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16: Becoming more spiritual

Have you ever wanted to be more spiritual? If you’re a practical, goals-oriented person like me, maybe you feel disconnected from that part of yourself. Or perhaps you’re curious to tune in to your intuition, and see what it has to say – to guide you, to help you feel more confident or in control of your mind and your life. This year, I started a spiritual practice. In today's episode, I share how I began opening up to my spiritual side – and the daily rituals that allow me to continue...


15: How to handle Christmas anxiety

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Umm…is it?! For some of us, the festive season is less merry and more “oh god, pour me a gin and stop this craziness!” Maybe it’s the anxiety of battling busy shops – or finding the perfect gift for the people you love. Perhaps your family is feuding – or they’re all coming to stay and you’re not sure how you’ll cope. Your credit cards might be maxed out, or the New Year is uncertain – for your business, or work, or relationship or something...


14: How to have a break – not a breakdown

When was the last time you took a break? I don’t mean a quick coffee or lunch away from your desk. But a proper, tools down, phone off, vacation from your routine. Your responsibilities. Your everything? Today, I’m extending a personal invitation to YOU to take time out. And 3 easy ways to do just that – no matter how busy your life is right now. FREE CULTIVATE CALM...


13: Living abundantly after loss and grief

Today, I'm joined by Blythe Landry. As a therapist and clinical social worker, she helps people all over the world heal from grief, loss, addiction, abuse, trauma and transitions. In our conversation, Blythe lifts the lid on how to move through these experiences – and how we can compassionately support and speak with others on that journey. We also explore the interplay between grief and anxiety. There's so much warmth and wisdom in this episode, so I hope you enjoy it! FREE CULTIVATE...


12: Finding the courage to love

Today, we’re talking about stepping courageously into dating, love and relationships. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, I want to spark a conversation about how to ease anxiety when finding and being with someone special. This is something I struggled with a LOT when I was single. And being married comes with its own set of challenges. So I want to share my story with you, and offer up some ways I’m learning to find calm and stability in my relationship – even when my mind is...


11: Overcoming travel anxiety

By special request, this ep is all about overcoming travel anxiety. If you feel fearful in planes, trains, or automobiles, be sure to stick around. I’m going to arm you with some simple steps to override your worries – and move from "hell no!" to "let's go!" EPISODE FREEBIE: http://worrywarrior.net/change-beliefs SHOWNOTES: https://worrywarrior.net/travel-anxiety/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mindyoupodcast/


10: My evening routine for calm

Last episode, I walked you through my morning routine, so today we’re easing into the end of the day with the 8 rituals I do to switch off and slip into a calm and restful sleep. You’ll find all of these rituals – my morning and evening routine – in my free guide: 18 rituals to start and end your day with a calmer, clearer mind. EPISODE FREEBIE: https://worrywarrior.net/rituals SHOWNOTES: https://worrywarrior.net/evening INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mindyoupodcast/


9: My morning routine for calm

In this ep, I share my morning routine for calm. Starting your day with self-care practices can profoundly impact your health, happiness, and wellness. It builds your mental strength and resilience, helps you get into the right headspace so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way during the day. And those magic morning hours – before the world stirs – has this incredible way of stretching time. By waking up a little earlier, you gift yourself an extra hour or two every day to do what...


BONUS: My anxiety journey – for World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. It’s all about ending the social stigma and starting a conversation. So in today’s episode, I’m getting personal. This was a really tough episode to record, but I wanted to share my mental health journey through depression and anxiety and how I cope (and sometimes don’t cope) today. This one’s rough and raw and I’m sharing some pretty personal stuff. So thank you for tuning in and joining me in this conversation. If you struggle with a muddled mind,...


8: Quick tips to zap panic attacks

I know how scary panic attacks can seem – especially when you’re experiencing one for the first time. On this podcast episode, I'm showing you how to get back control during a panic attack. By the end of this episode you'll know: EPISODE FREEBIE: 4 ways to zap panic attacks SHOWNOTES: https://worrywarrior.net/panic-attacks/


7: Time to end the stigma with Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia is a switched-on mental health campaigner, who works tirelessly to end the mental health stigma. He is a speaker and runs workshops to educate people on mental health diagnoses and suicide prevention. He’s also Commander-in-Chief of the Black Dog campaign with Mental Health Charity SANE in the UK, working with schools, universities, corporates and public events. I wanted to have Adrian on the pod, because he has so much incredible insight and wisdom into anxiety – especially...


6: From fearful to fabulous with Kirsten Johnson

Life coach. Speaker. All-round superwoman, who conquered a fear of driving and panic attacks to embark on a solo 20,000km road trip across the US. Now back in Bali, Kirsten Johnson hopped on the pod to share her story, struggles, revelations, and tips to turn your fears into fabulousness! I wanted Kirsten to come on to help those of us who are still stuck with self-limiting beliefs and narrow definitions of disorder. She calls you to shake up your attachment to anxiety, and shows that...


5: How to deal with extreme PMS & PMDD

Today, we’re exploring a topic that affects up to 8% of women. It comes around every month or so, and can cause a rollercoaster of emotional and physical ups and downs. It's PMS times a billion! Yep, we're talking about premenstrual dysphoric disorder – or PMDD. It's rough. It's tough. I get it – because I get it every month. So tune in for some tips and tools to help you prepare for your monthly battle – and ride the wild wave. EPISODE...


4: Sleeping with anxiety

Today, we’re talking about something that so many of us struggle with: SLEEP! I’m sharing top tips on how to get into a calm, relaxing state before bed – and what to do if you’re up all night with a worried mind. EPISODE FREEBIE: https://worrywarrior.lpages.co/rituals/ SHOW NOTES: http://worrywarrior.net/2018/09/sleep/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mindyoupodcast/


3: Helpful vs harmful worries

Truth bomb: you can't stop worrying. BUT you can sort helpful worries from harmful ones. Grab your journal, cos today we're pulling apart your anxieties. So you can tune in to your worries, and let them guide you towards a life you truly love. EPISODE FREEBIE: https://worrywarrior.lpages.co/rituals/ MIND YOU SHOWNOTES: http://worrywarrior.net/2018/09/helpful-harmful/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mindyoupodcast/


2: Smash your self-limiting beliefs

This episode is all about your self-limiting beliefs. This topic is a HUGE part of everyone’s anxiety journey, because so often your anxiety tells you things about yourself and the world that may not necessarily be true. So I want to dig deep into your beliefs, see how they may be holding you back, and walk though the steps you can take today to adopt a healthier and more helpful view of yourself, your life, and your incredible potential. Grab your notebook or journal! Because by the...


1: Make anxiety your superpower!

In today's episode, we’re talking all about anxiety – what it is, why it can be your friend, AND how to turn it into your superpower! You'll explore 3 things in this ep: How do I feel about my anxiety – and why?What do I like about my anxiety?When is my anxiety helpful?So grab your journal, and let's go! EPISODE FREEBIE: https://worrywarrior.lpages.co/rituals/ SHOWNOTES: http://worrywarrior.net/superpower/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mindyoupodcast/