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Mental Toughness and Certified High Performance Coach






3 Ways to Accelerate Progress and Get Better Quicker

More The ongoing theme for March is mindset months and I'm going to be sharing tips, tools and habits, some of which I've been discussing in my mental toughness monthly round table. I wanted to share here to see if they'll help you as well. By the way, I know that you're ambitious, but sometimes our progress isn't as quick as we would like, or we feel like we're working really hard and we're not seeing the results that we want and deserve. So I'm going to share...


Working Hard But Not Making Enough Progress?

More Do you ever feel like you are working EXTREMELY hard and... 1.) not making the progress you want and deserve 2.) not feeling acknowledged 3.) not able to sustain the pace If so, you are 100% not alone. In an effort to disrupt this cycle and make progress towards you achieving your potential in a holistic and sustainable way, we are going to kick off International Women's Day a little early. Let’s all be inspired and learn from the amazing stories, impact and...


Ever Regretted NOT Speaking Up?

More Have you ever had a birthday come and go when you received nothing? No recognition, no card, no special dinner. Nothin'! That happened to me a while back, and it felt like I was invisible and no one cared. The reality was that the most important people in my life cared, but it somehow slipped their busy minds. See, it’s a human drive to be acknowledged and validated. For example, "Happy birthday!" "Can we spend some time together?" "I made you a card that has...


Tired of NOT Being Heard?

More Four years ago I got asked by a dear friend to sit on a panel for a Google Ventures sponsored event which was hosted by Autodesk. The topic was "Mental Toughness for Women in Tech." I thanked my friend, and politely declined. At the time and for the past 25 years, my clients were world-class athletes typically ages 16-22... not the best, brightest and most successful women in technology residing in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and beyond. Full transparency, I...


3 Key Learnings from Women in Cloud Summit 2019

More I am so excited! I spent all day at the Women in Cloud Summit 2019 at Microsoft, learning from over 1,000 of the country’s top technologists and tech entrepreneurs and doing a book signing for ZONED IN. Let’s talk about a couple of the things from the book that resonated most with these amazing women and which are important to all of us. 1). The importance of long-term clarity: Not just your one-year goal, but your five-year goals. This has less to do with...


3 World-Class Secrets to Persevere (When You Want to Quit)

More After researching, studying and working with the Top 1%, I’ve learned that there are are similarities and differences between world-class performers and everyone else. Everyone experiences anger, fear, frustration, and doubt. Everyone. There’s one important difference though that, that sets the best apart from the rest. It’s that world-class performers are intimately and vividly aware of what they want and why they care so deeply. Maybe you’ve heard that...


World-Class Tips on Staying Sane and Happy During the Holidays

I’m not sure if your holidays are all jolly smiles, presents flowing and family getting along famously. Let’s just say when I was young, I really looked forward to January. Now, I LOVE having kids home, traveling, exchanging gifts and volunteering this time of year, but it can still be stressful at times. There’s one thing world-class athletes do that we can all learn from to have the most enjoyable and relaxing holiday possible. They rest and renew. Yep, that’s it. The most successful and...


How To Focus On What Really Matters

Do you ever get distracted and veer off from what’s most important? Of course, that’s a trick question. We all do, especially this time of year! You might wonder how world-class performers have laser-like focus when it comes to their long-term vision and their short-term progress. Thankfully, there are tools we can all learn, so we can have remarkable focus too and achieve what may have (at first) seemed not possible. Here are a couple tips to get started: For Long-Term Focus: Create a...


It's Time to Stop Feeling Mediocre

Here’s what I’m hearing though over and over again from my local and global workshop attendees... as well as those applying for my monthly subscription: Despite all the amazing things they are doing... “I feel mediocre.” I hear you. I’ve felt that way too. If we work extra hard, we feel like we are mediocre with our loved ones and friends. If we commit to our family, our career ambitions might slow down. Here’s the worst: We work extra hard at both, and still feel like we are coming up...


Are You At An Ambition Checkpoint?

I had a conversation with one of my oldest and dearest friends recently that at first struck me as odd. She asked, "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind wanting to start again...?" I recognized that was the opening lyrics to Katy Perry’s song Firework. She was off. Not her present, fun, happy, and courageous self. It was strange, because she’s so accomplished. She had raised happy, productive, and conscientious kids. She worked doing what she loved. She had a few...


What Happens When Smart People Think Stupid

Is it possible that you have everything it takes to achieve what you yearn for and what, I believe, is already rightfully yours? Maybe the reason why you have not achieved the level of success you want and deserve is because of the limitations you place on yourself. I know that was the case for me up until three years ago. How could I go from having a thriving yet (very) small private practice to helping thousands? To help the masses refine their clarity and gain the mindset required to...


What to Say to Yourself When You Fail

"Non-negative thinking sets the best apart from the rest." If you're human, you will experience failure. Period. Serena Williams experienced a huge failure in the Miami Open a couple months ago, an early exit in round 1. Unheard of, right? Not really. She was a new mother, not back in her best shape, and it was her first tournament since the birth of her daughter. We fail too. Maybe we lose a competition, a prospect says no, a presentation goes south, or we get rejected after a promising (so...


Mental Toughness Secrets from 2X Olympian Mariya Koroleva

More Have you ever been told that you will never improve, or you are not a good fit? After the London 2012 Olympics, Mariya Koroleva thought she would be in serious consideration for the next Olympic team in 2016, but she was not. Mariya was told she was too old (at 23) and that she did not fit into the team that was being considered which would be much younger. She had a choice: 1. Give up on a second Olympics 2. Go for it and train for another year with no...


1 World-Class Secret to Build Confidence Over the Long Haul

I saw Serena Williams play an exhibition match in Los Angeles when she was only 11 or 12 years old. Looking back, I wonder if she realized that she would be the named best player in the open era and have earned more than 22 Grand Slam titles! Not to mention all of her other unimaginably successful endorsements and businesses. Maybe not down to those exact details, but she did work every day believing her day would come, and believing it was possible. It’s that unwavering belief in ourselves...


How to Gain Clarity for Your Next Big Move

Sometimes our dreams and aspirations are a little mismatched with our efforts. Full transparency... I was called out on this one by my mentor this past January. Don’t get me wrong I was working hard and extremely busy. There was something missing when it came to how I was approaching my next level of success. I had next-leveled my ambitions, but how I spent my time was the same. My ambitions were not aligned with the next level of success I wanted (and knew I deserved.) This worked for a...


You Can Get UNSTUCK. Here's How...

More I honor where you are and for what you have accomplished up to this point. It’s often easy to lose sight of the lives we’ve touched, the progress we’ve made and what we have given to others. This affects our momentum, motivation and confidence, so please do take a moment for self gratitude, and the good you have already put into the world. If you are feeling ‘stuck’, it may be time for an ambition checkpoint. This is a world-class tip to help you reassess what...


4 Confidence Tips to Achieve Your Next BIG WIN

It’s time! If you feel like you deserve more, it’s time to go after it. There are many reasons why we (yes, me included:) avoid the crucial conversations or steps required to next level our ambitions and desires. Whatever is holding you back, rest assured it’s 100% normal and OK, but not conducive for the progress you want to see. Keep in mind, your next "BIG WIN" might be restoring or strengthening a relationship. It might be taking your business to the next level, closing one new client,...


3 Best-Kept Secrets to Win the Day... Consistently!

Have you ever tried to cut sugar out of your diet, but the pantry is full of sugary treats? I have, and it usually ends in failure, frustration and disappointment:(. Now, the pantry is filled with foods that support my desire to be more fit and have more energy. We all have so many good intentions and so much as well as good in us to create and to give. We must give ourselves a fighting chance to achieve what we want and deserve. Not just for us, but also for those who matter most to us....


3 Tips to Nail Your Next "Big Win"

More WOW! The year is flying by, and I am SO excited that you are part of this amazing community of action takers! If you missed the live (global broadcast) Master Class last Thursday, stay tuned! The attendance and feedback was so was incredible that we are in the process rolling it out again next week. You will be the first to know the details! In the meantime, here are a few important points we covered ... Are you ready to nail your next "Big Win?" Here’s the...


My Transformation from Fear and Unhappiness to Becoming Mentally Tough (Interview w/Amanda)

Sheryl Kline: Hey there. Sheryl Kline here, mental toughness coach, published author, speaker, and I am so excited to be here today with Amanda. Amanda is going to share a little bit today about what it's like to be a woman in corporate America, some of the successes she had, which there were many, and also some of the challenges and struggles she had. She's going to speak to how being mentally tough would have made her journey a little bit easier. So, welcome Amanda. Amanda: Thanks. Thanks...