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The Mindful Living Guide is a Podcast about how we can use principles from Mindfulness to navigate the many Ups and Downs of life. It is brought to you by Stephen Downey, a Mental Health Ambassador, TEDx speaker and Mindfulness coach.

The Mindful Living Guide is a Podcast about how we can use principles from Mindfulness to navigate the many Ups and Downs of life. It is brought to you by Stephen Downey, a Mental Health Ambassador, TEDx speaker and Mindfulness coach.




The Mindful Living Guide is a Podcast about how we can use principles from Mindfulness to navigate the many Ups and Downs of life. It is brought to you by Stephen Downey, a Mental Health Ambassador, TEDx speaker and Mindfulness coach.




24 - Jennifer Maher - Losing a Loved one to Suicide

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses the topic of Death by suicide This weekend (8th May 2021) 100's of thousands of people around Ireland will walk at Sunrise to raise awareness of Death by Suicide and the effect it has on people. This is the silent killer in our society and our guest this week knows all too well about effect it can have on a family. We talk about the effect this has had and the difference it has made to her own path in life. It is my hope that having open...


23 - Paul Coghlan - Finding that Reason Why

There are times in life when we need to dig deep and our guest this week is stranger to digging deep. In 2018, Paul was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer and giving just a 10% chance of survival. Paul shares his journey from that shock diagnosis to where he is today. He also shares how Mindset made a massive difference in that journey as well as the reason he would not give up.


22 - Siobhan Mungovan - Giving yourself Permission

It is quite often the quietest voice in the room that holds the most wisdom. This week I have the pleasure of talking to Life Coach and Author, Siobhan Mungovan about her journey from being "the quiet person in the room" to the inspirational voice she is today. Siobhan has overcome so much in her life from growing up with Spina Bifida to Kidney failure later in life. We talk about the difference it makes when you give yourself permission to be yourself and not just grow but glow. I know...


21 - Paddy Moran - The Science behind Meditation

Have you ever wondered why our Minds relax when we concentrate on our breath or a simple count? How practicing Gratitude can change your brain? This week I have the pleasure of talking to Neuro Coach and Resilience expert Paddy Moran. Paddy has a wealth of knowledge in this area and shares some amazing tips for helping you to switch off when you need to. I learned a lot from this interview myself and I hope you will find it just as interesting as I did.


20 - Jane Negrych - Finding the Sacredness in each Moment

This week I have the absolute pleasure of talking to Jane Negrych of The Sanctuary Jane has been teaching for the Mindfulness Association in the UK for many years before moving to the Sanctuary in Dublin, Ireland. Jane has also been my teacher for the last few years and I have learned so much from her wisdom so it was an honour to be have her on the show. We talk about Janes own practice and how she first studied Mindfulness. There are many Mindfulness nuggets weaved into this episode. We...


19 - Jayann Walsh - Challenging our Thoughts

This week I get to interview a fellow Podcaster, Jayann Walsh. Jayann is a trained Life Coach, Mentor and Podcast Host of the Mastering Your Mindset Podcast which regularly features in the Top 10 Self Improvement Podcast Charts in Ireland. Through her work as a coach Jayann helps professional women to stop listening to the negative voice inside their head to truly unlock their potential. I appeared in episode 82 of the "Master your Mindset" Podcast podcast during the week so this is my turn...


18 - Karen Dwyer- Connecting with Yourself First

This week I have the pleasure of talking to Karen Dwyer. Karen is an Author, Speaker, Coach and TV Panelist. Karen's life was changed dramatically when she was suddenly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Karen struggled with this change to her life until she decided to focus on herself. What followed was something quite dramatic when the MS went into what is termed burnout. She now helps individuals to use an MS diagnosis as a catalyst for a positive change in their lives. As she says...


17 - Nuala O'Connor - Retuning Your Energy

On this weeks episode of the Mindful Living Guide, I get to talk to Nuala O’Connor, an Author, Tapping Expert, Energist and Kinesiologist - who is about all things Wellness. We cover how tapping can help you to reframe your old thought patterns, Biophotonics - measuring our light energy, as well as the advantages of Rebounding for your lymphatic system. We also talk about Nuala’s journey from Religious life - where she devoted 18 years in the service of others - to the life she now lives;...


16 - Darren Cawley - Reframing your Identity

In this weeks episode I get to talk to Darren Cawley about his unbelievable journey. Darren's life was all about sport until one days in his early 20's his health took an unexpected turn. What followed was more than 1800 hospital visits and 2 kidney transplants. During this time, Darren had to find a new identity for himself and in doing so inspired 1000's of people through his speaking career. He has since gone on to speak to the EU parliament and countless companies as well as...


15 - Sue Masterson - Taking time for yourself

In this weeks episode I get to talk to Miss Positively Positive aka Sue Masterson. Sue is a beautiful soul that is always encouraging people around her to have fun and enjoy life. Through the many challenges she takes on for fun and charity, she is always pushing herself forward. We chat about giving up alcohol, how facing her fears and the little consistent actions that have brought Sue to where she is now. We also talk about self care practices and Mindful Walking. I hope you enjoy this...


14 - Lynsey Bennett Interview - The Power of Positive thinking

This week I am incredibly lucky to chat to Lynsey Bennett. Many people in Ireland will know Lynsey from the letter she wrote to the Irish Government or her heart breaking interview on the Late Late show. Despite many years of negative smear tests, Lynsey knew something was wrong. Her worse fears were confirmed 4 years ago when she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Unfortunately at the end of 2020, Lynsey was told that her Cancer is no longer treatable. She is currently undergoing...


13 - Suné Markowitz-Shulman Interview - A Mindfulness approach to Menopause

This week I chat to Suné Markowitz-Shulman about the Menopause and how Mindfulness can help in this journey. Suné is a Peri-menopause well-being coach. She combines (MBCT-L) mindfulness with nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to help women over 40 be the best versions of themselves through the ups and downs of peri-menopause and beyond. Its a lovely episode about self-care and falling in love with ourselves again.


12 - Rachael Smith - Living with Intention And Ease

This week I talk to Rachael Smith, a teacher and coach, about the journey she has been on the last few years. The events that led to her looking for more from life as well as how see now aims to live her life with Intention And Ease. Its a heart warming episode about embracing everything life throws at you and not giving up.


11 - Self Compassion

In this weeks episode, I return from an extended break. I have been a bit hard on myself for taking so much time off so I thought it would be good to talk about the practice of Self-compassion. I talk about Kristen Neff, one of the leaders in Self Compassion and I share a Meditation called the Self-Compassion break (7:25) created by Kristen.


10 - Clare Bassett Interview

This week I am chatting to Clare Bassett, a Yoga and Meditation teacher who is also one of my first Meditation Teachers. We have a great chat about creating a practice that works for you. Accepting when it doesn't work and the power of just noticing what is going on around you. You can find more about Clare on our show notes page. http://mindfulliving.guide/clare-bassett-interview/


9 - Putting the Law of Attraction into Action

In this weeks episode I talk about my own experience with the Law of Attraction earlier this year. It helped me to manifest a ticket to one of the top conferences in Europe. At that conference, I was introduced to Stedman Graham, an amazing speaker who read a very special book called The Race by Dee Groberg. I enjoyed it so much I tracked down the book and will share it with you. The Race is the Story of a boy and a race, the temptation to quit - and the inspiration to keep going.


8 - Jack Kavanagh Interview: Acceptance and Adversity

This week I get to talk to the inspiring Jack Kavanagh about Acceptance and overcoming Adversity in life. Jack is a professional speaker, performance and wellbeing Coach and the subject of an Award winning Documentary. Jack has had an unbelievable journey through life but more importantly Jacks response to the events that that changed his life is inspiring. He is a realist and recognises the realities of the challenges of life but strives to challenge his own perceived limitations and...


7 - Why Awareness is important in Mindfulness and Life

This weeks episode is another solo cast where I talk about the importance of creating an Awareness of your Moments. I talk about my own experience and why I started became so aware of my Moments.


6 - Harriet McGuigan Interview

In this weeks episode I talk to Harriet McGuigan. Harriet is a Mindset Strategist. We both share a love for Mindfulness and an appreciation for how everyone's practice is unique to themselves. We chat about lots of things, from Acceptance and Curiosity to Self-Compassion. We also talk about how Mindfulness can mean different things to different people but what is important, is that "our version" of Mindfulness works for us. Whether that is a consistent formal practice or simply pausing...


5 - Using our Core Values to Ground us

In this weeks episode I talk about how our energy can be influenced by the actions of others and how we can protect that energy by operating from our core values. I share an exercise I learned to help us identify our own core values. Its a short but powerful episode that may help you in the future when you feel you are knocked by other peoples actions or words.