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Surviving + thriving as a sensitive soul

Today I'm sharing snippets from my free ebook: Surviving and Thriving as a Sensitive Soul. You can get your free copy at katherinerose.com.au/freebies


Self-trust + coming home to yourself

Today, I'm joined by the magnificent Emilia Francesca – internationally certified life and mindset coach. She helps coaches and women in the wellness industry feel unstoppable, so they can create the life and biz they dream of. In our conversation, Emilia opens up about how she learned how to put herself first – and now helps others do the same. We explored self-trust and people pleasing, allowing yourself to give and get support, meeting your own needs, and how to stay strong against...


Mindset quickie: My short + sweet meditation practice

For today’s mindset quickie, I’m sharing my short and sweet meditation practice that you can do anywhere, anytime, with no woo woo and best of all - you don’t even have to be in a quiet place. SHOWNOTES: www.katherinerose.com.au/mymeditation INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/katherinerosecoach ENJOY MY WEEKEND MINDSET MEMOS: http://katherinerose.com.au/memos


Financial freedom + your money mindset

Many of us believe money is difficult. Like a bad relationship, it’s hard to get and harder to keep. We’re afraid to make money – and terrified of losing it when we do. And because it’s taboo to talk about it, we all walk around in a cloud of confusion. It’s time to take our power back. To delve deeper into our money beliefs – and swap them out with ones that serve us better. To really see our spending habits, set our savings goals, and invest our hard-earned cash…so we can be financially...


Mindset quickie: stop 'shoulding' yourself

Welcome to a new mindset quickie! In these mini episodes, I share one quick tip to help you make friends with your mind – so you can feel calmer and more confident in just a mere moment. Changing our thoughts and beliefs, and as a result our lives, does take some consistent work and belief. But there are also some little shifts you can make right now to make your self-love journey a little smoother. For today’s mindset quickie, I’m sharing the one little word that could be holding you back...


The mindset shift that changes everything

Welcome to season 2 of the podcast! If you’ve been with me since the very beginning, thank you. I’m deeply grateful you’ve stuck around – especially as the podcast has morphed a lot since the early days. Today, I'm sharing loads of life updates – and a simple mindset model you can use to transform your life. SHOWNOTES: https://www.katherinerose.com.au/shift INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/katherinerosecoach ENJOY MY WEEKEND MINDSET MEMOS: http://katherinerose.com.au/memos


How to stop running and find freedom

Today, I'm joined by the beautiful Christy Renee. As an author, speaker, and mindset coach, Christy is a "growth addict" with southern roots and an affinity for courageous leaps of faith. From failing health and constant anxiety to traveling 20 countries in 2016 and over 30 total, she's lived many chapters in her 31 years. Christy now travels the world full-time teaching high-achieving nomads how to silence their anxious minds, love who they see in the mirror, and attract powerful...


Transform your world with breath

Today, I'm joined by the magnetic Victoria Bauman – leadership coach and breathwork facilitator on a mission to redefine leadership and awakening for this new era. In our conversation, Victoria shows how our breath is the doorway into ourselves. To heal from the past and thrive in life. SHOWNOTES: https://www.katherinerose.com.au/victoria INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/katherinerosecoach


From a dark past to finding your light in life

Today, I'm joined by the wonderful Carolina Vee. Carolina is a loud and proud Canadian from the glorious prairies of Manitoba. She was made to believe she was a mistake and wasn't wanted in this world. After battling child abuse, sexual assault, mental illness, and self-hate, she now finds herself using her traumas, stories, and experiences to help others feel less alone in theirs and find the light in...


Find your divine mission + ease anxiety

In this truly transformative conversation, I'm joined by Molly Luffy – a wildly intuitive, results-oriented, fun, irreverent, practical, direct and deeply spiritual professional and life coach. Her favourite work is connecting people with clarity about their Soul Purpose and Divine Mission so they can understand themselves well – and make a powerful impact in this world. Molly’s work blends intellect, strategy and intuition for high impact solutions to even the most complex problems. In...


Discover your core values

What matters most to you? What are your core values? And how can they keep you on track – through tough times, tricky conversations, or difficult decisions? That's what we're exploring together in today's episode. Plus: an exciting update I'm thrilled to share with you! JOURNAL TO CALM COURAGE COURSE: https://worrywarrior.net/journalcourse SHOWNOTES: https://worrywarrior.net/values INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/katherinerosecoach


Step into self-love and abundance

In today's episode, I'm joined by hypnotherapist and counsellor Diana Morrison. She helps women "break free from the crap" that holds them back in life. We dig deep into it all: JOURNAL TO CALM COURAGE COURSE: https://worrywarrior.net/journalcourse SHOWNOTES: https://worrywarrior.net/diana INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/worry_warrior


Step into self-love and abundance

In today's episode, I'm joined by hypnotherapist and counsellor Diana Morrison. She helps women "break free from the crap" that holds them back in life. We dig deep into it all: JOURNAL TO CALM COURAGE COURSE: https://worrywarrior.net/journalcourse SHOWNOTES: https://worrywarrior.net/diana INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/worry_warrior


How I journal for calm courage

In today's episode, I'm sharing my favourite go-to journaling techniques to feel calm, clear and courageous every single day. Journaling is my top daily ritual for overcoming anxiety, fear and self-doubt – and getting set for phenomenal growth in my life, relationships and business. It truly is a gamechanger! Tune in to discover: How to start your own Junk JournalMy 3-step technique to release anxiety + get calm ENROL IN JOURNAL TO CALM...


Overcoming anxiety in meetings and presentations

Do you dread meetings, client calls or presentations? Worry about saying something silly – or appearing anxious in front of others? In today's ep, I'm sharing 4 steps you can take to overcome that fear, and feel calm, confident and in control. Hey, you might even have fun! You can grab your free PDF here with all the steps and a handy checklist: FREE GUIDE +...


Breathing for inner calm

In this incredible episode, I'm joined by Sonja Montague MacKay. After embarking on a journey to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome, she discovered that healing begins with breathing. Now, she teaches breathing techniques for anxiety, sleep, stress and to balance the nervous system. She also supports people to get more sleep and form new life rituals. And as a yoga and meditation teacher, these practices are weaved throughout her work. In our conversation, Sonja shares her personal...


Becoming more spiritual

Have you ever wanted to be more spiritual? If you’re a practical, goals-oriented person like me, maybe you feel disconnected from that part of yourself. Or perhaps you’re curious to tune in to your intuition, and see what it has to say – to guide you, to help you feel more confident or in control of your mind and your life. This year, I started a spiritual practice. In today's episode, I share how I began opening up to my spiritual side – and the daily rituals that allow me to continue...


How to handle Christmas anxiety

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Umm…is it?! For some of us, the festive season is less merry and more “oh god, pour me a gin and stop this craziness!” Maybe it’s the anxiety of battling busy shops – or finding the perfect gift for the people you love. Perhaps your family is feuding – or they’re all coming to stay and you’re not sure how you’ll cope. Your credit cards might be maxed out, or the New Year is uncertain – for your business, or work, or relationship or something...


How to have a break – not a breakdown

When was the last time you took a break? I don’t mean a quick coffee or lunch away from your desk. But a proper, tools down, phone off, vacation from your routine. Your responsibilities. Your everything? Today, I’m extending a personal invitation to YOU to take time out. And 3 easy ways to do just that – no matter how busy your life is right now. FREE CULTIVATE CALM...


Living abundantly after loss and grief

Today, I'm joined by Blythe Landry. As a therapist and clinical social worker, she helps people all over the world heal from grief, loss, addiction, abuse, trauma and transitions. In our conversation, Blythe lifts the lid on how to move through these experiences – and how we can compassionately support and speak with others on that journey. We also explore the interplay between grief and anxiety. There's so much warmth and wisdom in this episode, so I hope you enjoy it! FREE CULTIVATE...