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Exploring the mythic journeys we undertake when coming to know ourselves through interviews with herbalists, story keepers, ancestral listeners, consciousness explorers, earth dreamers, and other wise folk. Story is medicine, magic is real, healing is open-ended & endless.

Exploring the mythic journeys we undertake when coming to know ourselves through interviews with herbalists, story keepers, ancestral listeners, consciousness explorers, earth dreamers, and other wise folk. Story is medicine, magic is real, healing is open-ended & endless.
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Exploring the mythic journeys we undertake when coming to know ourselves through interviews with herbalists, story keepers, ancestral listeners, consciousness explorers, earth dreamers, and other wise folk. Story is medicine, magic is real, healing is open-ended & endless.




58. Poisonous Plant Spirit Medicine - Kathryn Solie

Poisonous plants have long been misunderstood and even forbidden, yet they hold a special medicinal power. Let’s do as our ancestors did and carefully, respectfully ally ourselves with this potent family of healing herbs. IN THE INTRO: Poisonous plants, visionary journeys, and Samhain/Halloween witches IN THE INTERVIEW: How trees and plants companioned Kathryn through her dark and disconnected teen years, led to her meditation practice and relationship with wrathful deities, and...


57. Own Your Self: Radical Healing, Rooted Health - Dr. Kelly Brogan

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" -J. Krishnamurti "Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left." -Aldous Huxley "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -Arthur Schopenhauer IN THE INTRO: Remembering that radical literally means “back to the root"- what we consider today to be radical health care...


56. Real Talk on Marriage, Plants, Kids, Business - My Husband, Owen Lindsay

Owen never thought he’d be a dad, neither of us planned on getting married, and we had no idea that our love for plants would play such a big role in sustaining our relationship. Here’s a peek into how we make our lives together work... IN THE INTRO: Elderberry & MotherwortThree things that make our marriage work IN THE INTERVIEW: How we met and then, six years later, got together (St. John’s Wort oil played a role)Why we pretended we weren’t falling in love even when we clearly wereWhat...


55. Highly Sensitive People are the Psychedelic Plants of the Human Realm - Lola Pickett

Empaths are trending right now; let’s dig beneath the surface into what it really means to be empathic and/or to have a highly sensitive nervous system, and then talk about the plant and fungal allies that can help us to relax, recalibrate, and ground. IN THE INTRO: The difference between empathic and highly sensitive peopleHigh sensitivity is an evolutionary adaptationRitual is remembering IN THE INTERVIEW: Part I, Lola interviews me: How I came to walk the plant pathMy experience as a...


54. Lineage, Calling, and the Mythic Imagination - Sharon Blackie

Myth is the power of place speaking, and the story threads that made meaning and held guidance for our ancestors can be found anew and re-woven for our times. When we tap into the mythic imagination, we remember the calling that brought us into the world. IN THE INTRO: Dreaming the ancient waysSisters of rock and root IN THE INTERVIEW: The Loss of the Voices of the Wells: the sacred contract between humans and the land, and how the desecration of women and the destruction of the earth are...


53. Healing Herbal Oils: How To Make and Use Them - Kami McBride

Every woman throughout time has taken some kind of plant and some kind of fat, put them together and used it as medicine. Herbal body oils are the One Remedy to Rule Them All. And no one knows more about making and using them than Kami McBride. IN THE INTRO: Ancient sacrament, modern necessityKami’s FREE video workshop serieson making herbal oils IN THE INTERVIEW: How herbal oils came into Kami’s life and immediately replaced petroleum based productsIf you wouldn’t put it in your mouth,...


52. Decolonizing the Mind: You Belong to Your Ancestors - Tamira Cousett

Embodying the blessing of being a child of diverse lineages, being rooted first in our ancestral stories and second in our cultural narratives, embracing our inherent worth as we step into the work we came here to do, and so much more... IN THE INTRO: Imaginal rememberingGathering the stories of your elders IN THE INTERVIEW: Tamira’s childhood experiences with the unseen, and how that was (not) held in her familyWe are accountable to our ancestorsThe process of remembering and learning to...


51. Maternal Mammalian Ecstasy: The Ancient Hormonal Blueprint for Optimal Birth and Bonding - Sarah Buckley

Through untold eons mammals have evolved a beautiful birth-giving physiology based around a complex cascade of hormones that are released during labor. We give both mother and baby the best chance at a peaceful, ecstatic birth and postpartum period when we remember and respect this ancient dance. IN THE INTRO: Complex parenting topics: sleep, immunity, birth IN THE INTERVIEW: Sarah’s mainstream doctor grandfather and how she got interested in natural birthThe exquisitely designed...


50. Kneeling to the Earth: Herbalism is Remembering - Rosemary Gladstar

Soft power, honoring our elders, and banishing imposter syndrome by remembering that we’re in service to the earth. IN THE INTRO: Honoring the lineage of plant healers that led to this podcastIntuitive breast care w/ herbsWhat every herbalist should know IN THE INTERVIEW: Kneeling to the earth- herbalism isn’t about you, please don’t be afraid to share your voiceHow Rosemary’s name (which came from her two grandmothers) set her on her path from an early agePlants that carry soft power &...


49. Grieving the Spirits of the Land & Bringing Healing to the Ancestors - Mariee Sioux

Mariee Sioux’s music is medicine for the living and medicine for the dead, a direct portal both to and from the ancestors and the land spirits. In this interview she shares profound stories of hurt, healing, and visions gifted from the otherworld. IN THE INTRO: Making grief more beautiful and more bearableHow to enter the Giveaway of theGrief in Exilealbum Songs played during this episode are- Wild EyesBlack SnakesGrief in ExileTwo Tongues IN THE INTERVIEW: Mariee never dreamed she’d be...


48. Matriarchy in Action & Ancestor Assisted Birth - Emilee Saldaya

Birth has been systemically taken from us by the powers that be, but each birthing body holds deep knowledge of how to bring forth life. This conversation is part of a much larger cultural remembering of what our ancestors instinctively knew about giving birth and nurturing our babies. IN THE INTRO: IN THE INTERVIEW: How Emilee’s radical teenage years led to her work now. Supporting mother’s instincts so that the mother-baby conversation can happen. Birth story: Dolphins(!), their...


47. Rose Medicine: Softness & Strength From the Queen of the Flowers

Humans have been joyfully engaging with rose medicine throughout the ages. This luxurious herb works on so many different parts of the body and spirit because of its many healing properties. Let's talk about them. Click here to get the beautiful PDF Bringing Rose Medicine Home, featuring 6 rose recipes from 5 herbalists, plus my 3 favorite rose products. LINKS: Medicine Stories PatreonWhich Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine?Being the Medicine and Seeing the Wide Arc of TimeHerbalism,...


46. Sex, Trauma, Magic, & the Ancestors - Pavini Moray

Remembering that our ancestors can guide us because they've done this all before, relating ancestral healing & communion to our sexually traumatizing culture, helping people without assuming that we hold knowledge of what it is they need, and so much more... IN THE INTRO: Lilac water Creating apart from perfection IN THE INTERVIEW: The sweet vulnerability of praying out loud Bespoken Bones and the magical process of naming things Discarding the expert paradigm- “I don’t know what you...


45. The Deepest Magic: To Know Yourself, Know Your Ancestors

You come from a long line of healers, midwives, songstresses, herbalists, dancers, birth-givers, artists, and wise folk. You are a direct descendent of powerful visionaries and earthwise geniuses, and their ancient knowing resonates today deep in your marrow. These are not empty platitudes or the wishful thinking of modern spiritual yearners; these statements are genealogical fact. In this episode I talk about: LINKS: MythicMedicine.loveMedicine Stories Patreon (find the written version...


44. Animism: Coming into Kinship with All Life - Daniel Foor

We are in relationship with plants, animals, fungi, mountains, metals, fire, bodies of water, spirits of wind and weather, deities, human ancestors, star people, and others we don't have words for, whether we are conscious of it or not. In this conversation Dr. Daniel Foor and I talk about reclaiming kinship through earth-honoring ritual, getting right with your ancestors and with the land you're living on, finding your own unique medicine, and so much more. IN THE INTRO: IN THE...


43. A Plant Spirit Healing Story

This is a vulnerable and very personal story of how a plant friend recently stepped in to create a bridge of communication between me and my mother, who died three years ago. It was an unexpected and super meaningful healing message for me, and I switched my podcast release schedule around to share this story. Real magic happens when we cultivate relationships with plants and stay open to messages from the multiverse y'all. I also talk about synchronicity, dealing with overwhelming grief,...


42. You Are Your Own Healer: Earth Intuition & Self Knowledge - Asia Suler

Asia Suler talks about how being in relationship with the aliveness of the earth brings us deeper into ourselves, healing within the complexities of chronic health conditions, working with the story medicine of flowers, and so much more… IN THE INTRO: FREE Opening Earth Intuition online course! Finding a plant ally Reishi: Medicine of the Ages IN THE INTERVIEW: How plants bring us deeper into ourselves, and the kind of second sight that only comes when we tune into the aliveness of the...


41. The Dreaming Channel & Remembering Ourselves Home - Toko-pa Turner

We are entitled to a (re)membership with the holy, the never-ending and ever-evolving wisdom of dreams, and guidance on the path of remembering ourselves home. I forgot to mention this episode's Patreon offering in the intro, but check out the Links section below to access Toko-pa's Dream Recovery Kit ebook, designed for the individual who is feeling estranged from their dreams, this guide will help you cultivate a rich dream life. This kit contains guidance for dream recall, tips for...


40. Ancient Medicine & the Love of the Ancestors - Atava Garcia Swiecicki

We each carry our own unique ancestral medicine, and can (and should!) spend a lifetime uncovering it. A teacher of herbal, folk, and indigenous medicine, Atava is deeply grounded in and a powerful guide through this sacred work. IN THE INTRO: Student of Color Scholarship Fund IN THE INTERVIEW: LINKS: Ancestral Apothecary SchoolAncestral ApothecaryInstagramWeaving Earth ImmersionLead To LifeAncestral MedicineMythic MedicineMedicine Stories PatreonFacebook group Take my fun Which Healing...


39. Kitchen Herbalism: The Body Remembers - Kami McBride

Herbalist Kami McBride is back to dive even deeper into the uses of plant medicine for long term vitality and well being. This time we focus on home & kitchen herbalism, which is both super easy/accessible to everyone and the most important way to utilize herbs for daily health. Win win! INTRO: Pre-Order now INTERVIEW: literallythe foundation of health LINKS: Pre-Order The Herbal Kitchen now to get the bonuses! My website Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast...