Migraine Again: Paula K. Dumas chats with leading experts to help you thrive in your life, love & work despite migraine.-logo

Migraine Again: Paula K. Dumas chats with leading experts to help you thrive in your life, love & work despite migraine.

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010: Caring for Someone with Migraine, with Peter Rosenberger

Migraine is a team sport reminds Peter Rosenberger. Caring for someone with migraine can be tiring. His encouragement and tips can help you, and help them.


017: How to Show Kindness to People in Pain, with Shaunti Feldhahn

People in pain often have a tough time telling others how they can help them, and showing kindness when they feel awful. Yet Shaunti Feldhahn, a top relationship expert and researcher, says that showing and receiving kindness can actually make us healthier and happier.


Powerful Ways to Fight Sexism and Stigma in Women’s Health

You may be battling a systemic, hidden stigma in women's health that affects the quality of care you receive. Author Maya Dusenbery wrote a hard-hitting expose that reveals how modern medicine is systematically failing women today. Today's podcast addresses hidden sexism in the healthcare system.


020: How to Keep Working Through The Pain, with Paul Gileno

Each day, nearly a third of all employees struggle to be productive while working through the pain. It’s a challenge for employer and employee that can take the promise out of a great career and affect the organization’s bottom line. Pain advocate Paul Gileno offers insightful tips to retain talent and keep your job.


019: “Out of My Head” Premiere Casts Migraine in a New Role

It's not the "bad headache" people think it is. Filmmakers Joanna Styron and Jacki Ochs reshape cultural perceptions about migraine at the "Out of My Head" premiere this month. Doctors, celebrities, caregivers, veterans and other migraine warriors share their often surprising experiences.


018: Secrets to Get Better Healthcare for Migraine This Year

The healthcare system can be confusing, inefficient, expensive, and sometimes dangerous. Navigating the system can be as time-consuming as a second job. To get the best possible healthcare for migraine, insights from an industry insider can save you time, money and pain this year.


016: That Migraine Feeling, with Poet Michael Dickman

What a migraine feels like isn't that easy to describe. Words like agonizing, disabling, overwhelming, painful, or even surreal, might come to mind. One of America's leading poets shares his migraine experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of his poetry, and see if his migraine feeling is anything like your own.


015: How to Make Healthier Choices, with Author Jenni Grover

Although lifestyle changes can help reduce migraine frequency, the ability to make healthier choices isn't easy. Author Jenni Grover wrote the book on living "as well as possible" despite frequent pain. She shares her secrets on breaking bad habits and creating new ones to help you thrive in life, love and work.


014: Eating Right with Migraines, with Author Stephanie Weaver MPH

Food expert and author of The Migraine Relief Plan Stephanie Weaver MPH examines many of our assumptions about food and migraine that simply aren’t based on evidence. She offers encouragement to anyone interested in eating right for migraines on how to choose foods that can reduce painful attacks.


013: Coping with Daily Pain: Suffering is Optional, with Author Jennette Fulda

Jenette Fulda, author of "Chocolate and Vicodin," tried everything to deal with her headache, and found humor to be surprisingly therapeutic for coping with daily pain. She's tried to live the best life possible until she found what she calls, "Semi-wellness." It's an encouraging conversation if you're in chronic pain.


012: Your Headache Forecast with Meteorologist Alexandra Steele

Changing weather is among the top Migraine triggers. Monitoring weather patterns and tuning into a headache forecast can help prevent headaches and migraine attacks. Meteorologist Alexandra Steele explains which weather patterns and regions are riskiest for people with Migraine or frequent headache pain.


011: Migraine and Sleep: A Love/Hate Relationship, with Christine Lay, MD

The relationship between Migraine and sleep is complex - sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts. Dr. Chistine Lay helps unravel some of the complexities.


009: Fighting Migraine with Words, with William Young MD

Part of our battle with migraine stems from how we speak. Neurologist Dr. William Young advocates for fighting migraine with words that can combat stigma.


008: Famous People with Migraine Who Thrived, with Andrew Levy PhD

Can migraine be a catalyst for unclogging your brain? Many famous people with migraine produced important works after attacks, from Jefferson to O’Keeffe.


007: Rewriting Your Migraine Story with Andrew Levy PhD

Your migraine story doesn't have to be stigmatized and never-ending. Levy shares his story and guidance on reframing your personal narrative.


006: Migraine Personality Fallacy with Sociologist Joanna Kempner PhD

So is there such a thing as a migraine personality? Listen to sociologist and author Joanna Kempner as she enlightens us on the Migraine Personality Fallacy and more.


005: Juggling Your Kids and Your Health with Dawn Buse PhD

Parenting is a tough job, and migraine makes it even harder. Listen to therapist Dawn Buse offer tips on how to balance kids and your health.


004: Battling Migraine in the NFL with Terrell Davis

Imagine powering through a migraine in the NFL. MVP Terrell Davis shares his migraine story from SuperBowl XXXII. Inspiration to keep fighting.


003: The Dangers of Hiding in the Dark with Dr. Bradley Katz

Migraine light sensitivity is a common symptom. Listen to eye doctor Bradley Katz explain why spending too much time in the dark can be a bad idea.


002: Dispelling the Headache Myth, Featuring Paula Kamen

There are many types of migraine. Author of four books, including All in My Head: An Epic Quest to Cure an Unrelenting, Totally Unreasonable, and Only Slightly Enlightening Headache, Paula Kamen was diagnosed with NPDH. With witty humor and solid research, Paula Kamen offers voice and hope to fellow travelers on the migraine journey.