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A podcast about depression by Kristen Carney and Stevie Ryan

A podcast about depression by Kristen Carney and Stevie Ryan
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A podcast about depression by Kristen Carney and Stevie Ryan




#73 Stress, Conversion Disorder and Stoicism

Kristen’s friend Dan is on this week’s episode talking about how the stress and emotions of being stuck in a legal battle led him to developing physical symptoms like loss of muscle control and vision changes and how he overcame them. He also talks about the 30 Day Stoic Challenge and what he’s getting out of it. They also discuss Jane Fonda’s mother’s suicide, ice soup and the worst alarm clock hypotheticals. Thank you for listening! If you’d like to support the show, please go to...


#72 Brain Technology and Rebuilding Your Life

Host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, Jordan Harbinger is here to discuss rebuilding your life, brain technology and the book Super Better. He also shares with Kristen how he has a new found respect for people who suffer with anxiety and how the gym helps keep him in a good frame of mind. Also discussed; headstands and not dressing like a bum. Check out Jordan on Twitter @JordanHarbinger


#71 How to Talk to Your Parents about Depression

Mentally Ch(ill) regular Kyle (@filthykyle) is back to discuss why he doesn’t talk to his parents about his problems and why he’s okay with it. Kristen tells a personal story about trying to talk to her mother about her depression and why it went awry. She also shares some tips on how to talk to your parents if you decide to share with them. They also discuss a suicide surrounding Stephen King, spitballs and a book about psychedelics for the treatment of depression and other problems called,...


#70 Fear and Panic with Peter Mehlman

Seinfeld writer and producer, Peter Mehlman joins Kristen to talk about the panic disorder he developed as an adult and his intense fear of driving on the freeway. He also talks about his experience on Paxil and untoasted bagels. Before they chat, Kristen talks about Logotherapy developed by Dr. Viktor E. Frankl and two mental health patients killed during Hurricane Florence. She also talks about the Mentally Ch(ill) MERCH that is now available at...


#69 A Manic Mom and Music with David Wild

Music critic and Rolling Stone contributing editor, David Wild is on this week’s show talking about what is was like growing up with a mother with manic depression. He talks about how it effected him differently than his siblings and how he used music as an escape. They also talk about shame (the “Me Too” movement), L-Carnitine deficiency and Kristen opens the show with something about Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. *PLEASE NOTE* There is a spoiler about the movie Three Identical...


#68 Getting Sober and Drug Rehabilitation

Kristen's friend Colin Robinson was on Episode #59 talking about his addiction to drugs. He's back this week to talk about how he got sober and what being in a sober living house was like. They also talk about the mental state of his housemates and how he struggles today with sadness. They also talk about traveling the world and why it took Kristen SO LONG to let herself jump into a swimming pool. You can find Colin on Instagram @TheRealColinRobinson and Kristen @KrisCarn. You can also find...


#67 Hiding Out, Drinking and Capturing Depression on Camera

Beauty photographer Hannah Kymych joins Kristen to talk about hiding out in her apartment for a month, her abusive relationship, competing in a cut-throat industry and drinking a lot. She also talks about depression documentaries and whether she thinks Instagram models are sad or not. Follow Hannah on Instagram at @hannahkymych and support the show at


#66 Sports as Therapy and Dating with Depression with Paul Shirley

Ex-NBA basketball player, Paul Shirley joins Kristen to talk about how he used sports and basketball as therapy as a child and how it still helps him as an adult. He also talks about the OCD he had to have in order to make it to the professional level, having a father as his biggest critic and how he goes to therapy once a month. They also talk about dating with depression and do a few segments including "Who's Sadder" and "Schizofilmia" where Kristen talks about a movie NOT to watch but a...


#65 Darkness And Weight Gain

In this episode, Kristen talks to comedy writer and performer, Lauren Reeves about what it was like growing up in Alaska with little sun light and harsh conditions. They also talk about their relationships with their therapists, why Lauren fell into a spiral of drinking and weight gain and how she dug herself out of that hole. They also talk about SO SAD (summer-onset seasonal affective disorder) and they compete in a “Sad Off.” Follow Lauren on Twitter @LaurenReeves and Kristen...


#64 Anxiety Attacks vs Panic Attacks

In this episode, Kristen talks to herself (and to you) about the severe anxiety attacks she’s been experiencing lately and where they came from. How to stop them? She has no idea. But, she also talks about DNA tests and how they can help narrow down what anti depressants might work best for you and how it can reveal if you’re predisposed to depression. She also talks about what happened to her on Stevie’s birthday this year and what her anti depressant of the week is. Follow her on Instagram...


#63 Fred Stoller & What's Right for YOU

In this week's episode, comedian and actor, Fred Stoller joins Kristen to talk about growing up when there weren't terms like "social anxiety" and having no concept that what he was was actually depressed. He also talk about not being accepted by his mother, not fitting in and being OK doing things that make you feel good, even if they're not socially accepted as things you should enjoy. They also talk about whining, their anti-depressants of the week and they do a brand new segment. Follow...


#62 Awards Won't Make You Happy

Emmy Award winning writer and stand-up comedian Kevin Avery joins Kristen to talk about feeling like you're never where you want to be in life and overworking yourself to compensate. They also talk about isolation, trying to find excitement as an adult and how winning awards won't give you happiness. Also, Kristen shares a movie she's excited about, Kevin talks about his anti-depressant of the week and there's an Ef Dat Shit on bacteria causing anxiety and depression.


#61 Dr. Drew and Mike Carano

This week Dr. Drew Pinsky and Mike Carano join Kristen to talk about a smorgasbord of topics including religion and mental health, suicide, feeling like an impostor and OF COURSE, Mike and Kristen can't help but to indulge themselves in why they find living just SO GD DIFFICULT. Also, Dr. Drew and Mike discuss where they are on the "50 Shades of Gray (as in sad)" scale.


#60 Dealing with Suicide

July 1st marks one year since Stevie's passing so Kristen has on musician Jae Jin to talk about his experience losing his close friend to suicide last year, beating cancer and his own suicidal thoughts. They also discuss finding hope, suicide statistics and making eggs in the microwave. Find Jae on Instagram @JaeJinMusic


#59 Addiction at 10 Years Old

Kristen’s friend Colin Robinson joins the show to talk about his struggle with drug addiction from the age of 10 and how he finally got sober. He talks about weighing only 88lbs at 6’2” tall after becoming addicted to meth and how addiction runs in his family. He also talks about AA and how there are more people than we realizing struggling with this affliction. They also discuss Heather Locklear’s recent admission to a mental health facility and why Blue Jasmine is one of Kristen’s favorite...


#58 When Your Mom is Borderline

Comedian Jessica Michelle Singleton is on this week’s show discussing what it was like growing up with a mother with Borderline Personality Disorder and how it has effected her mental health. She also talks about being abandoned by her father, finding out she is a product of artificial insemination and how she stays busy to avoid dealing with her feelings. They also talk about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide as well as where Jessica is on the scale of “50 Shades of Gray”. You can find her on...


#57 Crying in Public and Kate Spade

Comedy writer Carlos Herrera joins Kristen to talk about crying in a writer’s room and his brother’s tragic suicide three years ago. They also discuss giving up looking for help, the anxiety that comes with every day tasks like looking for a parking spot and depression/lack of depression among comedians. Also, Kristen gives away her secret recipe for the perfect depression mac and cheese and talks about her anti-depressant of the week. Follow Kristen on Instagram @kriscarn and Carlos...


#56 Segment Extravaganza

Kyle Williams is back and joining Kristen in an episode dedicated solely to trying out new segments.


#55 Ketamine and Male Stigma

This week Kristen is joined by Trevor who has been getting ketamine infusions to help with his treatment-resistant depression. He talks about how it’s given him hope to to live a normal life and what it’s like being a male with depression and the stigma they face when talking about their emotions. Kristen also introduces two fun new segments and they discuss Mickey from Rocky and his mental health problems. You can find Trevor on Instagram @whisk3ytango and Kristen @Kriscarn.


#54 Panic and Meditation

In this episode, comedian Zara Mizrahi is on talking about the way she changed her mental health and panic around with meditation, herbal supplements and non-preachy veganism. She also talks about being the chubby kid and how she wakes up thinking she still is. They also talk about Meghan Markle and the upcoming royal wedding and Scott Hutchison's of Frightened Rabbit apparent suicide. Follow Kristen on Instagram @kriscarn and on twitter @KristenCarney