and longevity. They discuss artificial intelligence and biology, comparing DNA to computer code. They consider the world we’ll live in decades or more from now, with technology evolving so quickly. They explore the possibility of creating super humans with genetic modifications, about using technology to enhance biology, regulation of technological and medical advancements and more. Perry clarifies what the true...


The Incredible Benefits of Ozone Therapy with Dr. Frank Shallenberger – Episode 22

On this episode, we invite Dr. Frank Shallenberger of The Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicineto join our conversation about utilizing ozone therapeutically. Dr. Gladden begins by explaining how ozone, though the skin, can help the body upregulate its ability to manage stress and can impact ATP production. Dr. Shallenberger elaborates on many different ways ozone can be beneficial because it works on the mitochondrial level. Ozone is helpful in treating a number of conditions,...


The Longevity Effect of Sex and Intimacy – with Laurie Handlers – Episode 21

On the episode, Dr. Gladden, Mark and Robb discuss how important having a fulfilling sexual life is to live a long and robust life. They also consider how the mindset about relationships needs to change and adapt when you’re thinking of a life lasts 120 years and beyond. You need to continue to find new equilibriums as you and your partner evolve as people. Dr. Gladden emphasizes the need for friendship with your partner, not just sexuality, to help maintain your relationship and health. In...


Peptides as Building Blocks to Robust Longevity – an Interview with Ryan Smith – Episode 20

Peptides are a grouping of 50 or fewer amino acids (more than 50 is a protein). Peptides are natural substances, though those covered in the show are variations on the naturally occurring versions. They can be beneficial in many ways, often amplifying the body’s ability to heal itself. They discuss the history of the use of peptides in a medical environment, as well as the future of peptides becoming available commercially in the U.S., with over 7,000 in clinical development currently....


Planning Financially for Living Beyond 120 – an Interview with Chris Doughty – Episode 19

On the podcast, special guest Chris Doughty, a Financial Advisor and President of Gentian Financial, joins us to talk about rethinking retirement when you plan to live to 120 years old. They consider the mindset you need to cultivate to be able to fund your longer life and the difficulty in dealing with the rules in place for traditional retirement funding like Social Security, 401K plans and Roth IRA. Having a plan that considers health, wealth, retirement, mindset and your priorities is...


Mindset Over Matter – an Interview with Dr. Christina Heilman – Episode 18

Dr. Christina Heilman is a sports psychologist and mindset coach who helps athletes train to achieve their optimum performance through mental strategies. She talks about her own professional experiences and motivations and how she finds balance in her life to maintain happiness. She explains what her mantra “pausing is more powerful than pushing” means, and she talks about overcoming negative thoughts in training. They discuss flow states and how that helps you push through a number of...


Molecular Hydrogen to Bring the Body into Balance – an Interview with Tyler LeBaron – Episode 17

On this episode, Tyler LeBaron of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI) comes on the show to talk about molecular hydrogen and how it can supplement the body for anti-aging and performance. They discuss some of the promise that drinking hydrogen-rich water is showing for Parkinson’s patients and in other brain injury therapies. They consider how the intake of molecular hydrogen aids in ATP production and mitochondrial function. Free radicals can cause damage to your cells, and molecular...


NAD and Anti-Aging – an Interview with Thomas Ingoglia – Episode 16

Thomas Ingoglia joined Mark Young at RAADfest 2017 to talk about NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a molecule showing great potential for its anti-aging effects, as well as helping people with addiction recovery and chronic health conditions. Ingoglia discusses the treatments available at the NAD Treatment Center, describing what people wanting to maintain their health would get out of the intravenous infusion of NAD offered. This includes an increase in energy, pain reduction,...


Preventing Cardiovascular Disease – an Interview with Dr. Jeffry Life – Episode 15

On this episode, we're featuring a special RAAD Fest discussion from last year between Dr. Gladden and Dr. Jeffry Life, a doctor who has focused his practice on healthy aging and helping patients avoiding heart attacks and strokes. He incorporates the Bale-Doneen Method (learn more in the book Beat the Heart Attack Gene) in his treatment plans, which is about aggressively looking for vascular inflammation that causes heart disease and working to stop it. They discuss some of the testing...


Treating Cancer Outside of the Traditional Protocols – an Interview with Dr. Thomas Incledon, PhD – Episode 14

On this episode, Dr. Gladden and Mark dive into the subject of cancer, inviting Dr. Thomas Incledon of Causenta® Wellnessto talk about a new model of treating cancer patients outside of traditional medicine. It’s often difficult for doctors within the standard healthcare system to break out of typical thinking about cancer treatments. This often prevents new discoveries from being applied to treatment plans, especially when reimbursement is a priority. Dr. Incledon discusses some...


The Potential of Telomerase for Extending Lifespan with Dr. Bill Andrews – Episode 13

We welcome back Dr. Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences to further expand on research into telomeres and telomerase for extending lifespan. Dr. Andrews explains how the existing research shows that there are potential telomere lengtheners, but they are still losing the tug-of-war with telomere shortening. He talks about how lack of funding may be the primary obstacle for telomere breakthroughs. Dr. Andrews also explains the actual link between telomerase and cancer, which is often...


Preserving Longevity Through Telomeres - with Special Guest Dr. Bill Andrews - Ep 12

On this episode, we’re featuring a special RAAD Fest discussion from last year between Dr. Gladden and Dr. Bill Andrews, one of the leading scientists in telomere research. Dr. Andrews explains how telomeres work and how the length impacts your life expectancy. Put simply, longer telomeres are always good, and the shortening of them is always associated with disease and cell death. Dr. Andrews mentions the book, The Telomere Effect by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel, regarding...