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McLaren Health Care’s In Good Health podcast provides information to help you lead a healthier life, from the physicians and healthcare experts across our fully integrated health network.

McLaren Health Care’s In Good Health podcast provides information to help you lead a healthier life, from the physicians and healthcare experts across our fully integrated health network.


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McLaren Health Care’s In Good Health podcast provides information to help you lead a healthier life, from the physicians and healthcare experts across our fully integrated health network.




Understanding Aneurysms

Dr. Naravetla talks to us about the basics of aneurysms from symptoms, main cause, and treatment. Information about when the screening process should begin and the different modalities are also discussed.


Nurses as Leaders

In this panel, nurses Courtney Berry and Ryan Liddy discuss why they chose a career in nursing and what they enjoy about it. The importance of building relationships with patients and their families. They also give advice to anyone considering a career in nursing, how to deal with work-related stress, and how the nursing team helps each other.


Understanding Radiation Oncology

Dr. David Bergman talks about what is radiation therapy and how does it work. Side effects of radiation therapy and their longevity are also discussed.


CNO Perspectives on Building a Career in Nursing

In this panel, nurses Jim Williams, Monica Baranski, and Kathleen Carolin discuss the benefits of being a nurse and how the community supports each other. They also discuss the opportunities and why they recommend this career.


Choosing a Pediatrician

In this episode, Dr. Sonali Vashi gives recommendations on how parents should prepare for their first pediatric visit; when a child should start visiting the doctor, and how to put your child at ease during a pediatric visit.


What You Should Know About Emergency Care

In this episode, Dr. Rudoni discusses how we can receive the most efficient care in an emergency room. Ways that we can determine if we should go to the emergency room or the urgent care center. Should we drive to the hospital or call an ambulance? McLaren's services are explained such as the freestanding ER and the online check-in process.


Cochlear Implants

Losing your hearing can be extremely isolating. Dr. Candice Colby-Scott discusses cochlear implants, who can benefit from them, and what those benefits are.


Geriatric Fractures and Bone Health

In today's discussion, Dr. Michael Milshteyn talks about orthopedic surgery, particularly in conjunction with geriatric fractures and overall geriatric bone health.

Is Shoulder Replacement Right For You

Dr. Patrick Noud discusses shoulder replacement surgery.


Understanding Urinary Incontinence

Dr. Andrew Agosta discusses urinary incontinence, its causes, and potential consequences if it is left untreated.


Understanding Stroke

Dr. Aniel Majjhoo discusses understanding strokes.


Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Bryan Shumaker discusses treating erectile dysfunction.


Your Teen's First OB/GYN Visit

Dr. Kota discusses your teen's first OB/GYN visit.


Major Cardiac Events



Understanding Surgical Weight Loss

Michael Kia, DO, FACOS, FACS, discusses bariatric surgery, including which individuals are good candidates for the procedure, how the procedure works, and what recovery entails. In the episode, Dr. Kia answers the following questions: 1) For most people, bariatric surgery becomes an option after years of failed attempts at weight loss. Can you tell us what may indicate that someone may be a candidate for bariatric surgery? 2) Can you describe the process, from the first appointment to the...


Options for Back Pain

Anthony Cuchhi, DO, discusses common causes of back pain, treatment options, and when surgery may need to be considered. In the episode, Dr. Cucchi addresses the following: 1) What are some of the primary causes of back pain? What are the most common conditions you see in your practice? 2) For our listeners, how can they tell when back pain is just a temporary issue like a muscle strain, or something more serious? 3) Most people don’t want surgery, especially on their back. What options...


Understanding Sports Medicine

Shivajee Nallamothu, DO discusses the field of sports medicine, including common injuries, ways to minimize risk of injury, treatment options, and tips for parents of student athletes who are heavily inovlved in sports programs. In the episode, Dr. Nallamothu addresses the following: 1) Given the popularity of professional sports in America, there’s increased awareness of the efforts athletes put forth to maintain maximal performance and reduce the impact of sports injuries. As a result,...


Importance of Lung Screening

Victor Gordon, MD, discusses why lung screenings are important, who represents a good candidate for screening, and what treatment options are considered should the screening detect something concerning. In the interview, Dr. Gordon answers the following: 1) As a pulmonologist, you see a wide range of lung diseases and conditions. What are some of the conditions you see most often in your practice? 2) One of the most frightening diagnoses for patients is cancer. Obviously, smoking is a key...


Planning for Pregnancy

Lauryn Przeslawski, DO, discusses what couples should expect on their pregnancy journey, including tips for planning, morning sickness and other symptoms, and fertility concerns. In the episode, Dr. Przeslawski answers the following: 1) We all know it's important to plan for pregnancy even before you're actually pregnant. For listeners who may be planning to start a family soon, what advice can you share? 2) Before taking a pregnancy test for confirmation, what are early symptoms of...


Oncology: Genitourinary Cancer

Elisabeth Heath, MD, FACP, discusses genitourinary cancers, including which cancers are included under this umbrella, symptoms of the disease, risk factors, and advancements in treatment. In the episode, Dr. Heath covers the following questions: 1) Your area of expertise is genitourinary cancer. What does that mean? Is your expertise specific to men or women, or do you treat all patients? 2) As an oncologist focusing in genitourinary cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer and bladder...