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A podcast about depression by Kristen Carney and Stevie Ryan

A podcast about depression by Kristen Carney and Stevie Ryan
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A podcast about depression by Kristen Carney and Stevie Ryan




#50 Stimulants & Waking Up the Brain

With the use of psychostimulants in America continually on the rise, Lyric Lincoln, a singer-songwriter joins Kristen to talk about her experience with Vyvanse and Adderall. They discuss its use for ADD, depression as well as binge eating disorder. Lyric also discusses her history with mental illness, an abusive relationship and how living in New York City perpetuated her depression. They also discuss Khloe Kardashian, St. John's Wart and recent news Mariah Carey shared about her mental...


#48 SEX and Depression. That's right. SEX, BABY.

Dr. Emily Morse from the Sex with Emily podcast joins this week’s show to talk about why depression effects your libido and sex drive and what to do about it. Kristen and Emily also discuss loss of virginity, how men and women get turned on in different ways and how Emily got so comfortable talking about the “forbidden act.” Kristen also talks about the not-so-sexy subject of bloating and how a Doctor got suspended for suggesting semen can make women “happy.” Please rate the show and...


#48 All About Stevie

In this special episode of Mentally Ch(ill), Executive Producer/Co-Creator of Stevie TV and comedian, Dan Levy joins Kristen to discuss Stevie.


#47 Inside a Modern Mental Hospital

Shae Savage joins Kristen to talk about what it was like checking herself into a mental hospital, living with Autism, why she didn't go through with her suicide plan and learning that she might be bipolar. They also talk about "patient dumping" and why Kristen thinks nipples look like pepperonis. Insta: @KrisCarn Twitter: @KristenCarney


#46 The Sad Clown Thing

This week Ry Doon, a comedian who's well known for his characters on Vine joins Kristen to talk about how he used comedy to cheer up his bi-polar mother and eventually, himself. They also talk about the way he uses skiing to cope when he’s feeling down and how broken hearts sting like hell. They also do a “Who’s Sadder” about vapes and smokers and talk about Frued’s disgust with America as well as some sad and anxious NBA stars.


#45 PTSD and Struggling Well

This week Kristen is joined by Josh Goldberg, executive director of Boulder Crest, a wellness center for Veterans, Marine’s and their families. They discuss everything from PTSD to searching for the meaning of life to quadruple amputees and how they find the hope to keep going. They also talk about the book Josh co-authored called Struggle Well as well as his childhood as an “indoor Jew.” And, naturally, they also discuss 90’s boybands. Id you’d like to follow the show we’re on Instagram...


#44 Trauma Inheritance, Brain Donation and ADD

Kristen does something a little different this week and answers listener's questions on all sorts of things from why she started the podcast to her “diagnosis” of ADD. She also reveals whether or not she’ll donate her body to science and what her kids will inherit from her if trauma inheritance is real. She also talks about what motivates her to get out of bed in the morning, what movies she’s watching lately and if she listens to old episodes. If you'd like to follow Kristen you can find...


#43 Isolation, Recharging and Plastic Surgery

Kristen’s friend Molly is on today’s episode to talk about the two years of isolation she felt while being unemployed and the toll it took on her emotionally. They also talk about The Real Housewives, people who indulge themselves in too much plastic surgery and of course, Fergie. If you’d like to support the show please go to: You can follow Kristen on Twitter @KristenCarney and on Instagram @KrisCarn


#42 Your Gut, Your Butt and Your Mind

Nutritional Therapist Kelsey Ale joins Kristen to talk about gut health, holistic healing and her own struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts as a child. They also talk about testing your poo, doing nice things for yourself, why even irrational fears are rational and debate the silliest "Who's Sadder" yet. Want Kelsey to test your poo? Hit her up at


#41 Seeing Yourself in a Fun House Mirror

It's just Kristen this week. She talks about self-perception and how it's not always accurate. She also discusses self-hate and why having someone to keep your thoughts in line is important. There is also a self-reflective "Who's Sadder?" and an "Ef Dat Shit" about schizophrenia in the deaf.


#40 Cults, Abusive Moms and When Everything Feels Like a Chore

In this extra long edition of Mentally Ch(ill), Mike Carano is back to talk about his childhood with an abusive mother, two years living in a cult and his sister's tragic passing. He and Kristen also talk about how everything feels like a chore, leaving a mark on the world, suppressed anger, apologizing and LOTS OF OTHER THINGS. There is also another edition of "Freudian Slips" and a guest recommended "Who's Sadder." Please support the show:


#39 Is Depression Real?

Comedian and second time Mentally Ch(ill) guest KT Tatara (@KTTatara) stops by to talk about being an emo teen, how trauma hits you a long time after it happens and whether or not Depression is real. Kristen plays Nicole Arbour’s vlog titled “Why “Depression” is All in Your Head” and then talks mad shit. There is a “Who’s Sadder?” for animal lovers and a brand new segment called “Freudian Slips.” THANK YOU to all the Patreon subscribers. If you’d like to support the show:...


#38 Certified Insanity

Comedian Matty Goldberg joins Kristen to talk about the death of his podcast co-host and how his heroin overdose was a way of taking his own life. They also talk about childhoods and how they affect your future, getting off medication and the death of The Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan.


#37 Ups and Downs

Kristen hangs with former child star of Mighty Ducks and Heavyweights, Aaron Schwartz to talk about surviving the emotional ups and downs of Hollywood. They also talk about Aaron's issues with body dysmorphic disorder and how he tries to beat it. There's also a child star "Who's Sadder?" and the return of "Depression Impression."


#36 Antidepressant Withdrawal and New Years Eve

Kristen talks about her experience getting off of Effexor, the antidepressant she's been on for years (besides for a few months last year) and how it has effected her mood. She also talks about what other people's experiences have been getting off of their meds and ways to cope, psychedelics, and how being alone on New Years Eve might be as bad as it sounds. Please support the show at And, follow the podcast on Twitter @ChillMentally Instagram...


#35 Crystals, Meditation n Shit

Kristen's positive (yet cynical?) doctor friend Stephanie chats with Kristen about all the things she does to stay positive and to keep herself in a good frame of mind. There is also one final Christmas themed Who's Sadder and Ef Dat Shit about suicide notes.


#34 The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Paul Gilmartin, host of the Mental Illness Happy Hour joins Kristen to talk about his sexual trauma as a child, group therapy and the medications it takes to keep his head above water. There is another Christmas themed Who's Sadder and a discussion about the testing done on the mentally ill in the mid-1900's.


#33 Depression in the Latin Community

Comedian Francisco Ramos joins Kristen to talk about his take on growing up in Venezuela and the United States and the different way the two cultures deal with mental health. They also talk some Christmas themed Who's Sadder and why our diet 12,000 years ago made the human race sad.


#32 Postpartum Depression and Getting Out of a Rut

Kristen hangs with her long time co-host Marni Kinrys from their dating advice podcast Ask Women. Marni talks about the postpartum depression she's been dealing with for the past year and all of the nasty things that come with it (not referring to the baby, I swear).


#31 Holiday Blues and Going to Dark Places

In this episode, Kristen chats with her friend Justin about being a long way from home for the holidays, filling the void by keeping yourself busy and the darkest time in Justin's life. They debate a "Who's Sadder?" of course and talk about Bedlam Asylum, Europe's oldest Mental Hospital.


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