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A show that lets you hear what doctors have to say about their lives, their work, their passions, and what they foresee for the future.

A show that lets you hear what doctors have to say about their lives, their work, their passions, and what they foresee for the future.
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A show that lets you hear what doctors have to say about their lives, their work, their passions, and what they foresee for the future.






Dr. David Kulber

David Kulber went into plastic and reconstructive surgery because it gave him a chance to create new surgeries. He has reconstructed severely deformed mounds of flesh into functioning hands on a young boy from Africa. He started using Google Glass to teach surgeons in Mozambique to do surgery, and he created a novel technique of using meniscus (“hearty fibrocartilage”) from a cadaver to use to create new joints in the wrist and the hand. His undergraduate degree from Cal Berkeley... The...


Dr. Khawar Siddique

Born in Scotland and educated in Illinois, Dr. Siddique decided to get an MBA at the University of Southern California before doing a fellowship in neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai. He saw medicine changing and wanted to remain an independent surgeon rather than following the trend in becoming a W-2 employee of a hospital. He and his business partner Brian Perri, D.O. created several medical groups, opened their own outpatient surgical center, bought a $24 million building near Cedars, and...


Dr. Tom Knapp

At age 12, Tom Knapp broke his elbow and was fascinated that surgeons could repair the problem he saw in the X ray. He knew then he wanted to be a doctor, and as he went through his education, settled on orthopedics. Today he is one of the top handful of arthroscopic shoulder surgeons in the L.A. area. He will tell you why goalies have the most shoulder injuries in soccer, and he’ll explain a cutting-edge new surgical technique. After... The post Dr. Tom Knapp appeared first on Meet the...


Dr. Kim Carvalho

Born and raised in Hilo on the big island of Hawaii, Dr. Kim Carvalho knew by the age of six she loved animals. By age 9, she was volunteering at the local veterinarian’s office and saw her life’s path set out before her. She was educated at UC Davis and at Washington State University before moving to Southern California to do further training and becoming certified as a specialist for dogs and cats. She has created a concierge service in... The post Dr. Kim Carvalho appeared first on Meet...


Dr. Daniel “Chris” Allison

At age six, Dr. Allison’s family moved from Iran to Texas. He attended Medical School at Baylor College of Medicine and got his MBA at the same time. When he did his residency at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center, he began to see his career develop – he was becoming used to handling severe trauma calmly and complex orthopedic surgeries easily. He stayed at County/USC for his fellowship, then followed his mentor to Cedars-Sinai, where he remains today. He is... The post Dr. Daniel...


Dr. Tracy Zaslow

A native Angeleno, Dr. Tracy Zaslow is the director of the sports concussion and sports medicine programs at Children’s Orthopedic Center. She pioneered the field of primary care pediatric sports medicine, becoming one of only two such doctors in the L.A. area when she started her career. She spearheaded an effort to educate parents and young athletes about the signs of concussion, and each year she organizes events on that topic, often including former athletes that she helped guide...


Dr. Hyung Kim

Even before medical school, Dr. Kim knew he wanted to make a difference through research – to make discoveries that create improved treatments. It seemed to him that in oncology there was a lot of room for making new discoveries with a deadly disease that could clearly make an impact on patients’ lives. He has published over 100 articles in urology and cancer and is currently accepting patients with prostate tumors into a clinical trial. He is mapping prostate tumors... The post Dr. Hyung...


Dr. Janie Grumley

Born in Taiwan and raised in Canada, Dr. Janie Grumley became a champion figure skater before beginning her training to become a surgeon. She chose breast cancer as her field of specialization and learned the advanced procedure of oncoplasty – removing a breast tumor and in the same surgery reconstructing the breast. She has helped champion intra-operative radiation therapy, in which one dose of radiation can be applied to the tumor bed and nearby tissues, sparing most healthy tissue...


Dr. Sanjay Khurana

Born in Los Angeles, Dr. Sanjay Khurana at first thought he might become a neurosurgeon, but quickly fell in love with the robust recoveries orthopedic spine surgeries produced. After a childhood in Saudi Arabia he attended UC Berkeley, Stanford and University of Miami for his medical training. He began his career at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, then moved back to his home in Los Angeles to join an innovative outpatient spine surgeon practice, DISC. After 17 years and 5,000... The post...


Dr. Chris Vincent

Dr. Chris Vincent was an elite 800-meter runner at UCLA before becoming a sports chiropractor. He was an Olympic team doctor many times as well as the team doctor for the World Cup Track and Field Championships. From 2002 to 2008, he served as the medical and fitness consultant to the government of Saudi Arabia. In 2010 Dr. Vincent founded Altus Health in Santa Monica where he provides a collaborative team of health care professionals to keep top actors healthy... The post Dr. Chris Vincent...


Dr. Harold Kraft

Dr. Harold Kraft spent two decades as a hospital-based anesthesiologist at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. His undergraduate degree was in BioEngineering from the University of Pennsylvania, but his mother wanted him to be a doctor, so he did that while maintaining a parallel high-tech career, starting several software companies and obtaining numerous patents. He decided to focus upon laser therapy for pain at his LaserMD Pain Relief clinics in Santa Monica and Manhattan...


Dr. Danielle Aufiero

Dr. Danielle Aufiero is a physiatrist and sports medicine specialist at OrthoHealing in West Los Angeles. First of all, she explains what a physiatrist is and what types of non-surgical treatments they offer to relieve pain and restore function. She specializes in performing regenerative treatments such as prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, ozone therapy, and bone marrow stem cell therapy. She breaks down each one and explains the pros and cons of each. The post Dr. Danielle...


Dr. Gary Polan

Dr. Gary Polan pioneered Vision Sports Therapy from the beginning of his career when he was in optometry school and had a major league baseball pitcher sleeping on his couch. He helps pro baseball players see the fast-moving ball twice before swinging instead of once or not at all as most players do. He helps professional tennis players and Olympic track and field athletes with depth perception to improve their performance. He’s quick to point out that vision occurs in... The post Dr. Gary...


Dr. Bert Mandelbaum

Dr. Bert Mandelbaum is known as one of the top knee doctors of L.A. He has also been the U.S. national soccer team physician for six Olympic Games and seven World Cup tournaments. He discusses his vision for creating the biggest sports medicine center in the world, emphasizing prevention of injuries and finding performance solutions to return athletes to their sport. He talks about being involved in exciting research projects that repair and are even regenerating cartilage. The post Dr....


Dr. Brian Gantwerker

Dr. Gantwerker explains that the training of a neurosurgeon is very long, ten years. He does surgeries on the lumbar, thoracic, cervical spine as well as the brain, including a surgery for epilepsy that has a high success rate. What he really loves is explaining arthritis of the spine to his patients, and giving patients confidence when they’re scared by something like a blood clot in the brain, which he says is a straight-forward procedure. The post Dr. Brian Gantwerker appeared first on...


Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli

Since childhood in India, Dr. Venuturupalli envisioned the dream of finding a cure for auto-immune and inflammatory diseases. He knew he’d have to come to the United States to have the resources to do that. Opening Attune Health in Beverly Hills was a huge step, creating all needed services under one large roof for his patients. He is also involved in over 100 clinical trials with researchers from around the world. The post Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli appeared first on Meet the Doctors.


Dr. Alexandre Rasouli

Dr. Rasouli says 90% of all patients with back pain don’t need surgery. By trying conservative treatments first, most patients will recover. For the 10% that need surgery, Dr. Rasouli pioneered doing cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacements in an outpatient setting. That means most of his cervical and lumbar disc replacements allow patients to go home the same day as surgery. These are rapid recovery spine surgeries. The post Dr. Alexandre Rasouli appeared first on Meet the Doctors.