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Living Through Anxiety with Jason Grooms

Living Through Anxiety with Jason Grooms


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Living Through Anxiety with Jason Grooms






Anxiety and Therapy

Jason jumps back into the saddle and talks about being away from the show, vacation anxiety and going back to therapy. He also talks about the guilt of not feeling bad enough to be podcasting and not having anything bad to say to the doctor. General Links Support the Show Types of Mental … Continue reading "Anxiety and Therapy"


Anxiety and Vulnerability

Jason talks about the guilt of trying to take time for himself and the drawbacks and benefits of going with the flow. He also talks about Dr. Brené Brown, her book Daring Greatly, vulnerability, shame, and how being vulnerable can be so painful, especially if it was taught as a weakness. Finally, Jason shares a … Continue reading "Anxiety and Vulnerability"


Anxiety and Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad

Feeling bad is hard enough, but sometimes the guilt of feeling bad makes it even worse. If someone asks if you’re OK, what do you say? Sometimes, you just don’t know how to explain it. Jason also talks about the struggles he’s had lately with feeling some anxiety but not enough to feel justified in … Continue reading "Anxiety and Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad"


Anxiety and Hyper Thinking

Jason talks about the concept of hyper thinking, which includes overthinking and catastrophizing, but is so much more. At slow speeds, it’s a constant feeder of curiosity. At its highest speed, it’s debilitating, but you might be surprised what he would change about it. General Links Support the Show Jason’s LinkedIn Article “I Am … Continue reading "Anxiety and Hyper Thinking"


Anxiety, Walking Towards Fear and Finding It

Jason talks more about the practice of walking towards what scares him to help reduce the fear that might happen the next time. But this time, Jason found a lot more than what he expected and what was going to be a simple exercise to overcome the fear of hiking alone, turned into something bigger … Continue reading "Anxiety, Walking Towards Fear and Finding It"


Anxiety and Walking Towards Fear

Jason talks about the spectrum of feelings related to anxiety, that aren’t always just being in a state of panic. Using the example of a caveman facing a bear, he talks about the approach of walking towards fear and how it helped him deal with some of his greatest fears, including one that almost everyone … Continue reading "Anxiety and Walking Towards Fear"


Anxiety, Triggers, and Self-Care

Jason lets us in on a secret about the episode. He also starts to talk about different types of triggers and how the reaction to each is different. Finally, he gives tips on making self-care a priority and how he tries to make sure it happens, even with a busy schedule. This post contains affiliate … Continue reading "Anxiety, Triggers, and Self-Care"


Anxiety, Surviving Today, and Setting Goals

Jason talks about setting several types of goal setting including some to survive for the next few seconds, some to help build yourself up, and some to really challenge your fears. He even talks about his BHAG. This post contains affiliate links, thank you! General Links Support the Show Jia Jiang’s Ted Talk, What I … Continue reading "Anxiety, Surviving Today, and Setting Goals"


Anxiety, Support, and Being an Anxiety Ally

Jason talks about the do’s and don’ts of supporting someone with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. He lists some of the biggest mistakes he sees people make when trying to be helpful, what you shouldn’t say to someone with mental health struggles, and his top 10 things to do to actually be helpful. … Continue reading "Anxiety, Support, and Being an Anxiety Ally"


Anxiety, Having Kids, and Being a Parent

Jason talks about being away for a bit, about imposter syndrome, and about the anxiety and added pressures of raising completely independent and healthy human beings. Along with the fear of messing it all up, there’s the added distress of potentially passing on anxiety to your kids and giving them the curse we wouldn’t wish … Continue reading "Anxiety, Having Kids, and Being a Parent"


Anxiety, Technology, & the Digital Diet, Part 1

Jason talks about anxiety, putting himself on a digital diet, eliminating the negative and focusing on the positive. Jason also shares some of his favorite sites and apps to help with anxiety, depression and just stress in general. Support the Show Show Notes Jason’s Gratitude this week Having food, shelter, medicine, and support. Donate to … Continue reading "Anxiety, Technology, & the Digital Diet, Part 1"


Anxiety, Sanctuary, and New Year’s Resolutions

Jason talks about anxiety, creating your own sanctuaries and an alternative to new years resolutions. While the new year is a time for change, it’s also the perfect time to reflect on everything you’ve survived and that’s something to be proud of. Support the Show Show Notes Jason’s Gratitude this week Making it through the … Continue reading "Anxiety, Sanctuary, and New Year’s Resolutions"


Anxiety, Escape, and Running Away

Jason talks about feeling the need for escape, how to build an escape plan for anxiety situations, and the urge to run away. He also talks a bit about the horror that is holiday shopping and gives an update on the company holiday party. Spoiler alert: he survived. Support the Show by clicking here. There … Continue reading "Anxiety, Escape, and Running Away"


Anxiety, the Mask, and Being Myself

I talk about anxiety, the mask and being myself. For most people with a mental illness, the day-to-day can be about maintaining the illusion of being “normal” and preventing people from finding out your true feelings. I’ve struggled with this for many years and it can take it’s biggest toll at work. Support the … Continue reading "Anxiety, the Mask, and Being Myself"


Anxiety, Socializing, and I Do Not Know How to People

Jason talks about anxiety, socializing, and I do not know how to people. This is all about the terrible torture that is socializing and how difficult it can really be for someone with anxiety. There are affiliate links in this post. Show Notes Support the show Waldeinsamkeit YouTube Video Jason’s Gratitude this week My Fiat, … Continue reading "Anxiety, Socializing, and I Do Not Know How to People"


Anxiety, Judgment, and What Other People Think

Jason talks about dealing with the feeling of being judged, why that has so much power over us, and how hard it is to overcome in the moment. He also shares a gratitude related to a recent attack and the light on the other side. Show Notes Jason’s Gratitude this week Toby [name changed for … Continue reading "Anxiety, Judgment, and What Other People Think"


Anxiety, the Holidays, and Warped Reality

Jason talks about anxiety, the holidays, and warped reality. He also talks about the analogy of anxiety as an involuntary train ride and his recent panic attacks. This post has affiliate links. Show Notes Jason’s Gratitude this week Skull Candy Ink’d Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. His recent life preservers are: Christmas Jazz at the Coffee Shop … Continue reading "Anxiety, the Holidays, and Warped Reality"


Anxiety, Introduction, & Podcasting

Jason talks about anxiety disorder, who he is, and why he decided to start this podcast for people who suffer from anxiety. Show Notes Jason’s recent life preservers Weightless, Marconi Union (relaxation song) Call to Action Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK SuicidePreventionLifeline.org– providing 24/7, free, confidential support and crisis resources for you or your loved … Continue reading "Anxiety, Introduction, & Podcasting"