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Do you ever think “there must be more than this” to life? Join me as I discuss ways to find courage and live authentically. It's your life. Live it!

Do you ever think “there must be more than this” to life? Join me as I discuss ways to find courage and live authentically. It's your life. Live it!


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Do you ever think “there must be more than this” to life? Join me as I discuss ways to find courage and live authentically. It's your life. Live it!






Author Interview - My Impossible Life: Trauma, Travel, Transcendence

I interview Charlene Jones, author of My Impossible Life: Trauma, Travel, Transcendence. Her story is one of incredible courage and tenacity after an extremely traumatic experience. We talk about her story, why she wrote her book and what she hopes readers will take away. Here's an overview of her book: Running from an untenable home life, Charlene finds herself captive to two armed criminals for three days. She returns to her home but shows up wasted and addicted until she meets and travels...


The Beauty and Gift of Failure

I've been thinking a lot about failure lately, so I've decided it's time to do a show on it! Failurognize the o rece has such a negative connotation and stigma associated with it that most of us avoid it at all costs. During the show, I talk about what failure really is (it isn't what you think!), why we fear it so much, how to recognize the beauty and gift of failure, and how to actively embrace failure in your own courageously authentic life. NOTE: this is a new recording of this show! The...


Nancy Byrne Interview: How to Tap into Spirit and Your Intuition

Nancy Byrne is the author of “Choices." Nancy believes that everyone possesses innate intuitive abilities which can improve the quality of life by providing guidance, keeping them safe and helping to make the right decisions, “Choices”, as they navigate through this life. Byrne states, "It is my soul's desire to 'give back' and to serve by assisting others on their life's journey." She majored in psychology at the University of Colorado Denver for both her graduate and undergraduate degrees...


Guest interview: Nedda Wittels, Professional Telepathic Animal Communicator

In this episode, Jennifer interviews Nedda Wittels, a professional telepathic animal communicator. We'll hear what animal communication is and isn't, how Nedda got started, the role that animals play in our lives and stories of animals she has worked with. Nedda can be found at


Setting Intentions to Truly Change Your Life

We're at the end of January. How are you doing on your resolutions you set for January 1? If you're like most people, you've had some trouble, or have even given up on them. Resolutions are challenging to keep...which is why I set intentions. Intentions can be truly life-changing. It's not too late for you to set intentions for 2019. Learn how on this show!


The Value of Gratitude in Your Life

The end of the year is a great time to look back and reflect on the many gifts each of us has. However, in our consumer-driven society, it can be difficult for us to see and be grateful for what we have in our lives. In today's show, Jennifer discusses the value and impact of recognizing and counting your blessings.


How to Avoid Being Drama-tized During the Holidays

We're in the middle of the holiday season...which means stress and drama for many people. In today's show, Jennifer talks about drama: what it is, why we get pulled into it so easily, and how we can avoid it. She'll also share some quick things you can do if you find yourself caught in the middle of a drama.


Living Courageously in the Small Moments of Everyday Life

We often think of courage as something that is shown during those "big" moments - saving someone's life, standing up for the rights of others, etc. But courage is something that we have the opportunity to live everyday, in the seemingly small moments of our day. In this show, Jennifer talks about everyday courage - what it is, why it is important, and how you can start living courageously as you go through your day.


How Our Negative Words Can Come Back to Haunt Us

It has gotten easier and easier to lash out and insult others - especially through social media when we can do so without even knowing the other person. But what is the impact of this negativity? Jennifer talks about how our negative words to others impact ourselves from a shamanic perspective. It might be different what you think!


Courage, Authenticity and Fear...oh my!

Jennifer is joined by Karen Sullivan, Charlene Jones and Irene Weinberg - three amazing, courageous women who share their personal stories and perspectives on courage, authenticity and fear.


Manifesting what You Want in Life

Jennifer talks about how to manifest in your life and gives examples on how to get started.


Learning to Connect to and Trust Your Intuition

Jennifer talks about intuition - what it is, how to connect to it, and how to trust it.


The Strength, Power and Courage of Vulnerability

Jennifer talks about the strength, power and courage of being vulnerable, and how to become more vulnerable in your life.


Rebecca Austill-Clausen: Communicating with People in the Afterlife

Jennifer is joined by author Rebecca Austill-Clausen to discuss communicating with loved ones that have passed over to the afterlife.


Redefining and Realizing Success

Jennifer talks about redefining and realizing success.


Perspectives: Change Them to Shape Your Life

Jennifer talks about perspectives and how to change them to shape your life.


Reclaiming the Joy and Curiosity of Childhood

Jennifer shares how to reclaim the joy and curiosity of childhood.


What's Holding You Back from Doing What You Want with Your Life?

Jennifer talks about what is holding you back from doing what you want with your life and ways to overcome it.


Identifying and Working with Your Power Animal

Jennifer talks about how to identify and work with your power animal.


Billy Atwell: Unshakable Self-Confidence

Jennifer talks with Billy Atwell, author of “Unshakable Self-Confidence: Simple Steps on How to Live Your Life Beyond Your Fears.”