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Podcast about living a better life every day

Podcast about living a better life every day
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Podcast about living a better life every day




Ep 10 – IBS and Digestion

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Dominique Vanier, Naturopathic Doctor about her personal struggle with a chronic digestive condition, known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other health symptoms. She shares her story of how these symptoms started in her early 20's and what she had to change and implement in order to live a better life. To connect with Dr. Dominique Vanier, see her contact info below. Website - Instagram - dr.dominiquevaniernd Facebook -...


Ep 9 – Chronic Migraines and Food

In this episode I chat with Kandice-Lee Doucette about her struggle with chronic migraines since the age of 9. We talk about her diet, importance of meal planning and what else had to change in her life to effect positive outcomes. If you want to learn more about Kandice or connect with her, see her links below.


Ep 8 – Animal Gymnastics

In this episode I chat with Jurgen Rudolph, a financial planner by day and Brazilian jiu jitsu blackbelt by night about animal gymnastics, also known as animal biotics or gymnastic natural. We chat about his trip to Brazil and how adding animal gymnastics can improve your edge in jiu jitsu and improve your life. You can find Jurgen’s podcast at or anywhere podcasts are downloaded. Follow him here. Website: Instagram: @open_roll_podcast Facebook: Open...


Ep 7 – Life After a Major Sports Injury

In this episode, I speak with Marco Capone a personal trainer about life after a major sports injury. Marco was involved with playing soccer until he suffered an ACL knee injury. We discuss how he dealt with the fact that he wouldn't return to competitive soccer, what his rehab looked like and how the injury fueled his new passion in life and work. Website: Instagram: @fitlifemastery


Ep 6 – Perimenopause and Menopause

In this episode, I interview Teresa Dias a Menopause Educator about perimenopause and menopause. We talk about, how do you know when you are in menopause? What signs might indicate that the change is happening and what kinds of therapy options exist for the various symptoms. Teresa shares her story of how she became a menopause educator and why it is so important to get knowledgeable about what is happening to your body. For more information about her Women’s Health in Midlife (WHIM) Network...


Ep 5 – Airbnb in Costa Rica

In this episode, I interview my good friend Kimmie. Kimmie runs an airbnb in Costa Rica and spends 6 months of the year in the beautiful country before returning back to Canada. I wanted to get an in depth perspective into why she and her husband chose Costa Rica, what is it about Costa Rica that is so amazing, why it is considered a Blue Zone and why when you come to Costa Rica you live a better life. Follow Kimmie on Instagram: @loveazul4, Casa Leontine Rentals Rental Property: Casa...


Ep 4 – What is Psychotherapy

In this episode I interview Agustina Jorquera a psychotherapist to gain further insight into this very important therapy. We discuss what psychotherapy is, the treatment approaches used in therapy, what a session looks like and what kinds of things this therapy can help with. This therapy is not just for those with anxiety and depression but for anyone suffering a loss or wanting to enter a journey of self discovery. Part of living a better life is addressing the mental and emotional...


Ep 3 – Executing a Will

In this episode, I chat with Cheryl Maloney, a Certified Executor Advisor. In life we know that death is inevitable. What happens to the people that are left behind to take care of the belongings of the person that passed away? We explore the topics of; what an executor is, what their responsibilities are and what their risks are. We talk about the importance of following a person’s will and examples of how an executor might run into trouble with the beneficiaries. To live a better life, we...


Ep 2 – Importance of Vitamin D

In this episode, I interview Dr. Emily Lipinski, Naturopathic Doctor about vitamin D. We cover topics like which supplement is best to take, how much vitamin D is needed, benefits of vitamin D and why you should get blood work done to test your vitamin D levels first. If you want to see the video version of this episode, click the link here: If you would like a free 15 minute consultation with Dr. Emily, please call our office 905-803-0307 to...


Ep 1 – Introduction

Podcast: Living A Better Life Episode 1 - Introduction