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A Star is Born - Dysfunctional Love Lessons From The Movie

If you watched A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, then you know it's a story of strong yet dysfunctional love. In this episode, I share my top love lessons from the movie including 1) why some women fall for men with charm and lots of potential 2) why being 1/2 powerful and 1/2 insecure is a recipe for disaster in dating 3)why setting standards with men and then NOT sticking to them will encourage bad behavior from men and 4) why emotional fitness is one of the biggest things...


A Man is NOT Your Financial Plan (how to manifest an abundant man from LOVE, not fear)

Have you ever wished that you could just attract in a wealthy man to end your single girl problems and your money problems all at one? The truth is, most women have at least fantasized at one point of just having a wealthy man to rescue them. BUT, if you try and attract love from a place of scarcity, it never ever works. In this episode, I'll show you how to OWN your own financial power so you can attract a man who MATCHES the abundance already inside of you. And, if you're in a...


Love Liars

Do you feel like you work HARD and get a result in every other area of your life, but in love, you just can't make it work no matter what? That's because in love energy doesn't LIE. Whatever is within you (good or bad) is ALWAYS what you are going to get from men, every single time, no exceptions. The key in love is to get into LOVE ALIGNMENT where your Mindset, Heart and Energy are a MATCH for the kind of man and love that you want to attract. So, are you a Love Liar? Or, are you ALIGNED...


What Triggers Crazy-Town Mode With Men + Alcohol When Dating

Have you ever gone to crazy-town mode with a man after one too many sips of wine? Or maybe, you don't even need the alcohol to let the insecurity, anxiety and crazy out. For most women, we all have this snapping point where we stop acting cool and confident with a man and get triggered into insecure little girl mode. Learn WHY this happens in this episode and, how to heal from this so you show up CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED with men.


The Chronically Single Woman (why she can't find love)

If you have been dating for years and years, going on a ton of dates and NEVER finding your man OR, if you are in a "man desert", no men in sight, and the only ones who ever pay attention are creeps or losers, then you just may be the Chronically Single Miss Independent, one of my 5 Dating Personality Types. The Chronically Single Woman seriously doubts that she'll ever find her dream man becasue she looks at her life and all she sees is "failure" with men or lack of interest from men at...


Over-Giving Martyr (Settles For Potential) -005

Have you ever fallen for a man who you thought COULD be so amazing if he could just get it together, get confident, got sober, made more money etc? Or, fallen in love with a man's potential and then ignored red flags and deal breakers? Maybe you even gave your absolute ALL to a man like this thinking if you could just help him, then you'd finally have the man and love you always wanted. If so, or if you identify as a codependent, then you may be the Over-Giving Martyr, one of my 5 Dating...


Crazy-Town Drama Queen (Unavailable Man Magnet) - 004

Do you keep attracting men who are unavailable, push pull, non-consistent and who won't commit? Chemistry makes you fall in love with a man and think he's your soulmate, but he pulls away and you don't know why. And, you're not crazy, but you do feel that way when he pulls away because you obsess about how to be good enough so he chooses you. Learn the real reason why you do this now. And why it's dangerous to date unavailable men if you want true love. This episode will reveal how to get...


The Totally Single Total Catch - 003

Are you tired of wondering why you are single? Especially since friends and family think you're amazing so why don't men too??? In this podcast you'll learn about why powerful amazing women are still single and attracting the wrong men and how to attract a man who EXCEEDS your standards.


My Personal Wake Up Call To Love + 5 Dating Archetypes - 002

This is The Story of my journey to becoming a love coach. You'll hear about how I thought I had found my soulmate, only to have him cheat on me with multiple women and emotionally abuse me. Ugh! Then, I had to follow my very own love advice to meet my dream man. Once you see the lows on my own love journey and how I rose to create amazing love, you'll know for certain that you can too!


Love Works Podcast What To Expect - 001

Have you been trying to find the love of your life for a really long time but you never meet the right men OR even worse, get hurt by the wrong ones? After helping hundreds of women across the globe find their dream man, some in just 3 months after having been single for 10 years, I've decided to share everything about what it takes to make Love Work on this podcast. On each episode, Love Expert, Nicole Moore will share practical advice on dating and relationships to help you get and keep...