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At last a podcast you can listen to and learn about mental health aside our banter and jokes we entertain and educate you on your mental health and interview guests that tell you their stories.

At last a podcast you can listen to and learn about mental health aside our banter and jokes we entertain and educate you on your mental health and interview guests that tell you their stories.




At last a podcast you can listen to and learn about mental health aside our banter and jokes we entertain and educate you on your mental health and interview guests that tell you their stories.




S2E32: Self Doubt Can Namaste Away With Amber Campion

This week we had Amber a yoga teacher and mindfulness-based life + leadership coach. We had a great time with her, she is such an amazing person and very knowledgeable, we talked about how you can relax your mind and how yoga can actually help you. Below are Amber's Links so you can stalk her too:


S2E31: Love Yourself Control Your Health With Cristina Castagnini

This week's episode with Cristina is all about self love and how you can stop self doubt, how you can start a good mindset and that the way you live also effects your mental health, its important to take care of how you treat yourself before its too late... Below you can follow Cristina on her socials:


S2E30: Mental Anguish In Teenage Language With Roseann Capanna

This week's episode is all about mental health with Roseann an amazing mental health specialist, we talk about how much mental health of teenagers and children is important and how much parents need to look out for signs to help their kids get through a tough time, that it isn't just a phase, it needs to be looked after and treated properly. Below are Roseann's Links you can follow her on...


S2E29: Rocky Roads With Wayne Shipman

Today's episode is all about Rocky Roads, no not the ice cream, its about how a person can have such a rocky life but still come out of it on top, Today we have Wayne Shipman, " Living outdoors as a homeless man in 2005 was a far cry from being a proud father and patriotic Army soldier in the 1990's, and coping with bipolar and borderline personality disorders almost resulted in suicide. A last chance decision to face the realities of homelessness, divorce, bad parenting, major drug use,...


S2E28: The Spooktacular Special With Bob Heske & Cuyle Carvin

Today we have a Halloween Special, we have been waiting for this day to come where we can talk about creepy stories and maybe some true paranormal activities that have happened over the years. We had 2 awesome people as guests, Robert Heske or bob, made an award winning documentary called afraid of nothing and also has a podcast with that name, Cuyle Carvin an actor who appeared in the walking dead, American made, and a lot of other big named Tv shows and movies, he is also working on some...


S2E27: Asking Alexa What Can I Do For Me?

This week we had the pleasure in bringing Alexa Martin to the table to ask a couple of questions on mindfulness and how to protect your mindset. We also spoke about Eating Disorders and how to set boundaries, when to say no and how to say no. It was a very interesting episode you will absolutely love, below are a few of her links: If you're on Apple, please leave us a rating and review! This helps the algorithm push this...


S2E26: Super Human Helen

This week on Mental Talk we have Helen Wills a fellow podcaster from the UK that is an awesome mom blogger, We spoke about how to handle raising a teenager, we also went through the challenges that parents and teens have. It was a very interesting episode you will absolutely love, as well there will be a small blooper on our Instagram Reels so be sure to check that out. Below are some links on where you can stalk...


S2E25: Molding the Embattled Mind With Marie Doherty

This week on Mental Talk we have Marie Doherty a Holistic Happiness Coach she works with mums and teens regain their sense of identity and find true happiness and purpose. "As a teacher and a parent, this was where I found myself. I realized I had lost my identity. I was just a mum and a teacher, my happiness depended on external events. I spent all my time trying to control all those external events but was getting more and more frustrated and unhappy. " Here are some links below for you...


S2E24: From Abduction to Corruption, Elephants to Extortion The Story of Aaron Young

This week on Mental Talk we have Aaron Young share his life story with our hosts, how he went through hell from being abducted at age 5 to becoming an accidental Elephant specialist, to spending 2 jail terms in an African Prison, having to leave his wife and 2 kids behind when he was forced to leave the country and go back to Australia. We went through how all this affected his Mental Health and how he coped with it. Below are the links to Aarons Social media if you would like to check him...


S2E23: Dealing With Our Emotions W/ Marty Wolner

This week we had the pleasure to interview Marty Wolner a life coach that helps people work through the Emotional Trauma, This episode is special our very own Yara hosts her first episode with non other than Billy coming back from Season 1... You can find all info on Marty Wolner below:


S2E22: Kicking Cancers Ass With Katherine Knoploh

This week we have an important topic something we already went through before but it is always needed, this episode is about Cancer awareness, we talk with Katherine Knoploh about her story with cancer and how she is helping other woman going through the same. Below are her links check it out:


S2E21: Being The Light In A World Of Darkness W/ Heather Hutchison

This week's Episode is all about Heather Hutchison, a Song Writer, Singer, and Author. Moe and Yara hosted this episode with a small jump in of our newest Mental Talk co host Aya decided to ask a few questions and also talk with us. The episode is one of our teams favorite because it showcases Disabilities and Mental Health 2 very important topics. Heather Hutchison shares with us her story of life as a blind person. So listen closely we very much enjoyed heather's presence with us and she...


S2E20: Life In Prison For Another Man's Crime With Jeffrey Deskovic

This week we have a special bonus episode. We had the opportunity to record with Jeffrey Deskovic about his life behind bars, he was incarcerated for allegedly raping and murdering his fellow classmate at the time 15 year old Angela Correa, after 16 long years in prison losing his teenage and 20's he finally got cleared join us and listen to how he became a lawyer after how the legal system treated him and how he helped in getting the man who did it behind bars. join us in this 1 hour...


S2E19: Helping You Change Your Story with Beata Seweryn Reid

This week we have a special episode with Beata she is amazing and maybe one of the best people I have personally interviewed she is a huge inspiration and i'm glad we got the opportunity to sit down and talk with her. Did I mention she is also a life coach you can check her out in the links below: Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREE Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you...


S2E18: Getting Through Dating Anxiety with Dr. Chloe Carmichael

This week's Episode is all about Dating Anxiety we had Dr. Chloe in the house walking us through her book, we also had so many questions and we got a lot of answers, get ready because if you do suffer from dating anxiety this episode might be the thing for you. Below are Dr. Chloe Carmichael links you can get in touch with her from: Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREE Disclaimer: This post...


S2E17: Broken Like Me With Joseph E. Reid

This week on Mental Talk we have the great Joe or something we like to call the Moe and Joe show (not official). We talked about Joe's book Broken Like me and we had a lot of jokes as well as a major fun time together in this episode, What is the best thing to grow flowers? That's Sh*t. listen to the episode and once you reach this part you will understand what we mean. Below is the link to Joe's book you can find it here if you would like to cop a copy of your...


S2E16: Lets get happy with the happiness specialist Monique Rhodes

This week we are trying to just be more happy if its a tiny thing like waking up in the morning watching the sunrise or smelling some flowers and it puts a smile on your face or even walking with a friend, lets do more things that make us happy. Now for the tough question how can we be happier well Monique has the answers she educates Moe and Yara (At last she's back) on how to be happy. Did we mention that Monique is also a singer.............. Below are the Links to Monique's socials go...


S2E15: Finding your inner self with Dell Henderson

This week its all about embracing our inner self and bettering ourselves in a big way, we had life coach dell with us where Moe asked him a few questions about life and also had a few laughs at the end. Below are Dell's Links follow him there:


S2E14: Traveling the world with Christina Davis

Today's episode is a special one we had Christina on where we talked about being away from home and the anxiety of leaving a place you spent your whole life in to work or travel the world, how to start out and move out. if you enjoyed this episode share it with your friends. Below are the links to Christina's website and socials:


S2E13: All about Autism with Sam & Gina

Today's episode we got the honor of interviewing Sam and his mom Gina about autism and the stigma surrounding it, spreading awareness on the topic as well as how to show acceptance, Sam, himself, has autism. He was diagnosed at the age of 4, and although he is successful, he has had trials and tribulations over the years. Sam runs his own podcast called, Autism Rocks and Rolls. Below are the links to his podcast check it out: