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A podcast on living simply. Follow Canadian millennials, Lauren and Kelly and be inspired to live a simpler, more intentional every day.

A podcast on living simply. Follow Canadian millennials, Lauren and Kelly and be inspired to live a simpler, more intentional every day.
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A podcast on living simply. Follow Canadian millennials, Lauren and Kelly and be inspired to live a simpler, more intentional every day.




Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle: Kelly's Interview with Hamza Khan

The Millennial Minimalists share Kelly’s guest appearance on the Ideas Into Action Podcast, hosted by Hamza Khan, a multi-award-winning marketer, dynamic keynote speaker, and accomplished serial entrepreneur. Kelly shares her story as a minimalist adopter and delivers actionable advice on how to eliminate clutter and boost productivity. Together Kelly and Hamza talk about the minimalism lifestyle movement, the importance of creating communities, and removing distractions when it comes to...


Minimalism Challenges & Solutions

Kelly and Lauren reflect on their minimalist journeys and share an honest conversation about the challenges they have experienced while working to master this lifestyle. That being said, they believe that the life-changing benefits of living like a minimalist have been worth every obstacle. By sharing their honest reflections, Kelly and Lauren hope to inspire you to adopt or continue to adopt this lifestyle knowing that there will be challenges and it’s OKAY. Greg McKeown's Book,...


Mental Minimalism with Marc Champagne

When you think of your mind as a room, do you see a cluttered space? In this episode, you will learn how to create the mental space to sharpen your mind. Kelly and Lauren are joined by Marc Champagne, the co-founder of the private journal and reflection app, KYŌ, to discuss proven mental fitness practices that will help you reflect and recharge your mind. The KYŌ app is a platform for you to track your daily reflections and get access to powerful mental fitness lessons that shape the lives...


How to Be Happy Every Day with Jacqueline Way

Learn how to be happy every day by making room for purposes bigger than yourself. Kelly and Lauren are joined by Jaqueline Way, notable TEDx speaker and Founder and CEO of 365 Give – a global challenge that empowers people to create positive change through daily giving. Jaqueline says that one of the best ways you can make yourself happy is to make other people happy. Jaqueline is credited for her TEDx Talk (2017), How to be happy every day: It will change the world, which has over 3...


Emotional Minimalism

Learn how to declutter your emotional noise! All of the inner chaos and negative thoughts in your mind that do not serve you. Kelly and Lauren work to inspire you to navigate your mental space and remove your emotional excess; all the emotional baggage that is created by you and can also be eliminated by you. Like decluttering your stuff, you need to evaluate your emotional thoughts and create space for positive emotional habits. Listen in and begin to capture and control your emotions to...


Minimalist Productivity Habits

Learn about the minimalist productivity systems and lifestyle habits you can adopt and shape to win your every day. Lauren and Kelly chat with Raphael Wong, Host of The Canvas Series Podcast to share proven systems for success to help you live with greater intention; from how you think to how you manage your time and your surroundings. Be inspired to jumpstart your minimalist lifestyle journey and produce results that matter to you. The Canvas Series Podcast Raphael Wong at MyTechne


Create an Ethical Wardrobe with Kristi Soomer

Be inspired to create an ethical and minimalist wardrobe that you can feel proud of! Kelly and Lauren sit down with Kristi Soomer, CEO of the ethical fashion brand, Encircled, a line of high quality, multi-use and responsible basics with the traveler in mind. Kristi believes that a conscious consumer is an impactful consumer and she works to inspire customers to build a wardrobe that creates space to be more with less. Encircled has been featured in The Huffington Post, The National Post,...


Essay: A Minimalist Mindset

Be inspired to develop a growth-minded way of thinking, embrace your fears and take action on your goals. Kelly reads a short essay she wrote titled, A Minimalist Mindset: How minimalism inspired me to regain focus and own my life. This essay was published in Minimalism.Life, an online journal and collaborative project between The Minimalists, Minimalissimo and 5 STYLE.


Sustainable Fashion

Be inspired to build a high-quality, minimalist wardrobe that will reduce your impact and simplify your every day. To launch this discussion, Lauren and Kelly are supported by growing ethical fashion brand, Kotn, an Egyptian-Canadian brand that was born out of a desire for quality, simple and sustainable essentials. Recorded at Kotn Toronto, Lauren and Kelly are joined by influential minimalists and Kotn supporters, Jack Greystone and Carter Reid to share ideas on how to embrace a...


Digital Minimalism

Your digital life is just as important as your physical health. If you are addicted to your digital devices or if you want to be more intentional with how you engage with these tools, this episode is for you! Be inspired to make lasting habit changes! Become more present and regain deep focus. Digital addiction has been cited as one of the most devastating epidemics of the 21st century and it's up to us to control how we use these tools. This episode is inspired by author Cal Newport's...


Live More Sustainably

If you want to live more sustainably, this is the episode for you! Meet zero waste lifestyle expert and host of the Zero Waste Lifestyle Podcast, Laura Nash. Laura recently threw out her first bag of garbage in 8 months! Learn about the strong connection between the minimalist lifestyle and zero waste lifestyle and take away great tips on how to be more environmentally conscious. 3 Actions You Can Take Today: Use a reusable coffee cupUse reusable grocery bagsReplace plastic bags with...


Essay: Minimalism is a Lifestyle Template

Essay: Minimalism is a Lifestyle Template Be inspired to observe minimalism as an opportunity to design your ideal life. Kelly reads a short essay she wrote titled, Minimalism is a Lifestyle Template: How I’ve used minimalism as a template to design my ideal life. Kelly adopted the minimalist lifestyle in an effort to find greater meaning and fulfillment in her every day. Now, ten months later, she has crafted a simpler, more intentional lifestyle and she works to motivate you and others...


Tidy Up Your Closet For Good

If you are motivated to start simplifying your life, we suggest starting with your closet! In this episode you will learn how to declutter your closet, refine your wardrobe, and design your dream closet for good. Kelly and Lauren hope to inspire lasting positive changes that will influence you to simplify all areas of your life. Matt D’Avella: Decluttering for Messy People Verena Erin (My Green Closet): 10 Ways a Capsule Wardrobe can Change Your Life Courtney Carver: Minimalist...


Simplify Your Life with Courtney Carver

Learn the power of simplicity to reduce stress, improve your health, and “be more with less.” Lauren and Kelly connect with minimalism and simplicity thought leader Courtney Carver. She is the author of Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More, and the creator of minimalist fashion challenge #Project333, which involves dressing with 33 items or less for 3 months. Courtney says, “simplicity is the way back to love.” She runs where she offers...


Minimalism Q&A

To celebrate 6 months since starting the Millennial Minimalists podcast, Lauren and Kelly ask each other 21 questions as part of a 6-month review! Join in the conversation as they share their fun and insightful minimalist experiences, actionable lessons, and relatable advice to help you get started or keep motivated. One of Lauren's biggest goals for 2019 is to become more environmentally conscious and she provides smart tips on how to move toward a zero waste lifestyle. For Kelly, she...


Minimalism & Your Identity

How do you define your identity, and how do your peers influence how you see yourself? If you are on this minimalism journey, do you define yourself as a minimalist? Lauren and Kelly discuss the interconnection between minimalism and identity. Specifically how minimalism helps us clear the excess clutter in our lives so that we can fully see our innate identity. We can then be more intentional when it comes to the components of our identity that we can develop. Be ready to uncover the...


Tidying Up in 2019

If you want to start ridding your life of excess stuff and you are open to changing your relationship with your stuff, this episode is for you! Kelly and Lauren believe that 2019 is the year of tidying up so that we can reduce the time we spend on tidying up! While decluttering and organizing our lives is a great place to start, Kelly and Lauren stress that minimalism is an ongoing journey that requires us to analyze our relationship with our stuff so that we can make lasting...


Minimalist Lessons & New Year's Resolutions

Learn how minimalism can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions! Lauren and Kelly say goodbye to 2018 by reviewing a list of minimalist lessons they have learned, and they celebrate the new year by sharing their minimalist goals and ambitions! When it comes to setting resolutions, Lauren and Kelly discuss how minimalist principles can help us maintain momentum and appreciate small wins. Using a bullet journal to manage our tasks is just one way to track the smaller accomplishments...


The Gift of 20 Things (That Aren't Things)

Be inspired to give your friends and loved ones the gift of time and connection. Lauren and Kelly celebrate the holidays by exchanging the gift of 20 things, which aren’t things. They each exchange 20 things they have learned from each other including minimalist lessons and fun facts and details about one another. Their exchange is thoughtful and witty, and they work to inspire you to find beauty in gift giving beyond the physical things. Give the gift that keeps on giving.


Holidays & Consumerism

‘Tis the season and Kelly and Lauren start off this episode by sharing their tips on how to be intentional when it comes to both gift giving and receiving and how to avoid unnecessary material temptations. They then focus their conversation on consumerism and brands. Kelly shares her thoughts on the powerful impact millennials have on the success of brands and she argues that minimalism helps us weed out brands that do not speak our language. Kelly further argues that most big brands are...